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The Adfly mess: a reply post

Yup, I know I have a whole bunch of other (much older) comments I need to reply to, sorry ;___; I’ll answer those soon, okay? ;___; <3

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Noooooo!!!! :O

Yup -___-

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That’s awful D: Urgh! I feel so bad for you… so stressful! :(

Yep, when I realised that my Netflix account had been hacked I pretty much had a panic attack -___- not much because of Netflix itself (it’s just a bunch of movies, after all, who effin’ cares), but because my Paypal account is linked to it, and if someone was going to hack *that* one too (which would have been very likely, since I had HUNDREDS of people from all over the world entering my Netflix account after it got hacked… one of them even changed my monthly plan to the most expensive one)… honestly, I don’t know how I would have reacted. So far, it looks like my Paypal account is safe (haven’t seen any weird access and/or transaction coming from it), but still… I think it’s about time Adfly users start realizing that putting your downloaders’ hard-earned money, personal data (including real name and address) and possibly credit card information (for those who have it linked to their PayPal account) at risk of being stolen by hackers just to gain a few cents off of your cc is NOT justifiable in any way, shape or form.

And no, the whole “but if I put a donation button on my site and/or make a Patreon account people won’t donate!!!!111! T___T” excuse doesn’t work either. Your followers don’t OWE you anything. If they DON’T WANT to churn out money to buy CC for an already expensive AF game, FORCING them to become your cash-cow by putting dangerous links on your stuff is NOT the way to go. Don’t like the fact that people are not willing to pay for your stuff? Either stop sharing it (nobody’s pointing a gun to your head saying you MUST share your cc, after all… actually, since so many of you guys seem to find cc-making so “hard” and “time-consuming” and basically a chore, why do you keep creating it instead of doing something more productive that you actually *ENJOY*?), move to places like Second Life and/or IMVU which allow selling your content in safe & legal ways, work harder on promoting your stuff on Patreon, heck, host your own website and put a paywall on your cc à la Newsea if you really want to (…which is actually an illegal thing to do if you read EA’s EULA), but DAMMIT, FUCKING STOP MAKING UP EXCUSES TO JUSTIFY YOUR OWN GREED.

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But wasn’t it the thing you were downloading not adfly? Because adfly just put ads up before you download? Also you need completely wipe your pc. You might be able to save pictures but they could be infected too. You need to wipe it completely then load fresh windows. Adfly never gives me problems. It’s not adfly, it what you downloaded. I’ve downloaded from shady places for years but I scan each item and I never open it if it scanned as some sort of virus. Msg me I can help you avoid this in the future

I did a full scan at start-up of my pc using Avast Internet Security (paid version), used Malwarebytes (which found 4 PUP malwares) and Adwcleaner (which found 2 more PUP malwares hiding in my registry). I also downloaded Spybot, but looks like Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner already took care of the issues. So far, none of the softwares I used said that my programs or files got infected, so I *think* a full reinstallation of Windows shouldn’t be necessary. Still, brought my pc to a computer tech to check it one more time just to be 100% sure.

Anyway, I also edited my original message to point out this: no, it was not the files I downloaded. I scanned them multiple times and never found any viruses. I was downloading them from safe sites, too (Mega and SimFileShare). I ALWAYS scan my files before opening them, often using BOTH Avast and Malwarebytes, too. Also, from what it looks like, it was my browser that got infected, not my files or my pc. So yep, it was most definitely Ad.fly’s fault.

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I’ve never had that problem with adfly just those stinking ads drive me crazy. I think whatever it is you downloaded was the cause. I scan everything before I down load it too. Only thing I’ve ever seen was a shady add that my anti-virus caught. Sometimes TSR gets those shady adds too.

Point is, those stinking ads are *exactly* what causes the problem. The files were not infected. The ad space on Adfly, however, can be bought by anyone, who can then use that space to spread all sort of crap on your computer. Even if you don’t see a pop-up or a weird ad appearing on your screen, you could STILL get a browser hijacker, a malware or a spyware installed on your pc without you even noticing it. That’s what happened to me. It was not the file, it was the ads on Ad.fly.    

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Wait so sim file share isn’t safe ether? I got hacked once but it was my own stupidity nothing like this

Nah, I don’t think SFS has anything to do with it. I most definitely got it from one of Adfly’s malicious ads.

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Damn, that sucks. D: Yeah, adfly needs to die in a fire.

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UGH, that is terrible.

Yep ;___:

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Adf.ly: worst site on the net. It is  infected with randsomware hijacks. It will attempt to freeze your pc. It flashes a bogus screen in your face about how you system is infected and you need to “call Microsoft” immediately. While you are figuring out how to disable the hijack your accounts are being hacked. That’s how it works. Don’t hide behind Adf.ly if you like your followers.

Yep, had a similar freeze happening in the past too, closed my browser immediately and scanned my entire pc that time, too. I was lucky enough not to get any virus at the time. Honestly, though, despite all the horror stories I’d heard about Adfly over the past few years, I’d never expect things like THIS could happen, too. Definitely, stay the fuck away from Adfly, kids.

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To all the people saying Adfly isn’t the problem - it totally is. It always flies the crappiest virused up ads. I never use it on desktop, only on my phone and it always starts trying to install some creepo launcher, which I immediately delete. It’s easier on mobile.


I never used it on mobile, as I have no idea how downloading package files would work on an iPhone (unless you just use your phone to check what’s behind those download links?)… but yeah. That site is a cesspool of viruses.

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Well, I took your story as another cautionary tail, I was to download something yesterday from an Adfly link and went, yep, better not XD I can live without that posebox. Hope all is ok with your machine when it gets back.

Aw, glad my story at least turned out to be useful to keep you from using that site! D: Yep, looks like Adfly (which was already shit to begin with) is getting worse and worse lately (I just read another very recent post of someone else who was also dealing with browser problems/possibly a virus after visiting the site, and they didn’t even get to download the files at all, so the problem was clearly NOT the cc itself). Btw, once this whole story ends (that is, once I get my computer back), I’m planning to start a side blog solely dedicated to promoting Adfly-free content, in part because I’m tired of this whole bullshit… and in part because lately I’m starting to feel like finding 100% free CC is getting harder and harder, yet I *know* that there’s still plenty of creators who share stuff just because they WANT to share it and not for the money… and I think they totally deserve more promotion.

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Keeping my fingers crossed that your PC will come back clean from the tech! *waves fist in the air and curses Adf.ly*

*Joins you in the cursing of Adfly*

Also yep, I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed too ;___;

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Same problem im staying away from adfly downloads

I usually do the same too… or use LinkExpander and/or adfboxxod. Unfortunately, both sites seem to have stopped working lately (probably Adfly came up with a better way to hide their links, because all I get when I try to “extract” a link is a borked series of numbers and symbols that only vaguely looks like a link and doesn’t work). I saw from the reviews on Chrome that Adfly Skipper seemed to be working again, so I decided to install it instead… but, as I found out, that blasted thing doesn’t work at all -___- you may not see the ads, but the viruses and malwares still get through -___-


My brother @the-concept-of-reality and I have finished up to the third gym in our hack, Poerman Sappppy. These are some screenshots.

It’s intended to be primarily humorous and inconvenient but some of the humor is kinda like that one meme with the old photos of frowning children talking about famine and shit and some of the humor is invisible mazes. It’ll make more sense if you’ve played Hoenn before but it’s not necessary I guess