hackett design


The next scene I’m working on. 

So let’s say it’s Charterhouse lol…..(almost no ref for the interiors, but finally I prefer, it gives me much more freedom :P ) (and it’s obviously Charterhouse cause there’re the school’s arms on the fireplace, HA!)

Need to work on the characters now……

And some sketches I did at the same time, Genesis and a Peter Hammill who got lost there :P 


British menswear designer Jeremy Hackett, for Swiss magazine WW.

Mr. Hackett talks about how he sleeps in the interview, and my art director asked for a simple portrait with a nighttime sky. I’ve grown to enjoy drawing portraits. It’s a pretty simple piece, but it’s been one of the most personally satisfying ones I’ve done this year. I struggle against a tendency to over-polish pieces and spend too much time in the ‘finishing’ stage. In this one I felt like I achieved the goal of drawing an accurate portrait, giving it some added interest, and not spending an overabundance of time trying to tweak it. I’ll be trying to reclaim that feeling!

Thanks to my art director, Alexis Zurflüh!