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Dreaming of AHS (2nd time!)
You may remember me visiting AHS by @librariancrossing if you follow me for quite a long time. I had no idea of the series but now I watched the first 4 seasons of “American Horror Story” and I am totally obsessed! And THIS town is perfection! It is so detailed, that even the villagers names fit in well. If you love the show, you definitely need to see this town, omg! You will fall in love! And notice every single detail. What an awesome town! Mayor Fiona was my favourite! Jessica Lange is QUEEN!

ENJOY ! ! !

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Owner: @librariancrossing

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Moleskine Wallet "Hack"
Ever since I started using a Moleskine Memo Pockets as my wallet, I was annoyed that I had to carry a pocket-sized Moleskine journal separately for lists and notes. Made things bulkier when I wanted to leave my purse behind and just carry my wallet. So I bought some Moleskine Cahiers to replace my full-sized pocket journal. Unfortunately, the Cahier didn't fit into one of the empty memo pockets. I ended up using some small, clear/white Velcro dots to attach the Cahier to the inside of the Memo Pockets' cover. Works great! :)

find your top 5 favorite things from this list! Mine are 10, 18, 39, 53, 65 and 92 (yes i am aware that is more than 5, but there’s so many cool things!) :)

//breaks in// ok HEADCANON TIME

Sabo finds out about Corrida Coloseum’s tournament and the mera mera no mi prize “I MUST GO, THIS IS A PERSONAL MATTER, IM JOINING THE TOURNAMENT DRAGON-SAN” he obviously can’t and Dragon states he won’t join “if they find out who you are it will endanger the mission, I won’t allow it”, it’s his final word. Sabo won’t accept that, he must go and win, he must inherit Ace’s will, he is ready to fight for it.

Hack quickly comes in and puts his hand on the young man’s shoulder “I’ll do it kid”

Some hours later, Sabo asks Hack to have a private talk outside “Thank you… for preventing a fight between me and Dragon-san…and” Hack knows how important it is for him so he just nods, the kid is obviously ashamed for his previous behavior .

“got it boss”

It’s MY shitty drabble

Remember that shitty drabble I was working on????? 


Based it’s a psuedo-adopting-the-runaway au. No title because titles are for squares. AAAAAAAND here is the thing:

Soul’s bare toes wiggled in the green grass, quietly shifting with each little twitch. He tried to stifle his giggling, the tickling sensation threatened to overwhelm him, but he stayed quiet. Soul just managed to escape the nanny, who was busy being moved to tears by Wes’s practice.

Soul scowled to himself. He wouldn’t let thoughts of his big brother ruin the moment. He was six years old, after all, and a big kid. Big kids got to make their own choices, including taking off their shoes and socks outside.

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