I promised short stories. Here ya go...Yay? Nay?

This is the second assignment I have received in class this semester. I’m still working on the first one, so it’ll be up a little later. The assignment was simply to write a story starting with the words, “I remember when I…”. Read, enjoy, and please share your thoughts.

I remember when I met Ah Jung. We were both interning with the same company for the summer. Our workstations were in the same corner, a mere 3 feet away from each other. I’d seen her name in the mass emails sent out to all the interns, but I’d never imagined that she’d look the way she did - all bright-eyed and ready to take on the world. She was warm and friendly, generally interested in people’s lives, and sympathetic to every situation. The more I realized how much of a good person she was, the more I liked her. Ah Jung arrived a couple of weeks after I did, and the moment she walked around the corner and introduced herself, I felt a strong need to form some kind of bond with her.

Over the next few weeks, we slowly began to talk, sharing personal stories and tidbits of information. We hung out with all the other interns, going out to lunch as a group a lot, and inviting each other to events outside the office. Ah Jung and I rode the same train home, and we’d talk about the things we were working on before I got off at my stop.

I think we started flirting before we really even knew it. She’d notice every time I wore something new, going out of her way to give me compliments on a new watch or a pair of shoes. One day, I looked at her, really looked at her as she recounted a funny story, and it struck me. I wanted to be with this smart, witty woman. There’d been tales of awkward blind dates and ended relationships traded back and forth between us, but I didn’t know how she felt about me.

That evening. as we walked to the metro station, we encountered a group of protesters chanting ugly words and carrying placards which proclaimed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. I turned to Ah Jung and saw behind the laughter in her eyes, that she was thinking the same thing I was. Holding hands, we marched on, swinging our arms and laughing at ourselves. She would be my first girlfriend.