i love fahc fics where gavin’s the quintessential hacker of the crew, but what i REALLY love is the idea that gavin’s one of those people who gets really, really annoyed when anybody uses the word “hack” in relation to anything that isn’t hacking

and so of course the others do this all the time to the point of absurdity.

“hacked it,” geoff mutters, grinning, as he signs into his own facebook account

“hacked it,” jack says, unlocking the door to the penthouse

“i’ll be right there, lemme just hack this guy’s face first,” ray says, peering into the scope of his sniper rifle

“here, wait, i’ll hack the security cameras,” michael says, before fucking destroying them all with a sledgehammer

“i can hack the police officers,” ryan offers, armed with a machete of indeterminate origin, is that a pun

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 25)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoiler-free…kinda? Doesn’t spoil any events from the game, though I do mention a thing or two about the organization Unknown is with. I think you first learn about it in Yoosung’s route. …Frankly if you’ve read this far, I expect you’re fine for spoilers :P

But how to get inside…?

He can hack the security cameras – give them a dummy feed that just loops over the same empty hallway. But the RFA’s hacker is good; he’ll notice it rather quickly, and then he’ll call their new member to warn her or something. From his observations she seems to be a highly suspicious person, so it’s also unlikely that she’ll willingly unlock the door, even if he’s disguised as someone else.

The passcode to the apartment has changed, too. If he brings his laptop he can probably hack it, but there’s the matter of time, again – he’ll have to give the security cameras the dummy feed and time it so that the hacker doesn’t have time to warn their new member that something is up. He might be able to distract the hacker if he lets him know about V’s current situation, but it’s a gamble he’s decided not to take.

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New Spyro hack, it’s been a while! This time, you guys can edit the in-game camera to freeze and do all kinds of things. Enjoy the video.

so, the fake ah crew right? they absolutely hate fakehaus. well, hate is a strong word. they more or less dislike them. fakehaus constantly steals their heist ideas, rob the banks that they were going to rob first, and they just annoy the crew. but, the weird thing is is that they are so protective of elyse. like fuck the rest of fakehaus’ safety, is elyse okay? like sure elyse has her husband and gang to protect her during missions, but it’s the fake ah crew that makes sure not a single bullet lands on her. like if fakehaus is on the run from the heat and they need back up, ryan, geoff, jeremy and michael are the ones gunning down the police to make a clear path for her, jack is in the helicopter lighting the way for elyse while also getting rid of the air cops, gavin is hacking through the streets camera and telling her what the safest route there is to take. it’s just the most bizarre thing ever that fakehaus has discovered, but they are all so grateful at the same time.

i was high on sugar watching black mirror at 3am and I may have written a djwifi drabble in a videogame dominated world ???

  • okay so it basically the world has been dominated by a game company “le papillon"
  • Everyone is trapped (and trying to survive) in a virtual reality world (kinda like the matrix but they are not inside the game like the game is in the real world
  • Alya is super skilled, hacks networks and video cameras so she is an elite criminal (really she is just surviving, she steals food and electronics to make guns and stuff)
  • She goes by Lady Wifi bc no one can’t know who she really is.
  • She hacks for other people who can afford her services. That’s the way Alya gets “points”
  • She is looking for her friend Marinette aka Ladybug.
  • On her path, she meets Nino, an innocent looking guy who is looking for his friend Adrien
  • Nino, not so innocent after all, has developed high-intensity sound bombs and corrosive bubbles who help him rob “bank points” checkpoints, and food centers.
  • There’s virus flying around in form of butterflies called akumas
  • If you are akumatized there’s no way back, you work for papillon now and start hunting for the humans.
  • Alya teaches Nino how to fight and a little bit of hacking
  • Nino helps Alya update her suit (suit? more like a hoodie with a purple wifi sing painted with markers)

i know there was more but i can’t find the paper where i wrote it all lol

In His Footsteps

“My crime fighters, you’re going to New Orleans in the past two months a number of female performers have gone missing.” Garcia brought up the first picture. “Deborah Mc Daniels 23,  finished her first set, and was asked to do a private dance. She never made it to her second set, three hours later. No one saw her leave. She was found a week later, dismembered in a field.”

