I felt in love with her at the first sight. But then her strenght, her weakness, everything about her kept asking me: “who are you?”, kept making me asking: who am I. All the time i was desperately searching for something… I was so in love with her. I´d been wondering for a long time if love that never bears fruits means anything, if something that was vanishes and is gone is the same as something that never was. Well now i know the answer: It does seem something. The meaning was right there: I´m just so glad I fell in love with you.


One last post, for now, of color pages from Honey and Clover, a shoujo/josei manga by Chica Umino.

I think Umino has a lot of insight into relationships. Part of the beauty of this manga, besides her art, is her look into female friendships, friendships between males and females, and the pains of unrequited love. And, spoiler alert, the way relationships end or change when people ‘move on;’ everyone literally moves, in this case. I think poignant is a good word; it’s happy and sad at the same time, while never being sappy or cliche. It’s also a significant work in my life, being that it’s about art school.
It’s also wicked funny!