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tips & tricks & i’ve learned in 21 years as a human girl who has adhd

some of these i’ve learned on my own, or from family/friends, or reddit/tumblr/pintrest/facebook. but i’ve compiled a list that has helped me remain focused, organized, and not having my mind go all over the place. some of them are just good to know.

1. don’t put it down, put it away (helps immensely with clutter)

2. use a planner for everything, not just school (i use an actual planner because writing it down actually helps me remember it better, but an app can work too)

3. color code class materials, use a different color for each subject (i’m a nursing student and i’m always running around like crazy, my binders, folders, and notebooks for each class each have their own color. ex: bio=green, chem=blue, psych=pink. that way if i’m in a rush, i never grab the wrong stuff.)

4. rewriting class notes, memos, important dates, & anything else worth remembering helps to engrain it in your mind 

5. meal prepping twice every week helps to save time & money & also helps to keep your meals nice and healthy (it also helps me remember to eat because sometimes i have a hard time doing so since my vyvanse suppresses my appetite. it also helps to eat before i take my meds because then i have a more normal appetite and i’m not cranky. i’m also someone who would rather just not eat because i get stressed if i have to cook something, so having something all set and ready to go for each meal is such a huge stress relief)

6. do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week because it gets rid of excess energy, helps you to focus, & look & feel great (i do 45 minutes of cardio every other day on the stair-stepper & i’ve just gotten really into weight lifting. cardio definitely helps me A LOT to not be so cranky or all over the place)

7. pick out and get your outfit for the next day, every single night (i pick out EVERYTHING from the actual clothes, to the underwear, socks, bra, shoes, & accessories. this helps because i also have a weird thing about how clothes fit over undergarments & i also have a weird thing about matching clothes with undergarments, socks, & shoes)

8. pack your backpack and whatever else you need the night before (i put all my class materials, snacks & drinks, chargers, gym clothes, etc in my bag every night before i go to bed so i don’t rush or forget anything in the morning)

9. have a bag full of essentials that you take everywhere (i have a purse that i keep my wallet, keys, a protein bar, a water, my iPad, a back up charger, pen, small notebook, planner, gum, & hand sanitizer that i take with me everywhere. everything has it’s own special pocket & i never lose track of the things i need)

10. make lists of “to’s” (to do, to remember, to buy)

11. go from room to room whenever you leave someplace to make sure you haven’t left anything behind 

12. use post-it notes in visible places as reminders

13. set aside one day per week to do stuff you need to get done (cleaning, schoolwork, chores, grocery shopping, etc)

14. have a “time out” for yourself every other day to relax and recharge (i set aside an hour or two every single day to read or watch a tv show or do something that doesn’t require too much thought or energy. i don’t answer calls or texts, and i try not to browse social media. this helps me relax and not feel overwhelmed throughout the day or the week)

15. set alarms for waking up, tasks, & cooking fro better time management (i use a great app called 30/30 thats a great task manager. it lets you set up a list with a set time for each task. the timer starts and you go about your task, once the time is up, it lets you know you should move onto your next task)

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through. Good luck.” That message, signed “3301,” appeared on the underground message board known as 4chan two years ago. It was mysterious, cryptic and sparked a global Internet mystery that has yet to be answered to this day. (via The Internet’s Cicada: A Mystery Without An Answer : NPR)

  • “It’s like a Dan Brown novel if Dan Brown could write this well,” freelance writer Chris Bell tells NPR’s Arun Rath. Bell wrote about the online mystery for The Telegraph. “It’s beyond the realms of my intelligence and beyond the realms of any individual’s intelligence to do this.”
  • Thousands of peopletook on the challenge.
  • To code-breakers who dwell in this world, it was simple in the beginning. The first puzzle used a technique called steganography, concealing a message or image within another image. Hidden inside that first seemingly simple image — those black words on white text — were many more pictures, codes, clues and the reoccurring image of a cicada. That’s what gave the mystery its name: Cicada 3301.

He had multiple blog.Lil post to appreciate characters:

  • John was into computer coding even though he sucked at it, liked magic tricks, and other actors that were not Nic Cage. (As for his ‘true sexuality’, no idea what’s going on there. Hussie stated that Homestuck would reach a gay singularity, but John has canonically stated he is not gay. Idk.)
  • Rose was messy as Hell. She wrote wizard fanfiction. She knitted. She was not always rational.
  • Kanaya was not always prim and proper. She grew jealous of Vriska’s other relationships, and cut her off with no explanation, which did not help her any- considering she was her moirail, and was supposed to keep her in line. She thought Rose was a troll at first, when she only knew her as tentacleTherapist.
  • Roxy could hack and code, liked science, and could fluently read morse code.
  • Vriska was a pretty big history geek sometimes. She roleplayed as her ancestor, and tried to manipulate everybody into reenacting history. Her bad relationships were, at times, the fault of others.
  • Tavros raised a goddamn army, no mind control needed. Even though he killed Jade’s Grandpa, he also saved her life in doing so. He tried roleplaying with Nepeta. He was friends with Gamzee, but only had one conversation with him that implied Gamzee had feelings for him in the slightest.
  • Terezi and Nepeta were good friends, and roleplayed together. Nepeta was okay with Karkat not reciprocating. She had a healthy moiraillegiance, not an abusive one. She wasn’t some delicate flower, she hunted and killed animals to eat. She tried roleplaying with Vriska.
  • Equius never abused or controlled Nepeta. He did not want her FLARPing with Vriska because she lost an arm, Tavros was paralysed, and Aradia died. It isn’t surprising why he didn’t want her to FLARP with them.
  • Eridan has not once said ‘wweh’ or ‘nyeh’ in canon. He only hit on people who he genuinely thought were into him. The pressure for him to find a matesprit was probably incredibly high considering his blood caste, so his actions were slightly understandable in the romantic sense. He used to be on good terms with Karkat.
  • ‘Fuckass’ was not the only swear Karkat ever used, Jesus. He also liked coding, but sucked at it. He was on good terms with Eridan before the drama started, being able to seemingly effortlessly calm him down. He talked with him in a very casual manner.
  • Jake had horrible memories of Jane. She got mad at him for forgetting her birthday, she became a trickster and tried to force him to marry her, and yet he still ran in front of a sword to save her.
  • Dave, in canon, said ‘y’all’. He was an amateur photographer. He liked collecting preserved dead things. He had multiple blogs. He literally had an entire SBaHJ arc dedicated to nachos. He grew a hatred of the sound of metal due to the strifes with his brother. (I will defend this poor boy to my grave, fight me)

I’ll probably add more to this another time.

Color coding and highlighting is extremely useful.

That is, if you know how to do it in an efficient matter.

This guide will teach you what colors are good to use and when to highlight with them. Note that these are all recommendations from me, but are backed up with evidence I collected.

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I decided that I needed a little vacation on the beautiful island of Aquaria and I am so happy that I did. I actually really felt relaxed after my visit, it made me dream of sunshine, beach and the ocean! 😍🏖⛱ My favourite spot was definitely the little bar in the boys house. Omg, it’s so beautiful!😍 I don’t want to tell you more. Go see yourself!

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Pokemon roms I'd like to see

A game where you play as Samuel Oak
- Gen 1 starters
- The Pokedex is replaced with a messy notebook
- Some pokemon trainers carry whips like in Red/Blue version
- Some trainers break rules (no code of conduct) and it would be called “low blow” which would either take a second turn, land a critical hit, or give your pokemon a status condition
- Pokeballs have a lower capture rate because they’re that old crank version.
- some pokemon have “Old Kanto forms” which look like some of the old concept art/Red and Blue game sprites. (Like vaporeon’s old frills)
- Artificial Pokemon origin stories

A game where you join Team Rocket
- You can literally take other kid’s pokemon
- Your starter’s either an ekans or a koffing
- You can either keep your stolen pokemon or profit from them.
- cool outfits tho

Prehistoric Pokemon???
- Travel back in time by accident and the whole game revolves around Celebi to get back home
- Your starter will be either a Lilleep, a Tirtouga or a Tyrunt.(there’s no prehistoric fire types)
-.Pokeballs have a lower catch rate and they’re harder to find.
- Instead of gym leaders there are village leaders and you have to earn their respect in battle. Once they give you a token of admiration, a stone or a feather, you finally have access to the healing centers and bartering counters.
- Pokemon roam about in herds outside the tall grass and if you get too close you’ll end up in a hoard battle.
- If you run out of Pokeballs (which will happen often because they’re rare) it basically becomes a free for all safari zone
- Pokemon can go into “Savage mode” which works with village tokens like z crystals and will boost their stats but it can only be used once per battle.

A Pokemon Breeder game
- your starter is an eevee
- Most of the battles are pitted Pokemon of the same species to show off the best one.
- Poffin eating
- lot of matchup and identification mini games.
- Contests
- making the healthiest eggs and pokemon with the best stats

A Nurse Joy Game
- you can chose between an audino or a chancey
- doctor drama
- imagine it tho
- bandaids and shots and surgery
- Keep evil teams from stealing pokemon

A game where you can be an Officer
- your starter is a growlithe
- guns
- cop drama
- underground motorcycle races
- an excuse to give looker some character development

A game where you are the Gym Leader
- design your own gym and badge
- pick a typing and a signature move
- defeat kids and get income
- take breaks to catch pokemon
- kid will show up with x amount of badges and level of pokemon and you have to chose a team to fit the description
- ban together with the other gym leaders to defeat the evil team of the week

A game where if Team Rocket wins You lose all but one pokemon
- you have a chance to get them all back once you defeat every mini boss
-they also take half your money

A game that starts off as a safari zone
- you have access to every single starter pokemon but you can only catch one in the beginning
- afterwards you can get more once you defeat the first 6 gyms
- it’s just cool is all.

A game based off the Orange Island League
- Show Hoenn League what “too much water” REALLY looks like
-Awesome mini games out the wazoo
-Indigo League depicted like in the Anime
- Pokemon 2000 lugia after game episode

Basically a Heartgold hack of Pokemon XD
-except either make two or more main characters to chose from or make the main character androgynous

A game depicting the Pokemon Wars hinted at in gen 6
-I dunno a platinum hack maybe?
-I really wanna watch pokemon kill each other tbh