Some Things You Might Have Forgotten About Percy Jackson

- In the beginning of the series, Grover is 28 years old (making him about 33 by the Blood of Olympus)

- Someone in New York City has a statue of Smelly Gabe on their property

- Annabeth is really good at playing Hacky Sack

- Grover’s Uncle Ferdinand is still a statue at Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium (and is missing an arm).

- Annabeth’s father is a Harvard graduate.

- If Percy had aged with the books release dates, he would have been 21 in The Blood of Olympus.

- Travis and Connor Stoll aren’t twins.

- Blackjack was originally written as a female Pegasus.

- Blackbeard is now running around the modern day world thanks to Hermes’ vitamins

- Camp Half-Bloods address is the first four digits of pi.

- Chiron wears his horse tail in curlers

- Nico and Bianca were never technically claimed.

- The dam snack bar

- Several dozen Target stores across the country have arrows stuck in their signs from when Zoë shot them

- Percy knows how to ride/drive a motorcycle

- Travis Stoll got cursed by the Aphrodite cabin and was stuck wearing clown makeup for a month.

- Tyson and Grover were trapped in the Labyrinth together for over two weeks.

- Kampê is still buried in a mound of boulders in Camp Half Blood.

- Pollux is now Dionysus’s only child.

- May Castellan is still waiting for Luke to come home.

Things You Might have Forgotten About PJO

- the Stolls aren’t twins
- Thalia has freckles
- Nico almost told Atlas to shove his army up his ass
- Thalia is afraid of heights
- Sally turned Gabe into a statue and sold him
- Percy always got jealous when Annabeth thought/talked about Luke
-Hedge wrote a letter to Grover
- Grover wore a wedding dress
- Rachel threw a blue plastic hair brush at Kronos
- Nico raised the dead with McDonalds
-Black Jack was originally written as a girl
-Annabeth kissed Percy in the fourth book
- Annabeth was really good at hacky sack

blind dates are lame- h.s imagine

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“When was the last time you went on a proper date?” Jeff asked Harry. The two of them were sitting across the room from another tossing a hacky sack to each other.

Harry caught the sack and stopped to think for a little bit, “Mmm. I think the last time was back in December.” He threw the sack back over to Jeff.

Jeff sat up on the couch with wide eyes. “Mate! That’s over six months!” Harry laughed while getting up and heading over to the kitchen, “It’s not that big of a deal, really. I’ve just haven’t been interested.

Jeff followed his friend and sat on the counter. “Well now’s the perfect time to start dating. You’ve finished your album. You don’t start tour for a couple of months. You can give your right hand a bit of a break.”

“My right han-..” Harry glanced down. “Oh. Yeah. My right hand.”

Jeff laughed and hopped off the counter and grabbed the water bottle Harry had in his hand. “Listen, I know the perfect girl. Met her down at the bookstore. Her name’s Y/N. Really down to earth kind of girl. Reckon you guys will get along great.”

Harry looked at Jeff with a worried look on his face. “I didn’t know you knew how to read.”

Jeff glared at Harry while Harry laughed softly, “Mate, I’m just not interested in dating right now. Wanna focus on the album. Wanna focus on the tour.”

“Yeah but one date wouldn’t hurt would it? I’ll visit her tomorrow. Tell her you’re interested.”

Harry scratched the back of his neck while leaning against the kitchen island. “I don’t know. Blind dates are kind of..lame aren’t they?”

“Yeah but you’re lame yourself so why not?”


The bell ringing against the door caused you to look up from the book you were reading behind the cash register. “Hey Jeff! Need to pick up some more journals?” You smiled at your new friend. While Jeff was in town, Harry texted him and asked if he could bring more empty journals. Harry claims he was in the “writing mood.” With a huff of annoyance, Jeff eventually agreed and found a family owned bookstore not to far from where he was. He went in and met Y/N who was honestly a breath of fresh air. She was sweet and charming. She was everything Harry needed in a girl.

“Hey Y/N! No, I’m fine. I came in to talk to you actually.” Jeff connected his hands together and placed them on the counter, as if he was in some kind of business deal.

Y/N dog eared the page she was reading and squinted her eyes slightly at Jeff. “What do you want?”

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” Jeff sighed. Y/N laughed and crossed her arms and looked at the tall man in front of her.

Jeff gave her a smile and opened his mouth and then closed it. Y/N raised her eyebrow at him. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N”…

“Get on with it!” Y/N chuckled.

