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I hate to break it to you all but the epitome of cool is astral projecting, caring for others and smoking weed alone while watching IKEA hack tutorials on YouTube


Welcome to the first of many Before & After home design entries!

We moved into our new house in the beginning of March, and we have a list of projects a mile long to get the house where we want it to be.

Our upstairs living room has come a long way in the last few weeks.
New carpet, fresh paint, a DIY built-in bookshelf spanning 14 feet across the far wall to hold all of my knick knacks and books, and tons of little accents to make it feel like home.
I’m in love with the marble rhino’s head we have hanging above the reading corner. His flower garland is the crown that my oldest daughter wore as a flower girl in our wedding last May, and I love that the marble accent ties into the table tops.

So far my favorite part of the house is the corner in this room with my entomology collection hung above the chaise lounge. There are blankets stored in the cabinets right next to the lounge and it really is the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.
The other cabinets house the little ones’ coats and shoes, as well as all of the dog’s food and toys.

The world map in the center is not quite finished. I still need to paint in a Legend showing a color-code for push pins: where we’ve been vs. where we’re going.

I put so many hours into building this massive bookshelf and I’m so happy that it turned into a functional, beautiful centerpiece for our front room.

Next on the list is the master bedroom – if I stay on schedule with all the projects I have planned it should be completed this week!

We bought a house! 🙇🏻‍♀️ We’ve been moving for what feels like forever and we’re still unpacking but my studio is making serious progress! Did you see my story last week about my @ikeausa desks and @thecontainerstore storage? I used my trusty @ikeausa picture frame shelves for my polish wall and now I can finally paint again! I can honestly say my polish collection is one of my prized possessions 💕 Do you spy any of your favorite brands?


I’ve always enjoyed seeing how amazing a good Ikea hack can turn out and here’s a few of my favourites.

It’s amazing what a good touch of paint can do to any furniture piece!

Marble contact paper and copper spray paint transformed this side table into one very glamorous piece!

Personally my knitting skills aren’t great but for any of you who are talented why not give this a go?

I love the touch of black and pastels. These frames are immediately more interesting to look at. 

These drawers have been completely transformed and given that old vintage worn look. 

These chest of drawers have been given a new lease on life, the added brass label holders are a great addition. 

Bar stools are instantly modernised.

Very stylish drinks cart using an Ikea table!

I love this idea using Ikea cabinets to create a floating console,buffet or TV unit. The addition of the wood finishes it off beautifully.

This side table has totally benefited from It’s new look.

Shiny nest tables yes please. Amazing.

Ikea desk looking great in gold.

Ikea Dresser with added moulding’s and new handles. Great colour choice.

Add some colour into your living room. These bookcases look bright and cheerful now.

Spice racks into book shelves. Very cute and clever thinking.

There you have it a few very cool Ikea hacks. I hope I’ve inspired you to give one a go today. Best of Luck!

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Ransom & Holster go to Ikea

So Justin Oluransi & Adam Birkholtz are moving into their first place after college. Which means their first Ikea trip; the first gauntlet of Moving In Together.

  • Ransom has done all the research. He sits down with Holster the night before to go over everything. “Ok, so this is spreadsheet one, if we want to prioritize the bedroom. We spend a lot of time in bed with Netflix, and our new place is tight, so it might be a good idea to splurge on the BRIMNES here since it has storage and get the TÄRENDÖ dining set since we mostly eat sitting on the couch anyway.” 
    • Holster: “I don’t know, I feel like I’ll know what will fit when I can see it. I can’t tell what things will feel like when they’re just pictures online.”
  • Holster is very into ikea hacks. He’s probably spent upwards of 6 hours watching youtube videos of ikea hacks. He has never operated a power tool more complex than an impact driver (drill), but he’s pretty sure he could do it. Power tools aren’t that complicated! 
    • Ransom: “ok, I admit that the secret room underneath a bunk bed is super cool. But there is no way we are both fitting in a twin bed.” 

