Etsy wants to know: Are you a woman looking to become a better developer?

New York City startup Etsy, in conjunction with New York-based Hacker School, just announced a new scholarship and sponsorship program, including $50,000 in Etsy Hacker Grants, for women in tech. The program plans to welcome 20 women pursuing engineering jobs to New York and is focused on bringing more women into engineering positions at Etsy and across the industry.

Learn more about the program and apply here.

mad scrambling

So after deciding i was done with this shit and wanting to leave, i want to stay! there is a possible apartment i could stay in, even if it involves a lot of scrambling and risk, and living with a strange girl.

i don’t know man, maybe i am entering into the rhythm of this city, all this bullshit is possibly the price of admission for the awesomeness of nights like yesterday.

Or maybe it’s a ridiculous last-minute scrambling that will put me in a terrible position and be a big mess.

I actually hated Thailand until I somehow got with the flow of it, there’s a beat to a city as well, like people, and situation and things, and if you’re outside of it you’re always at odds with what happens.

I feel awesome now, but will I feel awesome on one more scam and no sleep? Hmm, possibly not. But maybe I can finish, that elusive Daisy at the end of the dock.