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Budgeting Tips!

I’ve gotten pretty good at saving money over the years, here are my tips!

  1. Look into minimalism. I put this first because if you are someone who feels trapped in a cycle of spending money on clothes and things you don’t need (like I once was) you need to consider a way of life that requires less unnecessary spending and focusses on improving your character and life as a whole. It can be hard to even begin saving when you have a strong urge to buy the latest trends and trinkets, but it is possible to break out of the cycle, and easier if you watch some motivating videos. here are some of my favs (no sponsors!):
  1. Never spend more than you earn. This is easier for some and harder for some but is the most crucial part of saving because you need money left over each week to save. If you’re jobless at the moment, or spending heavily, you need to cut down your spending so its below the amount coming in.
  2. Put your budget in a spreadsheet. I put my weekly budget in an excel document with all my expenses (bus fare, phone service, food and other) and earnings (student loan payments, extra work) and see what can be left over.
  3. Decide how much you want to save, and how much you want to spend from your left over money. lets say you earn $150 per week and must spend $50 on utilities. You have $100 left over to spend and save. If you want to get to your savings goal fast, you should save more than you spend. If you’re relaxed about saving and just want to put away a small amount, you can adjust the ratio accordingly.
  4. Transfer your saving amount into your savings account immediately  after you get paid. Let’s say you want to save $60 per week and have $40 left to spend on food, experiences and miscellaneous items. Transfer that $60 into your savings account when you get paid and leave the $40 + utility amount ($50) in you spendings.
  5. Pay for utilities as soon as possible. Pay your service provider load your transport money onto your transport card, put the petrol in your car etc when you get paid, if possible. This leaves you with only your extra $40 spending money in your account, so you know how much you can spend from it throughout the week.  
  6. Have Fun! Saving is easiest when you enjoy it (duh!) so try to focus on the satisfaction of a rising bank account, and the reason you’re saving whether it be travel, study, safety, or just to get into the good habit.

Listen, the more they’re loading the both of them up with beards, the more I’m convinced we’re getting to a place where they can ‘safely’ END IT.

Tessperado doing everything in her power to make people pay attention to her (despite Harry’s total disinterest), the focus on the backstory of Townes (despite her having a boyfriend now), and now resuscitating interest in Hendall (despite her and ASAP Rocky being pictured kissing at the Met Gala) is all just hype to make Harry seem Convincingly Heterosexual for when they end it.

I don’t care how many beards they load up, or bring back from the dead, I’ll take anything it takes in order for them to END IT. LET’S GO

seriouslyfuckallofyou  asked:

Hi. I love your videos however I am a terrible cook 😅. I looked through what I think is all of your stuff and was wondering if you could do a video about improving instant ramen? Like what's an easy way of making the bland meal great. The way you do your videos is very helpful and easy to follow so it would be great. Sorry if you've already done so. Thank you for your time 😊

That’s a great idea for a video!! I’ll suggest it to the Tasty creators!

In the meantime, we do have this video of “11 Ramen Hacks”:

And a few articles:

21 Ways To Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

17 Ramen Hacks That Will Make You Feel Fancy AF

Hope this helps!

Super excited for the inevitable “How Buying Far Cry 5 Is Resistance Against Trump’s America” articles from hack game journos

13 Impressive Psychology Tricks that Will Make Your Life Easier

Originally posted by thelucidnation

Every human being is a unique universe, but psychologists who have a keen eye for details keep discovering new behavioral patterns that are believed to be rooted in our childhood and can be applied to everyone.

We decided to share these useful psychology tricks; maybe they will positively affect your communication skills and make your life easier in some way.

  1. If you have the feeling that someone is watching you, just yawn and look around. If someone is really stalking you, he will yawn too, since yawing is highly contagious.

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How to get Better Quality Sleep

Many students complain about being constantly exhausted, regardless of how much sleep they got. They state that they could sleep 12 hours a day and still wake up tired. These people tend to give up on sleep entirely, as they think there is no way for them to feel rested. The reality of this situation is these people just aren’t informed on how to get good quality sleep. And that is exactly what I’m going to teach you in this post. 

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They know enough who know how to learn. 

- Henry Brooks Adams

At some point in our lives we’ve all had to learn and therefore memorize something. Sometimes learning, memorizing and understanding a particular topic can be hard. The question that pops in our minds before we have to study for an extensive exam is: How do I make it easier for me? How do I learn more efficient and quicker?

Hopefully, this post will provide you a partial answer to two questions mentioned above. 

The pyramid below shows how much we remember by participating in certain activities. To quickly sum it up: We learn the most by teaching others. 