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I usually use ink on paper, but sometimes I use ink on Ikea’s Expedit/Kallax doors. Call me crazy. Or a neat person who doesn’t want her bookshelf to look cluttered. Inking took ages a few days in past August and total cost was a bit under 20 €.

Simple designs, such as black and white line art, are easy to make, but screentones are tricky. First you need to choose what you are going to ink. I chose Reiner and scanned a page with this headshot from vol. 12. Then I created a new canvas in Photoshop that has the same measurements as the actual door and fitted the headshot on it. I dropped opacity to 39% because I only needed a light print. After that I separated my canvas to 3 parts since I only had access to a A4 printer.

I only have 2 wip photos, but the first one shows a part of my process. There I have already inked the line art and cleaned the door once. You can’t really see that print, but it was light for a reason. With light print you could see better what you have already transferred (= drawn) with carbon paper and what you still need to transfer. Best option for cleaning blue “carbon“ is a detergent that cleans grease stains and for ink there is scotch brite. Never use hand sanitizer, it takes away all of your ink! Use it only if you have an accident with ink, such as when you get stains on your desk.

Carbon paper looks like that ↑. You could use just 1 sheet, but then you’d need to move it under your print. I used 2 sheets and I had to move them, too. In the second wip photo I have inked Reiner’s screentones, the next step was to transfer the screentones for the background and ink them. And there were a lot dots to ink. A. LOT.

It’s kind of funny how Reiner seems to follow you with his gaze. Last photo shows how it looks like when I’m trying to enjoy my coffee in the living room. (I had a stressful week at work and no days off for almost 2 weeks. Thankfully I have Saturday and Sunday just for myself.)


13 IKEA Before-And-Afters That Make Our Jaws Drop

It’s no secret that IKEA can provide some fantastic building blocks for a home (HEMNES bedroom set anyone?). But with with a few coats of the perfect paint and new hardware, those same Swedish-superstore building blocks can be taken to truly unrecognizable levels. 

See all of the amazing transformations here.

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6. Do you have a favorite pet? If so what’s its name?

That is such a tough question! I really don’t have a favourite! As well as my two budgies I also have a hamster, Popcorn, and I do love them all. 

I do have a stronger bond with the birds however, as in they seem to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. Having two birds greet you excitedly as you return home never gets old, haha!  

My hamster Popcorn is very indifferent towards me, she see’s me as a source of nice food and sometimes likes to snuggle inside my t-shirts, but that’s very much on her terms as she’s such an independent little lady.

7. What is your favorite petblr blog?

Another tough question! I really enjoy @pepperandpals​, @sweetiesugarbird​, @nestregards​, @flock-talk​, @tinysaurus-rex​, @littlerosebirb​, @tieltavern​ and many, many others. Basically I adore every petblr I follow, and seeing all your lovely pets makes me so happy. I would list you all if I could! (I’m going to post this and immediately remember several more blogs I could have added!  Even if you’re not on the list, I still love you all!)

10. Do you own any pets that you don’t post about on your blog?

I do! This is my little hamster Popcorn, she has her own blog here, although I rarely post there. She’s a Syrian hamster, but she’s tiny compared to other Syrian hams I’ve known!

I’ve had her since May of last year, and I don’t really know for sure how old she was when we adopted her. She’s probably about a year old. I once made her a completely handmade, custom build cage, but she decided she was going to try to gnaw her way out in less than a month. She now lives in an Ikea Detolf hack, and its the best cage ever!

15. Are any of your animals rescues?

Widget and Popcorn were both adopted. Popcorn was adopted from Pets at Home, where she was up for adoption as nobody would buy her because of her “creepy red eyes”. Like seriously? She’s adorable! I’d been wanting a hamster for a while, and had done a ton of research, and then I saw her little face and I fell in love.

Widget was re-homed after three weeks because he was “not tame, too wild and aggressive”. Yup. Look at how aggressive he is.

20 - already answered here: http://budgiechops.tumblr.com/post/157616484802/16-and-20-for-the-questions