For those who don’t know, Broken Steel in Fallout 3 has you ride a metro train.

What’s interesting is this isn’t actually a train ride. What it does is forcibly equip the player with a hat, a train hat, that gives them then appearance of a train, and then plays an idle animation that is said train moving. It’s a brilliant if hackey solution.

So I thought “hey, train hat, train armor” and went with it. What this means now is that I am a train.

I find it quite funny, especially that Caesar’s scouts are sending him reports that they’re being slaughtered by a train.

Like a literal train.

things Sora has been surprised by:

-a talking door

-“Kairi’s a princess?!”

-that Mulan’s a girl

-his Nobody projecting outside him like some supernatural shit

-Lea’s keyblade

things Sora has not been surprised by:

-waking up inside an egg after a year of sleep with zero memory of how he got there

-a creepy black haired doppelganger of himself

-booming falsetto voice from the sky chatting him up

-having to be kicked around the Datascape like a hackey sack

-random teenager freeloading his heart

-his Nobody having a heart to heart conversation with him outta nowhere

-that he was nearly ‘norted and almost swallowed whole by the darkness

-a talking dog and duck

Not to mention the fact that even when I defeat that insufferable person in a debate, he will refuse to acknowledge the fact, as they all do. Why should I go through the effort to accrue the citations he demands for a casual blog post off the top of my head when he won’t acknowledge anything I say or any evidence I put forward either way? 

I’ve been on this website for years, I already know how these debates go. I’ve done the gathering of links and studies and citations for pompous ignorant men like him. But they never listen. They continue to raise their standards of proof higher and higher, even while they’ll gleefully accept shoddy and debunked studies and statistics from men’s rights activists. Debates with men like that are essentially an exercise in frustration and futility. No thanks.

I like the idea of Kobra being really good at tons of weird stuff and nobody is aware and he doesn’t say anything because no one really asks and every once in a while the guys are like wtf kobra and he’s got like a six foot card tower or an elaborate dominoes setup. Among other skills they discover are hackey sacking, yo yoing, fire starting, and geology

@the dude carrying around a longboard around campus: I know you’re probably completely distracted from the outside world listening to the Dave Matthews Band greatest hits and making yourself a rasta friendship bracelet but please notice that it’s less than 20 degrees and snowing and if you even put that board on the ground the salt will fuck up the bearings so bad that you won’t be able to make it to your job at the e cigarette kiosk at the mall later