hackers on planet earth

Gabriel the Messenger one day arrives on Planet Earth
and with the help of some hackers
appears through a livestream through the TV and youtube,
and these hackers tweet his words and post videos,
and snapchat to their friends, to the world, this message.
Gabriel is silent at first,
staring at the camera,
skin as black as any Africans and finally he speaks:
“Yahweh has had enough of all this shit,
all your hate and your wars!
Where is love for your family,
for the brothers who you have died due to police brutality
and the ceaseless wars of the elite,
or the sisters who cry because they’ve been raped,
or the children who lost their parents in the terrorism,
or parents without their children due to shootings?
Where is the love for each other,
the respect because these are your fellow human beings,
who hurt, bleed, cry the same as you?
How can you forgotten what it means to be human,
why you cannot blame the sin upon Adam and Eve!
No turn the blade upon your others and listen
to the words of peace, love, and respect humanity is crying for,
this is your message for this Modern Age.
Remember your humanity and tears upon your fellow’s cheeks
or their screams as they hold their loved ones,
because Yahweh hears their hearts,
Satan hears their hurt,
why can’t you hear the suffering of your fellow kind?”
—  A Modern Message from the Horse’s Mouth
was trying to do poetry request for anon
ciel knight

Name: Aria Lalonde

Nickname: Aria

Age: 14 - 30 Earth years [VERSE DEPENDANT]

Lifespan: ~ 120 Earth Years

Sex: Female

Gender: Female 


  • Musician
  • Knitter
  • Hacker

Planet: Earth C

Eye Shape: Doe

Eye color: purple

Hair Color: White

Hair Length: Waist

Height: 5′7 [ 14 years ]

Body Type: Lanky and slightly muscular.

(otherwise just look into #aria lalonde and you’ll find all the refs you need)


  • Anything useful she can stab or slice with


  • Knitting
  • Cooking


  • To find true love.


  • To be abandoned and forgotten.


  • Knitting
  • Drinking
  • Staring at nothing

Fandom: Homestuck

AU: Descendantstuck

Classpect: Knight of Light

Moon: Derse

Screen Name: thirstyThot

Typing Quirk: purpuosefuly makin grammsr mustakes n shit

Speech Quirk: Slurr

Strife Specibi: Sharpkind

Planet: Land of Scintillant and Armament


  • Music
  • Memes
  • Romcom
  • Flowers
  • Generally romantic stuff


  • Being treated like a child


  • Rose Lalonde - Ectomom


  • tba

Edward Snowden made an impassioned call on Saturday for hackers and technologists to help would-be whistleblowers spill more government secrets.

Speaking via remote Google Hangouts video feed from Russia, Snowden addressed his comments to an audience at this weekend’s Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference at the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York.

Arguing that “technology empowers dissent” as well as “democracy,” Snowden said that the only way to enable whistleblowers is to give them better tools to pass secrets to journalists, protecting their communications, their identities and preventing them from going to jail for it.

To do that, Snowden said, he needed the help of the hackers, coders and developers gathered in the crowded rooms of the conference, as well as the ones watching via live stream online.

“We the people, you the people, you in this room right now have both the means and capabilities to help build a better future by encoding our rights into the programs and protocols upon which we rely everyday,” he said during a conversation with Daniel Ellsberg, who himself became a whistleblower when he leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press in 1971.