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Digital infrared, London.

Taken with my hacked Sony Cybershot (The hot mirror removed and permanently replaced with a 720nm infrared filter)

The camera usually captures these as purple images, this was taken using the in-camera b&w setting.

Just got back from London, I’ll be taking some rolls of film to the lab tomorrow, this will have to do for now.


This is what happens when you use the Dolphin’s free camera hack with Xenoblade’s cutscenes. It’s not pretty (also hilarious).

Contains cutscenes for the first 2-3 hours of the game.

Ezra is NOT to be trusted

I’ve never made a theory on who A is.. but I’m finally putting my money on this creep. 

Did anyone else notice how he baited Spencer in last night’s episode (6 x 04)? He knows about her drug problem and he told her about the weed on purpose. What was the point in even telling her?   

If he isn’t A, I’m 99.9% sure that he knows who A is… there’s no way in hell you can have that much spy equipment and you don’t know who A is. He hacked street cameras, he had hidden surveillance, microphones, and so much other shit……. I mean, how could you not know?? And if you didn’t know, wouldn’t you want to find out?? especially if you’re writing a “book” ?? and especially if you had the resources to actually find out??? It doesn’t add up, at all.

He’s a psychopath. 


“Cait. Lunch.” You announce, walking into the main lab. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Barry sitting in one of the smaller labs shaking something. “What’s Barry doing?”

“He brought some of his stuff over from the station for a case he’s working on.” Caitlyn replies, smiling as you sit in the chair next to her and set down the food. “Thank you.”

You smile and take a bite of your burger just as Cisco runs in. “Barry, a fire just started in North Central.”

Before you can blink, Barry is standing behind you and Caitlyn as you find the location. Cisco sits in the chair beside you to hack into the cameras.

“The building is on the corner of ninth and Annual.” Caitlyn says.

“And the fire started on the twenty-third floor.” You finish.

“Thanks.” Barry says.

“Hey, don’t die.” You joke. Barry looks down, smiling and blushing even though you can’t see it.

“I’ll do my best.”

Packing for a short exchange to Japan

Since I will only be in Japan for a little over two weeks I won’t need as many things but I think this will generalise over all exchanges.

I am not packing a change of clothes for each day since in Japan they wash their clothes daily or every few days. Also I am packing for expected and unexpected weather and activities.
-tank tops (2)
-short sleeve shirts (3)
-long sleeve shirts (1)
-jeans (1)
-joggers (2)
-jean shorts (2)
-exercise shorts (2)
-night shirt (2)
-underwear (7)
-light rain jacket
-sweat shirt
-inside shoes
-outside shoes

So I will be packing things for the plane. Also for in my hotel room and free time with my host family. I have also learned some hand games and other simple activities to teach my host family.
-books (3)
~zodiac ~howles moving castle ~ undecided -cards

I am bringing many gifts for my host family. But I am also bringing some for friends I might meet at school.
-an elephant tea pot (grandmother)
-a pen and a key chain of the local baseball team (sister)

-shirts that say stuff relating to USA -American flags -other little nik-naks from my state I also had toiletries but those vary per person

After a week in Kuching, we finally found an old camera store that sells the last box of instax film. It was really hard to find them in Kuching.
We found a really cool way to store all the instax film while we’re travelling (by putting it back into the film cartridge). Doesn’t it looks like a brand new instax film? Maybe I can give them as a surprise gift to someone. ;)


This is the first thing I did when I got home. This is the step by step as I hacked into an old high res Logitech webcam. Now it’s a high res full spectrum astrophotography CCD. So I can run my large telescope remotely and I dont have to go outside when its damp and such out side to run my telescope (pics of that coming soon) or when I feel lazy….yes I can be that lazy lol

riippedapart asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!! :) ❤️❤️❤️

Five things that make me happy are:

  • the smell of coffee
  • internet (especially free internet)
  • reading a good book
  • my friends (including you! <3)
  • aaaand Cards Against Humanity, which I just got as a reward for getting on the Dean’s List

Thanks for sending this, I love these things!

Nightmare (Dragon Age: Inquisition) - 171/365

  • SRWE (to shoot high resolution in a square aspect ratio)
  • Camera hacks (position, FOV)

My gaming computer suffered a bit of a mishap and became unfortunately nonfunctional.  As such, no new screenshot was taken, so I’ll pilfer from my older DA:I shots until things are fully functional again.

This one dates back early enough that it was before I had HattiWatti’s DAI Cinematic tools, so I was moving the camera around by editing the process memory.  That made it a little obnoxious to position things just right, so I was very pleased with how this shot came out!