hack a howard


“Howard,” Ava answered, taking her time. “We are not getting engaged.”
“And give me one good reason why not,” he said.
“First, because I’m still married. And second, I don’t love you. And I will never love you.”
Hughes was used to being turned down, and was unfazed by the rejection. He did not, however, expect Ava’s blunt response when he pushed the issue and asked, “Why?”
“Because you smell, Howard. Your collar is dirty and you stink. Like a Goddamn canary died under your shirt and it felt so good you left it there." 

Hughes: The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters  by Richard Hack

Hello fellow hackers and pirates!

It is I marcus, the elite hacker™ of DedSec™ and star of the soon to be hit game Watch_Dogs 2™ by Ubisoft. Though I may be trying to get back at evil corporations through my hacking™ skills, I always make sure to preorder Skyrim Remastered™ at least 5 times. While you all may be using your elite hacker skills to get back at evil video games devs by pirating, I can assure you that Todd Howard is not evil, and as such you should pre-order all his games at full price, never pirate them, and use your lete Hax0r skills™ to prevent people from pirating Todd’s games.

Now I you excuse me, you have to get to preordering through legal means, I have to get back to pulling off the biggest hack of the history™

gaydieselcowboy  asked:

Are you a conservative DESPITE the fact that conservatives have spent this nation's entire history fighting tirelessly against civil rights and protections for nonwhites, women and lgbt people, or BECAUSE of it?

Do you own a history book?

Well probably, but I bet it was written by that hack Howard Zinn. 

Look, you don’t know shit about history clearly so let me clear something up for you. 

Conservatives are not the ones who fought against civil rights. Republicans marched with Martin Luther King. It was a Democrat who signed the Civil Rights bill (after filibustering the first one I might add, the first one having been put forward by Repubicans, not Democrats) while saying “I’ll have those n****** voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

It wasn’t Democrats who fought for freedom for slaves. 

It was Democrats who put Jim Crow laws into place in the south and legislated most of the segregation measures that were put in place.

FDR, a Democrat, turned away boat loads of Jewish refugees in WWII. 

Democratic senators fillibustered the 19th Amendment for Women’s suffrage in 1920. 82% of Republicans voted for it, 46% of Democrats voted against it. Wilson, a Democrat, opposed women’s suffrage for YEARS. 

The ONLY party to have any votes against the Equal Pay Act of 1963 were DEMOCRATS.

As for the “rights” of LGBT people. The only “Conservatives” opposed to them are the hacks like Santorum and Huckabee that are widely despised by most conservatives. And, in point of fact, Democrats only pay lip service to the “rights” of lgbt people anyway. Reagan pumped more money into AIDs research than any other Democrat and it was Clinton, a DEMOCRAT, who put Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into place in the 90s. 

So yeah, please tell me how Democrats are the great supporters of civil rights and my party is the one surpressing them. Please, do continue, it’s fucking hilarious.