Jeff chuckled himself, “Alright! Alright. How would you feel about going on a date with this guy I know? Really nice. Sweet. Easy on the eyes…”

Y/N placed her hand on her chin and pretended to ponder about the idea of being set up. “Pass.”

Jeff clapped his hands together, “Great! He can pick you up at your place or you guys could meet- Wait. Pass? Why not!”

Y/N walked out from behind the counter and picked up a pile of books that needed to be put away. “I don’t know. The idea of a blind date seems kind of lame.” Jeff quickly followed her and grabbed the books from her arms. “Why does everyone think it’s so lame! You’re lame!” Y/N gave Jeff a look as she put a book onto the shelf. Jeff gave her a sheepish smile, “Sorry that was crude of me. What I mean to say is it’s not lame! I find it rather cute. And what if you guys end up getting married. You can say ‘My dearest friend, the noblest man I know, the most handsome guy that walked on this Earth; set me and your father up’ to your children.” Jeff was shaking his head while staring into the distance, thinking about how much of a hero he’ll look to everyone for setting up the perfect couple.

Y/N snapped her fingers in front of Jeff’s face, “Jeff!”

Jeff quickly came back to Earth and looked at Y/N, “So what do you say?”

Y/N sighed while grabbing the books he was holding back into her arms. “I-..”

“Great! I’ll text you the details!” Jeff shouted while running out of the store before you could object.

Y/N was sitting at the bar of the hotel lobby Jeff texted you to meet Harry at. Being put on a blind date by someone you just met and didn’t even know the last name of required a little alcohol help.

“Gin and tonic, please” a voice called out to the bartender. The stranger sighed and ran his hair through his hair.

You chuckled softly while staring at your wine glass. “Rough night?”

The stranger and looked down at the rings on his hands, “I uh. I don’t know yet. Maybe.”

And on que the both of you looked at each other properly. Harry gasped. You were surely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Your eyes were instantly wide. Harry Styles was the beautiful man you were going on a date with. Surely he was just in the neighborhood. 

Suddenly Harry felt like he needed to explain his every move to you. “I uh..I’m just waiting for my blind date to arrive but I’m a bit nervous.”

Y/N chuckled at Harry’s words. “Are you Harry?” You quickly scolded yourself in your head and blushed. Of course he was. 

Harry laughed at your mental face palm look on your face and nodded. “Are you, Y/N?”

You gave Harry a small smile and nodded, “I am.”

Harry quickly gave himself a high-five in his head for getting to spend the privilege of getting to be on a date with someone as beautiful as you.

The bartender came over and placed Harry’s drink in front of him. Harry gave him a quick thank you and proceeded to look at you. He smiled and placed his hand out towards the restaurant on the other side of the hotel. “Should we get this blind date started?”

You chuckled and nodded your head. “We shall.” You picked up your things and stood up.

Harry gestured you to go first, “After you.”

As you started to walk away, Harry quickly took his drink and gulped it down. He hissed at the burning alcohol and jogged after you.

You threw your head back in laughter and held your stomach while Harry was laughing pretty loudly himself. “How did you not notice you had a brown stair on your white pants!” You managed to get out in between laughs.

Harry held his hands out in defense, “I thought everyone was staring because they wanted to talk to me! And! I thought they were thinking ‘Wow. How stylish of him to wear those white pants!’”

Y/N finally settled down and wiped a tear from her eyes from laughing so much, “Well it’s good to know my date has such high confidence in himself.”

Harry looked down at his empty plate and chuckled softly, “It is.”

You gave him a smile to which he returned. Suddenly your waiter walked up to you guys, interrupting you guys from admiring one another. “Was there anything else I can do for you guys?”

Harry quickly gave him his credit card. “Go ahead and charge it.” You quickly tried to grab your wallet from your purse, “Here let me.”

Harry shook his head at you. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He then gave a nod to the waiter.

“Harry, you didn’t even look at the bill. Let me at least help.” You said while taking out your credit card. Harry reached over and grabbed your hand, “I got it, love.” Your heart melted at the pet name and both yours and Harry’s hands tinged from one another.

Not wanting the date to end, you and Harry decided to walk to your apartment that was about two blocks away. The whole time getting to know each other more and telling each other incredibly funny stories. Finally the two of you ended up at the front of your door. You turned and looked at Harry who was already smiling down at you. “I had a great time, Harry.”

