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Iwaoi headcanon: Oikawa is an absolute nightmare when he gets sick. Having to stay in bed makes him whiny and clingy and he resents not being able to practice with the team. Iwaizumi is very strict about him staying put, though, and basically moves into Oikawa’s room to make sure he gets the rest he needs. Despite hating to see Oikawa suffer, Iwaizumi secretly really enjoys being able to take care of him.


“I have listened through rock and metal and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen.”

Crap happens to everybody, if it doesn’t make you stronger then I honestly wish I could hug you a lot and make it all okay because I know how it feels to fight through something endlessly and have no support and I’m not referring to the hacking or anything that has happened okay? I’m just talking to you. I’ve had the thought run through my head that there is no hope in the past and I know a lot of you have that too… I’m here for you. Mental illnesses and a lot of other things in life too. I didn’t know what to do with myself or with my future, I didn’t see a future at one point.

This is a safe space. Mine and yours.

It’s now happening for me now that every time something happens (a lot has happened to me in this short span of life, the world has chewed me up and spit me back out a couple times.) I get a little scared because I’ve been in bad situations as well, that’s why I cherish my love and friends so much. I cherish all of you so much.

The bad things, the situations I’ve been in made me stronger, they make me want to fight harder. I can never let my tears be for nothing nowadays.

I have a burning heart and I want to help all my friends, I wanna help the people around me. I’m on two different pills right now since I was prescribed them the past few days to help while I was away but I wanted to help the people around me so much, so many of them showed so much improvement just because I told them I love them, keep going, eat! sleep!

I wanted to hold their hand more than people who were supposedly their family and friends because my family wanted to lock me up in a facility and leave me there (blood family), and my fiancé was just worried too, he fought to get me out of there because he knows I’m of sane mind and my thoughts race too fast. My father fought for me too. I’m so happy you all cared so much.

I was just scared and had an emotional breakdown because my settings were changing very fast. I really didn’t mean to scare anyone.

I love you all and I hope you can continue to send me asks, and just talk to me in the same sense and be as personal as before. I’m better now and my thoughts aren’t racing, I fixed the hacking problem too.

Just communicate with me, tell me about your hopes and dreams, tell me about your loves. I love you all so much. I’m here. I need you to know this.

Who Do I Choose?

Summary: You need to choose between your father, Tony Stark, and your soulmate, Steve Rogers as the events of Civil War occur. Part 2 of Never Will I Ever.

Word count: 1736

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genre: Angst, soulmate au

Warnings: Angsty, Civil War spoilers if you haven’t seen it.

Author’s Note: This honestly seemed a lot better in my head, so I hope its good and that people like it. I promised part 2  tonight and damn it I made it happen even though its 3am…

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Hi Lorraine! Sorry to bother you, but I don't understand the trick to get the un-clickable egg in the library ;-; Could you explain it?

What I did ( with that post ) was go to the library -> click on the crush feature

Then while you are still on the third picture click the back arrow on your browser

The game should go back to the previous page on Eldarya you were on but the third window ( the crush one ) will stay open. That’s when you click on the egg and the game tells you that you got that egg.

It took me a few turns before it worked.

It’s a nice hack until they fix the bug.


Post 5x15 fic Oliver needs to talk to Felicity about Thea leaving as she is the only one who understands him. Also on AO3.

Still working through my 5x15 issues…hope you enjoy :)

After the team meeting broke up Oliver headed downstairs to his living quarters to change out of suit. It had been a long day. That was an understatement. Despite the positive spin and thank you he had given his team, he wasn’t feeling positive at all. Thea had left. Another woman he loved had left as she needed space from him. He really didn’t know how to process what had happened. He needed to talk to Felicity.

He quickly went back upstairs expecting to find her on the landing at her computers. He was a little surprised to discover she wasn’t there. The computer we stilling sorting through the petabyte of data they had retrieved from Prometheus’ mother’s house but she would have shut off the monitors if she were gone for the night, maybe she had just stepped out. He decided to wait for her, he took a seat in Felicity’s chair and waited.

Oliver wasn’t sure how long he had been waiting when he heard the elevator doors open and the familiar click of Felicity’s heels on the floor. He looked up. “Where have you been?”

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Do you use some hacks/mods in your game?

I most certainly do! Here is a list that took me hours to compile but it’s good to have for reference of all the mods/hacks/fixes/overrides/etc. in my game at the moment (although in my search for the links I came across even more mods I need, so this is by no means all-inclusive):

I also use a name mod but I forget which one I have… :x

Hope this helps! <3 

Has hacking been fixed for the newest system update? I use the soundhax method to access the homebrew launcher, but I know you can’t access any online gameplay if you don’t update your system. When I get back home from my family event I need to distribute the giveaway prizes, but I can’t do that without updating my system, and if I update my system I lose hacking, which means I can’t get the prizes.