hacking as a public service

Ghost in the Shell would be better without the fan service, so I’m writing this post to put my self to sleep instead of watching some sweet anime.

So, up late, finished drawing for the day, read that GITS movie post I reposted previously, “I’ll throw on some GITS: Arise and wind down… I haven’t seen that one yet.” “…YEAH, opening theme is great! It’s the 90′s version of the future and I love it. Let’s go!” then, “–Oh right! GITS is rotten with sexist fan service!”

(…just her professional work attire. You know, for when your back, arms, and hands are cold but your whole gottdamn chest is hot as hell. Also, their breasts are talking to each other.)

Damn, and Arise is no better than the others! GITS has always had too much sexy fan service. Now I’m wondering, Is that why I stopped reading Shirow? Was there too much fan service in GITS for a hypermasterbatory teenage boy? 

I don’t mind a little fan service. I’ve used it before, I don’t mind admitting my gaze, but when T&A takes precedence over storytelling and it’s not expressly a porn comic/film it detracts from my experience. It also undermines the characters a bit. I have to say– you know, actually, it’s disgraceful. Why is Kusanagi taking a shower all the time?

(…and what does this slowly upward scrolling shot add to the story?)

Couldn’t she just dry vac? Do androids sweat? They don’t eat like we do, do they? Why is she in the shower tho? Couldn’t antibacterial properties be part of their cooling system? I’m thinking this shit while she’s running out the shower like it’s that terrible scene with Chun Li and Vega from the street fighter movie.

I realized it was a problem when I thought about showing GITS to some friends and I thought, “is this gonna be a drag to them because of ALL THE sexist fan service? I’m gonna have to explain this. I can’t show this because, forget all of the philosophy and political pontification (often poorly given through exposition, but that’s another post), the gender politics in the aesthetics of this is some trash. It’s a damn shame too, because Kusanagi is dope. …but then I thought, why is she always on display the way she is? And if the only other woman in the show is also on display like that, then it’s definitely about the lens and not the character. What’s it saying. 

(Having your own huge office with windows is sexy enough tho…)

I love sex! I love funny, sexy fan service, I want to enjoy myself SO BADLY, but watching this is embarrassing to me. Am I the only one? There’s no real storytelling component to why most of the women dress like sex dolls in GITS. Am I bugging tho? Hey @royalboiler, @milonogiannis have you got a defense for Shirow Masamune?