Harry nodded his head, “I did too.” The two of you started leaning in when Harry was the one that finally brought his lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around your neck. When the both of you pulled away, Harry rested his forehead against yours. “I usually don’t have the first kiss until the third date..” You whispered. Harry smiled, “Guess we’ll have to have another date then. You smiled and nodded, this time you were the one to kiss him first.

With one last kiss and the promise of another date, Harry left and you walked into your apartment. Both of you had the same smile and the same thought in your head, “Have to thank Jeff for that.”

Maybe blind dates weren’t that lame after all.

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  • Oliver Hampton: Actively refers to himself as 'DJ Hammy Hampton' and 'Hacky McHackerson'.
  • Oliver: Once cried when he thought his cat was dead
  • Oliver: Said cat was named Mr. Giggles
  • Oliver: Owns Flashdance on vinyl
  • Oliver: Owner and has all rights to the 'of coURSE NOT! ......that would be iLLEGAL!?' meme.
  • Oliver: Went on drunk ramblings to Wes' girlfriend about his boyfriend troubles
  • Oliver: Actually exchanges fucking bitmojis with his love interests???????
  • Oliver: Makes Annalise Keating of all people smile on the reg.
  • Tumblr: Looks like a cold blooded killer to me.
Drabble: “Inertia”

Author: @2moms-0fucks

Rating: PG 

Summary: (I can’t believe I wrote this) The fidget spinner craze has attracted a new victim. 


“What the hell is that thing, Mulder?”

His lips purse in a perfect “O” as the plastic pronged toy spins atop his middle finger in a swirl of white and lime green.

“It’s a fidget spinner,” he tells her, as if such a word is a part of her everyday lexicon.

“A whatta spinner?” she asks with raised eyebrows.

“Fid-jit spinner,” he explains slowly, letting each syllable roll off his tongue. “ It’s the latest craze,” he tells her without removing his eyes from the swirling toy.

With a roll of her eyes, she crosses her arms and leans against the doorframe, eyeing it skeptically. “What’s the point of it?”

He shrugs, and holds it up, pinching the center between his thumb and middle finger. "No one knows.”

She grimaces. “Then why are you playing with it?”

Another shrug. “Saw some kids with them in front of Joe’s when I ran in to grab a pack of sunflower seeds–”

“–You bought this at a gas station?”

“They’re everywhere, Scully. Remember the hacky sack craze of 1994?”

She considers his answer, looking to the ceiling with a purse of her lips. “Not really, no.” She shakes her head. “I was too busy keeping your ass in line and out of jail a couple of times, if I remember correctly.”

He smiles with a nod in concession, spinning the toy once more and balancing it on his thumb now instead. “I was told all the cool kids are doing it.”

“Uh huh,” she hums skeptically.

He smiles lopsidedly. “Actually, you should enjoy this, Scully.”

“Should I?”

“Yeah,” he grins, “It’s all about physics.”

She lifts an eyebrow. He catches her look and smirks. Holding out his hand to her, she sighs reluctantly and extends her arm. Turning her hand palm up, he tenderly holds her wrist steady as the toy continues its spin atop his finger.

“Imagine you have a rotating object,” he starts, keeping his eyes on her small hand in his palm, “and you want to change its rotational motion from, say, counterclockwise…” He stops the toy, and pushes the prong in the other direction, “…to clockwise.” She nods once, watching with amusement as he transfers the spinning toy from his finger to hers. “So….,” he continues, slowly removing his hand and watching it spin on her finger, “we must consider two things: mass…,” he drawls slowly, “and–”

“Distribution about the axis,” she finishes for him, keeping her eyes fixed on the toy.

“Very good, Miss Scully,” he croons deeply, and she feels herself blush.

“Do I get an A?” she asks with a slow blink up to his eyes. 

“Why don’t you stop by my office hours later, and we can discuss your grade?” he leers suggestively, and she nudges him with her opposite elbow, cursing softly under her breath when she knocks the toy off balance.

Chuckling, he leans against the doorframe and mirrors her earlier position.  "It’s all about inertia,” he says, watching her perfect the pattern. “It’s cool, huh.”

“Weirdly relaxing,” she tells him, raising her brows as she proudly demonstrates her ability to spin it for greater lengths of time.

“You *would* find it relaxing.” 

She huffs. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Oh, you got a light up one?!” William exclaims, as he enters the kitchen and tosses his backpack on the table.