Learning is a skill. It can be acquired and improved. Following methods and tips have been proven to be efficient when it comes to learning:

  • Do not learn by heart, sooner or later you’ll forget what you’ve learned
  • Have a positive approach
  • Take good notes (write neatly, use colors)
  • Use more or all of your senses
  • Underline only key words and cruical terms (approx. 10% - 20% of text)
  • Make a study plan
  • Do your homework
  • Divide topic into groups, systems, visualize it, make it more familiar
  • Make associations
  • Try to understand what you are learning
  • Participate in class if you can
  • Ask your teacher if you don’t understand
  • Be focused when studying
  • When studying take breaks (30-50 mins)
  • Write questions and then answer it
  • Be active when studying - make mind-maps, graphs, tables, summary of notes …
  • Repeat, at first more oftenly and then less.
  • Make sure you study somewhere where there are minimal amount of distraction and where you feel comfortable.

Every person has its own unique style of studying, so not everything will work for everyone. You have to figure out what style suits you. What I’ve written above is only a few of things you can do to memorize and learn things easier. In the end the outcome of learning is dependant on learner’s mental abilities, motivation, feelings, phyisical state, environment, family, friends and school. 

*This post is a short summary based on notes I’ve taken in my “Learn how to learn” class last year

How to Get Around the Revamped Google News’ Design Problem

If you’re a Google News user, you’ll have noticed that it’s had a recent revamp.

You’ve also probably come across a weird limitation in the new look design: if you search for something within Google News, say, “library” you can only see the first 20 news articles. That’s it.

If you look into the setting options hoping for an easy way to expand your search results, this is what you get:

So what to do?

Maybe by the time you’re reading this, Google has already fixed the issue—or maybe they’ll choose not to, as the Google gods work in mysterious ways that we mere mortals won’t ever understand. Either way, be it temporary or the new normal, there is a way around it:

The way to work around this is simple:

1. Go on a regular Google search page and google the topic you want.

2. Choose “News”

Ta daaa!

anonymous asked:

I simply can't study properly anymore. I see people in my classroom studying and having nice grades while I study and have to retake a class because I wasn't approved last semester. It isn't a medical problem, I can literally feel my confidence level getting lower as the years go by. I'm 21 and I miss who I was at the age of 17-18 so much. I studied so much that time and I felt so happy. I don't know what's happening to me, all of a sudden I feel like I'm one of the worse students of my class.

i’m not sure what u mean by can’t study properly, but here r some things:

  • people in ur class are studying and have nice grades…and? because they’re inherently intelligent and ur not? no. ur doing urself a big disservice by viewing ur classmates w/ awe while devaluing ur own path and potential. 
  • i used to have this mentality too honestly and i still catch it bubbling up sometimes–feeling like everybody around u just ‘gets’ things because they’re just Naturally Smart and ur Naturally Not Smart and u have to study so much just to match them blah blah. none of that is true and it’s also a completely pointless and destructive mentality to have because barring ‘medical problems’, we r all born with the same neurological system that picks up information thru the same mechanisms. any intellectual ‘ease’ u observe from ppl around u simply stems from former knowledge and practice they’ve had. none of it is about the smooth linearity of learning some ppl seem to exhibit, all of it is about invested time and work into something. our brains can literally learn anything (otherwise it’d be a very inefficient organ wouldn’t it. humans would’ve died out early on). remember that u r always in full control of how much knowledge and how many skills u have. 
  • nice grades r simply a reflection of effective studying and nothing else. having to retake a class is not an indicator of ur value as a person, it only means ur study methods aren’t as productive as they could be. i’m sure the material ur learning now, at age 21, is a lot more complex than what u were studying at 17, so as ur class content evolves, ur ways of studying need to as well. in a nutshell, u need to study actively – thru quizzing urself / flashcards / practice exams / giving a fake lecture on the material. u need to full-on confront what u don’t know – yes scary but yes necessary – and revisit that and repeat until there’s nothing left to confront. good site on this: cal newport study hacks / good article on this: effective learning: twenty rules on formulating knowledge
  • let’s say u r one of the worst students of ur class. so what. what are u going to do from there? that’s what u gotta ask urself when stuff starts feeling bad, when u feel like u are no longer in control. 1) u are in control – u always are, 2) how are u going to use everything u’ve done up to this point – ur experiences and skills and knowledge – to reorient urself. focus on ur self. this is about u and ur path. make the competition about u, figure out where ur yesterday self could improve and act on it. feeling sorry for urself never gets u anywhere!!!
  • hope this helps. u got this.
Suspicious evidence to be leaked (Zayn was FIRED!)

Don’t trust the article on Zayn in The Sun. Even with the audio. There will be evidence leaked within the next week or two that proves Zayn didn’t leave on his own. He was fired. Prepare for the shit storm.

I just read a life hack type article that was like, “try putting your milk in before your cereal.” And I have never been so offended in all my life.

anonymous asked:

What did you mean by the Missing iPhone seeding? I saw a post a while ago poking fun at Zayn for using a Nokia phone which shocked everyone. I remember thinking what the hell I know for sure he has an iPhone 5. And recently there was a photo of him carrying an iPhone 6. I thought the Nokia phone was one of those dispensable ones. Do you think Modest confiscated Zayn's iPhone 5? OMG can they even do that and go that far to taking his phone?! That's violating every basic human right for privacy!

