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Too little

So this is a post for all those littles that accidentally find themselves speaking in ‘Little speak’ in public when they feel little. Popular excuses are:

° I bit my tongue
° Wow, I can’t talk today.
° I’ve been around my younger brother/sister/cousin too long.
° I am not awake right now.
° Wow I’m tired.
° I’ve gone too far with 'pet speak’
° I’m a little tipsy
° Too many kids shows, I need to stop all of that babysitting
° I’m really tongue tied right now

I recently went into little speak accidentally and I got horribly made fun of. I hope other littles see this and stay safe ❤

  • Daddy: Now baby girl don't eat all your candy at once
  • Me: okay daddy!
  • Daddy: *leaves room*
  • Me: *eats all the candy but one*
  • Daddy: *comes back* baby how much is left?
  • Me: *shows daddy the bag*
  • Daddy: thought I said not to eat it all!
  • Me: I didn't daddy! There's still one left! Seeeeeee
  • Daddy: *facepalm*

@thegrimyghost launches us into space for intergalactic hackery! These jokes aren’t even funny in outer space! Zero gravity? How ‘bout zero laughs?!

Ah my small green babies, how you have grown!

Tomato cages are great for tomatoes and all, but I find them really helpful for squashes too! I don’t have the horizontal room for sprawling stems, so the cage helps funnel that growth upwards instead.

EASY D.I.Y HACK For Small Space Living [Low Budget]

okay so first you’ll need to shape and sand down 3 chunks of wood into intricate stair railing banisters. after you’ve carved them into three uniform shapes it’s time to bring out the mini-blowtorch,


#Torbjorn #RobotArm nearly done. The mechanics of this elbow are so sketchy, but I think I’ve got it down? I need some straps to hold the two parts together and one to hold the whole thing as far up my arm as it can, some spandex to cover up the holes in the elbow, and foam pipes, hopefully they don’t get in the way of the movement.
#overwatch #cosplay #overwatchcosplay #robot #swedish #claw #clods #hackspace #vanhack #VancouverHackSpace @vanhackspace (at Vancouver Hack Space)

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