hack slash volume 2

okay let me talk about jaune

So RWBY  Volume 3 Chapter 10. 


Okay first of all, (shipping stuff aside) 

One of the first thing you see Jaune do if fucking make this jump 

someone who’s less lazy then me should do the calculations or something, cause how high is this? Cause even Nora of all people was trying to stop Jaune from going down. I mean yeah sure the giant nevermore was breaking through, but that still looks like a huge jump. And he does it to save Pyrrha. Get her to snap out of her state of shock. (also good on Ruby for not holding a grudge or anything -pats Ruby on the back- ) 

Well also good on Jaune actually as well. He backs both Pyrrha and Ruby. He knows where to cast blame. And he knows what to say to get Pyrrha in a fighting mood again. Jaune is learning and he is showing the side that is smart and why he was chosen to be the leader that he is. 

And then look at this

if anyone could properly make a gif outta it, it would be helpful to show my point. But it all happens so fast. 

But last time you saw Jaune go up against grimm was in volume 2. when he did the hack and slash nervousness thing he did. 

But here, if you watch it. He just CHARGES at it. Not only that but this particular grimm is already falling over (maybe not down for the count but in fact falling) after only one swing with his sword. Jaune is learning how to fight better. He is gaining the confidence he needs in battle. 

I just ugg. i love this so much.