He casually mentioned in one of their recent interviews that he “couldn’t find” his iPhone. So that’s why he was using a Nokia. I think they were asked in at least 3 separate interviews about iCloud hacks, which led to articles speculating that 1D was “worried” about being hacked. So, that made people suspect that a stunt was in the works involving his lost phone. Maybe a hack and leaked pix or text messages.

I honestly don’t know what the real deal is with Zayn’s phone. There has been phone related fuckery in the past.

Many Ziam bloggers (including me) believe that the sleeping Zayn photo was swiped from Liam’s phone. Hence Zayn’s strong feelings about Liam’s phone. That also explains why the girl who claimed to have taken the photo didn’t have any of herself with Zayn or of herself in his bedroom. That was a management fabrication designed to create buzz for Perrie and Little Mix. So I don’t doubt they’d try a similar phone related stunt again. Management also recycles stunts. Everything fits their m/o.

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how about RFA reacting to discovering that MC is a STEM major - like something suuuuper difficult - and that they've earned some sort of award/patent/prize for being Rly Good at whatever they do?? maybe with some emphasis on 707 ;0;

I…am not good at science or math!! But I did some research so I hope that I did these justice! Also, seven is my favorite character so I was so happy to add some extra for him!!!

~Admin MP


  • When Yoosung watched MC do their marine sciences homework, he was always interested in it
  • He liked animals a lot and he always thought the ocean was pretty
  • When MC said that there was a scholarship banquet and could bring a guest, he immediately agreed to go
  • The presenter described what the applicants had done, and when he got to MC, Yoosung was stunned
  • MC had been in mutliple labs, gotten 4.0′s, been on the Dean’s list and more
  • He had no idea MC was that smart!!!
  • When MC wins the scholarship, he gives them a huge hug because he is so proud!!


  • Jumin knew that MC was in grad school for engineering, but he didn’t really know the details
  • All he knew was that he would soothe MC if they were having a rough night due to loads of homework and stress
  • When he found long, complicated equations on MC’s homework he slowly set it to the side because what the fuck is that?
  • While going into MC’s kitchen, he saw an open letter that was congratulating MC for getting a STEM award at their college for winning a bridge building competition!
  • He was super proud and ordered a trophy case for MC’s award
  • MC was embarrassed and hid their face, but Jumin pulled them close and kissed their hands until they looked at Jumin
  • Then he told them how proud he was and gave them extra kisses.


  • Jaehee knew that MC was a Calculus major, but didn’t realize how difficult it was
  • Until, of course, she found MC up at 5 am still working on homework
  • After that, she became worried and made them go to sleep early
  • But when MC said that their family was throwing a party because they got an award for the highest GPA in the Calculus major
  • !!!!
  • Jaehee was thrilled
  • She ordered a cake and got them a nice new calculator (their old one was stained with blood, tears, sweat and ink)
  • And she was among the first people at the part to congratulate them


  • When MC said they were a STEM major, Zen said “Oh, like on a flower?”
  • No, Zen
  • No
  • When MC explained that it was Information Technology and had to do with math and science, he was like “oh”
  • Math and Science are not his Forte
  • But he still supports MC and when he finds out that their school was giving them an award for creating an app that stores data more efficiently
  • You can bet your ass he was in that crowd cheering for MC
  • Even if he can’t understand it, he takes selfies with MC and posts them on social media saying “MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS SO SMARTTTT~~!!”


  • When this boy found out that MC was a computer and information systems security major, he thought it was hilarious
  • The two of them made it a game where Seven would try to hack MC’s security systems
  • Even though he always could, Seven was impressed with how high quality the systems were
  • When a group of hackers tried to mess with the school’s website, MC was immediately on the case, implementing security measures to protect students identities and blocking the hackers from causing any more damage
  • Seven offered to help but MC just stole his Dr Pepper and said “I got this.”
  • Honestly Seven was a little impressed (and flustered)
  • When MC managed to successfully fight off the hackers, the school ended up giving them an award recognizing their valiant efforts to get rid of the hackers
  • MC was even in the newspaper!!
  • Seven hacked the online article to talk about how cute they were 
  • When MC accepted the award, Seven was right there to cheer them on (very loudly)
  • Later, he suggested hacking the schools website to see if MC could keep HIM at bay and MC smirked
  • “Bring it on, Ronald McDonald boy”
  • Seven was in love
ESA Says Preserving Old Games is Illegal Because it's 'Hacking' - IGN

The Entertainment Software Association wants to prevent the preservation of old games because it believes the process of restoring them is illegal ‘hacking’.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention provisions (Section 1201) prevents users, including communities, museums, archives and researchers, to legally modify games to keep them playable after publishers shut down the servers.

EFF staff attorney Mitch Stoltz says Section 1201 presents serious issues for academics, museums like Oakland, California’s Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment and non-profit organisation the Internet Archive.

Last year, the Internet Archive launched the Historical Software Collection, a collection of classic console and computer games and software. The organization recently added nearly 2,400 MS-DOS games to its growing library of classic titles, including Bust-A-Move, Commander Keen, and Metal Gear, along with 900 classic, coin-operated arcade games late last year.