hack asay

So, instead of contributing to a society that looks after the elderly and disenfranchized now, and will look after you if something happens unexpectedly, and counting on the same system being in place further down the road, you instead opt to:

Keeping your money in a stash that contributes nothing to society or business, at least until you get to that one lst week before a payday when you really need cash, and then the next one and next one, and soon you’ve blown your savings away.

Also, if that money is “not going to Washington”, isn’t this technically tax evasion, and thus, a crime?

I do wonder how exactly the right to own automatic rifles has to do with the day-to-day operation of the US. Because that’s kinda the point of the third rail, to provide electricity to trains. Social security is keeping people from falling to abject poverty, which is a lot more apt metaphor for the rail than US gun culture which leads the ocuntry to have the highest rates of gun-related deaths in the whole world.