“Light up one?” Scully asks, ceasing the movement of the toy. William huffs his dissatisfaction at the ineptitude of his old-as-dirt parents, and lifts the toy from her hand. Sighing in annoyance, he pinches the white ends of each prong, and Mulder’s mouth drops open as little green, red and blue lights appear on the tips.

“I didn’t know it did *that*!” he says excitedly, pushing off the wall.

William demonstrates the new swirl of blinking colors with his own mastered hold of the toy. “See?” he says, holding it out in front of him. “Kind of looks like a UFO when it spins, doesn’t it?”

Scully holds up her palm to her husband. “Don’t even start, Mulder.”

what kinda acnl stuff do y'all want if i play

dream address pics? hacky stuff? i’d show off my town but i need to clear the layout and change it :0

Let’s get one thing straight.
Humans are unfathomably creative, in the most powerful way; it has unfathomable lengths in possibilities. We have crafted stories and legends more epic than anything real life can muster, built immaculate inventions beyond anyone’s expectations, and our young can shape how they see the world as they please calling it ‘pretend’.

But let’s get specific, the concept that we all have some grasp, not even a hair close to extraterrestrial travel or simple warp drive, on the very fabric of time and space. We think of it in our past time or when we have nothing better to do. We have even ventured to BEND that fabric in a fit to travel it, movie after movie of fantisization.

Imagine meeting a race that are 'Real Thinkers’ and most of their culture is made of things that have happened, not WILL happen. A here and now only people. Your on a ship with one in your quarters, throwing a hacky sack in the air nonchalantly. Then in a fit of boredom, you turn to Xem and say this strange “What if…” Question like 'what is space anyways?’ 'What dies silence sound like?’ Blah blah blah. And Xey just look at you baffled and think all this silence has sent you to madness; they even ask if you have gone ill, since they know that humans are sociable creatures, and supposed that they literally can’t stand silence. Imagine trying to explain a theoretical idea is to Xem, be a nightmare.

“But that’s impossible!”
“I KNOW that’s the POINT!”

When You Smile At Me You Know Exactly What You Do

Pairing: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Words: 4.295

Summary: “I don’t think I have the stamina for “all the time” but I’m glad you’re optimistic about our sex life.”

(Jeremy and Michael go to the county fair)

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2.18.17 | 11/100 Days of Productivity | Poor Student Drawer Organizer Hack

I opened my desk drawer today, and it was just overflowing with clutter and stationery. I knew it was time for a drawer organizer. I did some Amazon research and found one I liked for around $20. But it wouldn’t really suit my needs (I have a lot of needs, as you can see). I just didn’t want to spend that money on something not quite right (I’d rather be spending it on cute stationery or giveaways). So, I simply cut the cover flaps off of small parcel boxes (mostly had contained cute stationery from Amazon) and placed them neatly in my drawers (after, of course, throwing out the crap I didn’t need).

The moral of this story is that I need to stop spending so much money on Amazon. But at least I’m tidy and organized for free now! Too bad I didn’t take a before picture so you could see just how much of an improvement this made.

How do you organize your desks/stationery?

While the Razzies appear to challenge the industry’s laziness, it also seems to perpetuate Hollywood’s prejudiced social norms. For example, in 2015 – incidentally the year that Laverne Cox became the first transgender person be nominated for an acting Emmy – the Razzies couldn’t stop themselves referring to Transformers: Age Of Extinction as “Trannies #4.” We’re sure you’ll agree that this is clearly the bravest joke an award show dedicating to punching up at cynical Hollywood elites could make. We’re kind of amazed the Razzie for Worst Picture isn’t called “The Gayest Movie Of The Year Award.” When your whole schtick is pointing a mocking finger at how hacky Hollywood can be, you need to at least try harder than the movies you claim to hate so much.

Black actors don’t exactly receive a fair hearing from the Razzie crew, either. In the past 35 years, black actors have won Academy Awards only 13 times – that’s less than one out of every ten awards. Oddly enough, that’s still an impressive score, seeing how few nonwhite roles there are in Hollywood. But in the same timespan, the Razzies have bestowed 14 awards to black actors, because when it comes to hating things, the world suddenly becomes an absolute meritocracy.

