shichi-go-san-kamakura-007 by Michelle D

Gosho Hachimangu Shrine, located in Kyoto, is where the Emperor Ojin, the Empress Jingu and the kami (god) Himenokami are deified. Originally located in the southwest corner of Oike-Sakaimachi in Gosho-Hachimancho area of the city, it was moved to its present location along Oike Street during the forced evacuations of certain areas during WWII. Jpellgen pointed out in his photos of the shrine that there is an association to Ashikaga Takauji, the first Shogun of the Ashikaga line during the Muromachi period, and he is absolutely correct. Takauji ordered the establishment of this shrine when he chose these Shinto deities to act as guardians for the residence he built for himself around Oike- Sakaimachi. This shrine is a popular place for expecting and young mothers to pray for easy deliveries and healthy babies.