Garcia continued to go over the victims pictures, and information. “The local LEOs are currently in the middle of an undercover investigation. They have some leads, but the Unsub isn’t cooling off between kills.”

“What about cameras?” Morgan asked.

“The Unsub, stays out of the view of the camera. In the private dance rooms, the cameras are hacked.” Garcia replied.

“Wheels up in thirty!” Hotch left the conference room. The rest of the team, left gathering their things.


Hotch and Reid sat at a table in The Alibi club watching performers. “Welcome to the stage Kandy Kiss.” 

Hotch glanced around the club, before his eyes stopped on the dancer. He clinched his jaw, narrowing his eyes, as he watched her dance. Reid looked over at him. “Everything alright?”

“She’s the next victim.” Hotch walked over to the bar, requesting a private dance with her. Reid slipped into the room, so they could both talk to her. He sat down on the couch.

The door opened, he watched as she floated into the room. He jumped up off the couch, grabbing her arm. “(Y/F/N), what the hell are you doing here?”

“Aaron?” The curtain behind the couch whips open, another man comes through, with a gun drawn. 

“Get your hands off of her!” The man growled, glaring at Hotch. Reid and Hotch pulled their guns, aiming it at the man.

“DROP THE GUN FBI!” All three men were glaring at each other.

“All three of you put your guns down!” She let out a huff. “Officer Hunter, this is my brother SAA Hotchner!”

anonymous asked:

Is there any way for you to hack into the security cameras when Jaehee and Vanderwood go on their date-er friendly outing and keep us updated lolol

lolololol u know i will

criminal minds mall au
  • hotch: security guard with higher ambitions who takes his job just a little too seriously
  • gideon: has worked every position in this mall. he knows every corner. you cant surprise him with anything anymore
  • garcia: works at the froyo shop, hacks into the security cameras to catch up on gossip and spy in the dressing rooms every single day
  • reid: works in the cvs. has been there for two years, pushes books but has never sold anything but prescriptions and condoms
  • jj: works the customer service desk, is frequently frustrated that no one listens to her despite the fact that shes the only person who knows anything about this shit. also works the intercom
  • morgan: the one security guard who is ridiculously good with kids and is always in the right place at the right time to find the lost ones and return them to their moms, who he subsequently flirts with
  • emily: works at hot topic. when she gets an annoying customer she pretends to speak only russian to make them angry
  • rossi: old retired man who goes to the mall every single fucking day and sits in the food court and writes. sometimes he buys pretzel bites
Awesome Doesn't Even Begin to Describe

Request: hey, could you do a barry allen imagine where you work at S.T.A.R. labs and are very cute, awkward and blushy (maybe social anxiety?) and barry likes you then one day you get kidnapped and Cisco/Caitlyn hacks into the cameras to see whats happening (the whole group is there) then you sorta take down your kidnapper and everyone is really confused and you come back and barry eventually asks you to be his girlfriend? sorry if it’s to long or complicated. Also, i love this whole blog. :)

Requested by: anon

Word Count: 1117

“Hey, Y/N..” Team Flash greeted you as you walked into the cortex.  You merely nodded in response. It wasn’t that you didn’t like them, no. You loved them but your anxiety got the better of you and you were only truly comfortable with Caitlin and Harrison. Cisco and Barry were a bit.. Well.. They were too energetic to you.

You retreated over to Harrison’s office and whispered a quiet “Good afternoon”.

“Afternoon, Y/N. How has your day been?”

“It’s been okay. Oh! I grabbed you some Big Belly Burger for lunch..” You shoved the bagged food in front of you as emphasis.

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