Look, it’s not like we’re saying that 2004’s Catwoman didn’t deserve to be cat-pooped on for being horrible, but it’s not like Halle Berry had a million chances to become a black lead in a superhero movie either. The Razzies had a chance to be more than a dart to throw at shitty movies, a truly outside-the-box ceremony that could have turned on Hollywood’s deeply entrenched racism by pointing out that the best franchise Hollywood had to offer Academy-Award-winning actress Halle Berry was an indecipherable bastardization of a beloved female icon. (In the film, Catwoman has to bring down an evil cosmetics empire, because women be shopping.) But instead, the Razzies are usually as lazy and cynical as whatever Adam Sandler movie they’ve nominated this year.

4 Reasons The Razzies Suck (And Should Be Abolished Forever)

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Would you let your future little call you something other than Mister? What if she wanted to call you Daddy or Sir instead?

Certainly… I dont mind being called Sir now. Unlike many old guard and stuffy Dom’s who are too attached to nostalgia and the thought of offending their peers, I see Sir as a simple term of respect and not as a title. 

Daddy however is a sacred banner worn by one who is given the precious gift of ones submission. Its not to be taken lightly or just simply kicked around like a hacky sack. Its an honor and a great symbol of status and stature.

Riverdale Photo Crackcap 113

Subtitled: In Which All Bughead Wanted Was Away From All Those Stupid Fucking Dicks, But Cloos (??) Happened Instead

How’s the freeing my man’s dad coming, MOM???? Because I’m still pretty pissed off at you….and when I go away to the cabin ALONE to fuck like bunnies, I want Juggie happy and entirely focused on MEEEEEE!!! Got it?

Loneleee….I’m Mr Loneleee….neither Hackie nor Mob Wife want meeeeee….(but hey, at least I stole one of that poor’s Levis sherpa jackets before I kicked him out/he figured out I’m a jackhole, right?? Cuz poors don’t get cold, ya know….

(seems kinda familiar somehow…..)

Oh..hey dad….Hackie and Mob Wife figured out you look like Curious George, finally, then??? Just wanted to tell ya…..Jughead and Betty were planning this romantic ski weekend, but since I’m obsessed with Betty cause she loves Jug and I can’t have her, I’m gonna crash and totally cock block them. And pretend it’s for cloos…

Ahhhh….wilderness!!! Lovely….too bad I won’t really notice cause this the only time I’m comin’ up for air. I will be banging my Cooper Blossom Future Mrs. FP Jones III babe, as long as I’m still able to move this weekend…..nope, no Plaiderdale asswipes to be found….

Oh fuck me!!! WTF is SHE doing here?? Stay back, my beloved, maybe Vermin will just get bored repeating “my dad, me, drama queen, my dad, montblanc pen, glamazon”, take her camel toe, GTFOH and die in the woods!

Nope, apparently it gets worse…..now fucking Douchie’s here to make the cock blocking complete. My jacket’s extra cool in plaid, tho, right? And looks better on me than Fred…

Don’t fucking touch me, Vermin, I’ve read @ficmuse BLT fic and Long Live Rock will NOT be happening in THIS canon, I know you’re a bitch and will never accept a Starbucks from your snotty ass

Fine….Dad did tell me to “man up”, Douchie’s hunting for his horrible guieeetar, I’ll protect you both when he sings……Just stop trying to hold my hand, you annoying bitch, Long Live Rock is NOT gonna happen here….

As chairwoman upon whom THIS event was foisted, as well…I’d like to say:

  • Fuck you very much for vandalizing my locker and bullying myself and Jughead, you dickbags
  • I won’t be doing this bullshit ever again, because banging Juggie is way more fun
  • Enjoy having your ears bleed, cause Douchie’s gonna sing….

I present to you—-the unparalleled suck of Douchie Bolton…Let the Ear Bleeding commence!!

Bet on it, Bet on it…..

OMG, Mel!!! He’s gotten even worse….if he kisses half that bad, I know why Val dumped his ginger ass…..

Hey!!! That is MY Man, when I used to live in Dakota with my dad, none of you would’ve DARED…..

Whatever, Vermin….we all know he really pines for Betty and you went to a Wiccan to try and make that fanfic happen for realsies….

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Did you ever figure out what's wrong with ya tum tum? Like the pain when you eat

A gallbladder SO full of tiny stones that the doctor said it was like a hacky sack. They missed it for years and then no doctors would make decisions until I found a surgeon who was willing..

I had surgery three weeks ago and I’m suffering from the recovery, but I’m eating. I eat food now, it’s amazing.