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What makes you think it's not a hack?

it was up 40 minutes. 

The ONLY thing they tweeted was a larry tweet???

Harry is one of the most talked about artists right now in the middle of promo for his debut single and it was up for 40 minutes

this isn’t a hack

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So, in order to have kids in the gay fates hack, you need to do some actual rom hacking, right? I don't know very much about it at all, but I would like to learn. Could you steer me to a guide on the basics? I read the forum post by DeathChaos25, but I don't actually even know how to get to the beginning point of unpacking the bin files. Is it similar to the gay fates hack overall? Thank you for answering all these questions we send you. And also for you hard work on the hack!

Yes, it does require some actual rom hacking! Since a lot of people have asked me for clarifications and more specifics about @deathchaos-25‘s guide, I may as well type up a new guide that’s beginner friendly. 


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- her deadly aim

- her strong leggies

- the way she looks almost happy when she gets a headshot

- when she pretends she doesn’t notice me staring at her lips, but gives a little smirk. 


- her laugh

- her microwave 

- the way she chases me with her beam when I hack her arm to play with her. (she pretends it’s not funny, but i see you, i see you like my heart hacks.)

- the warmth of her hand when she lets me hold hers

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I love that idea and I want to hop on but I can't choose what kind of patches should I get?

(Anon is referring to this post, for followers who may have missed it.)

It really depends on what kind of correspondences you want, but I’ll make a little list of the ones I can think up. I can’t find all my exact ones but they’re more or less the same as ones I use.

  • You could sew a lightning bolt patch onto your raincoat or your power outfit for extra confidence when you’re wearing them. There’s also things like suns, clouds, rainbows, whatever for weather magic.

  • You could sew a rose patch or a heart patch onto your date outfit or an outfit when you’re trying to attract somebody. It’s trendy to have these things on your jeans right now, so if you’re like me and have that one pair of booty jeans.. Perfect.

  • Animals of all kinds. Goldfish, to signify wealth and you could put that on your wallet. Tigers for power, if you wanted to put it on the inside of a nice suit or something similar. If you have a familiar, there’s probably a patch of it. There’s also a billion different types of birds.

  • There’s lots of food patches for kitchen witches. These types would look nice on aprons or chef uniforms I think. I know a lot of people might like these lemon patches to signify renewal, or wine patches for communion/sharing. Any kind of correspondence with food works really.
    • (For example, I shared a loaded philly cheesesteak on my first date and now it’s a really romantic food in my eyes, so if there were a cheesesteak patch i might put it on the inside of my purse I wear on dates.)

  • Green witches and divinators might like some dandelion patches. Green witches may also like some other plant patches such as this one, this one, these, or any of the other millions available right now.

  • Space witches might appreciate that there are planet patches. I linked to the set I’m buying once I have a little more money.

  • Pop culture witches might want to buy their favourite characters as deities or energies to keep around. There’s a bunch of hello kitty, miss piggy, betty boop, and all kinds of them.

  • Both tech and pop witches might also like emoji patches

My arm is falling asleep and I’m a little bored of making this list, but if anyone has ideas to add then please do!

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can this hacker be useful and track Harry's main tumblr blog

let him blog about louis with varying degrees of filthy and fond tags in peace

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Recommend gay Awakening pairings pls. There are so many great options that its oberwhelming. (nothing for Gregor and Robin tho)

i am literally going to go through a list of awakening characters and recommend my fave gay pairings for them

Chrom: Gaius!!!!!!!!!!!, uh freddy bear is also cute and M!rob

Lissa: I’d be remiss not to push lissabelle here. Lissabelle all the way

Frederick: Chrom, there was also a cute C-S with Lonk implemented

Sully: Ahhh poor sully i haven’t implemented any there yet but Sumia and Miriel are great options 

Virion: Libra, they’re in love

Stahl: Kellam and Gaius are cute 

Vaike: Lonk!

Miriel: Sully, my friend @dunkhazard wrote a FANTASTIC olivia x miriel though once again not yet implemented (a trend) 

Sumia: Sumdelia is my life, though Sumia/Sully is great too 

Donnel: Um… Ricken maybe? henry? IDk

Ricken: Henry

Maribelle: Lisabelle!! Though Maribelle x Olivia is a very respectable option

Panne: Cordelia and Olivia~

Gaius: Chrom chrom chrom 

Cordelia: once again sumdelia is my lifeblood though panne’s a good option. 

Gregor: Um… there was a convo with basilio submitted that was super great 

Nowi: PASS

Libra: Virion, he has a convo with chrom too

Tharja: …i might pass here too tbh 

Anna: is there a lady anna isn’t good with 

Olivia: Maribelle, Panne, Miriel, Lissa, you can’t go wrong with Olivia

Cherche: There have been adorable submissions for cherche x sumia, cordy, and olivia

Henry: Ricken

Say’ri: Do i even have to say? her beautiful lady Tiki

Tiki: See above 

Basilio: …I guess gregor hahah 

Flavia: y’know who’s a good gal for Flavia? Sully.

Lucina: Every girl? All at once? Severa, Kjelle, Noire, F!Morg, Cynthia, hell even the nah submission was cute

Owain: Brady, Inigo

Inigo: Owain, gerome too 

Brady: Owain!! yarne is pretty cute too 

Kjelle: Lucina, Severa, she also has really gay dlc convos with cynthia and noire

Severa: Literally flawless gay. Choose one and you will not be dissapointed. 

Gerome: Laurent, Inigo maybe

M!Morg: Owain and yarne are cute 

F!Morg: Noire, nah, lucy, sevvy…

Yarne: Brady and M!Morg are cute

Laurent: Geromeeee

Cynthia: Severa, Lucy… 

Noire: *SEVERA written in flashing street lights* oh yeah lucy’s also pretty cute

Nah: Cynthia and F!Morg!

and the spotpass chars don’t exist