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Hachim Mastour

Héctor Bellerín

Iker Casillas

Isco Alarcón

Ivan Rakitić

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FIFA Queen.

I had been sitting comfortably in Hachim’s lap watching as he and his friends went at it over a game of FIFA. Some sat just watching but there were multiple controllers scattered about, awaiting their turn. Right now it was Hachim versus his best friend and so far it wasn’t his best game.

He was down 2-1 and he couldn’t find a way to gain possession of the ball. Instead, he was stuck defending and he wasn’t doing so well with that task. I watched as the player in the game began to break away and move closer and closer to the goal. Hachim quickly pressed down on the buttons, trying his best to prevent a goal but it was too late.

Screams erupted in the room as everyone watched the ball fly into the back of the net, making the score 3-1. At least everyone except Hachim.

“Oooooh! Did you see that? Did. You. See. That?” His friend rejoiced as he jumped around for the moment, watching the constant replay of the goals from every angle.

“Fuck!” Hachim threw his controller to the sofa cushion beside him in frustration. There was still time left but with his play, it could be assumed he all but lost the game.

“Here. Let me play.” I reached over him and grabbed for the controller, immediately ready to start play again. He seemed okay with the decision but the other guys just laughed.

“You really think you can win this? You know you’re down two goals right?”

I was well aware but little did they know, I was well prepared for a comeback. “Just start the damn game. I got this,” I joked. The replays finally ended and we were back in action with me in control of the ball. I didn’t plan on losing possession until I scored a goal.

I pushed past all defenders and raced my player towards the goal, paying close attention to the buttons I pressed to make sure I wasn’t going to lose the ball or have it taken away. Hachim watched on proudly. He knew how deadly I could be in FIFA. He was often on the other side of defeat after facing me. It may have hurt his ego but now he was glad to see someone else taking the brutality he was used to facing.

The first chance I had to score a goal, I took it without hesitation. It must have caught everyone off guard, including the person I was playing against because the ball found it’s way past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

“Would you look at that?” I calmly celebrated by sharing a knowing smirk. Hachim chuckled underneath me, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my cheek. “We have a lot of time left. You sure you want to continue this slaughter?”

He didn’t back down and so it continued.

Goal after goal. The score was now 3-4 in my favor and the stunned look on everyone’s faces let them know they had picked the wrong person to face in FIFA. The time finally expired and I watched as my team celebrated in the simulation.

“Chalk it up as another W for the queen.” I dramatically placed my controller down, stood up and bowed, and left the room. I was leaving a room full of stunned expressions and a proud boyfriend who could do nothing but smile.

photo credit to tonikros

ok so here’s part 2, I tried to add different players in  part 1 was better lol

part 1, enjoy! :)

My Favorites.

Another month of my blog existing! Thank you all for following and keeping up even with my lack of writing these last few months. The summer is over which means it’s back to classes and spending time online writing imagines rather than writing papers. JOY JOY!

I decided to do my monthly favorites post a bit differently this month since I haven’t written much. I decided to select my favorite imagine for each player in my masterlist or at least for players I have written about more than once. It was a bit hard especially for players that I write a lot about but I figure these are possibly my best works that represent my blog and writing very well. Enjoy! Any feedback is always welcomed.

Happy Valentine’s Day (Aaron Ramsey), Rosaline (Adnan Januzaj), The Best Man And I (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain), Forced to Forget (Alexis Sanchez), Pursuit of Happiness (Álvaro Morata), Troublemaker (Antoine Griezmann), If I’m (Bastian Schweinsteiger), Come Find Me (Benedikt Höwedes), But Before I Jump Out the Window…What’s Your Name? (Calum Chambers), Don’t Forget Where You Belong (Claudio Marchisio), Your Big Brother (Cristiano Ronaldo), Who’s Your Valentine? (David Luiz), Missing Ring (Eden Hazard),  Put Me In, Coach (Erik Durm), Baby Steps (Fernando Torres), I’m Gonna Find Another You (Gareth Bale), A House Divided (Gianluca Gaudino), Christmas Courtside (Gregory van der Wiel), FIFA Queen (Hachim Mastour), He Wore A Red Tie (Héctor Bellerín), L-O-V-E (Isco Alarcón), American Girl (Jack Wilshere), Living Up To The Family Name (James Rodriguez), In the Family (Jesús Navas), Last Friday Night (Jordan Henderson), Oh, Julian (Julian Draxler), Got A Love Jones  (Karim Benzema), Yes, No, Maybe (Kieran Gibbs), Brotherly Love (Lars Bender), Don’t Forget Your Ring (Lionel Messi), GHOST! (Lucas Piazón), Am I Wrong? (Lucas Silva), The Fault in Our Stars (Lukas Podolski), Cuddled Up (Manuel Neuer), ‘Coffee’ by Miguel (Marc Bartra), One (Marco Reus), Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down (Mario Götze), Say Goodbye (Mats Hummels), Interior (Mesut Özil), Bittersweet (Neymar Jr.), Closing Time (Olivier Giroud), Officially Missing You (Oscar Emboaba), Silent Treatment (Rafinha Alcântara), Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) (Raphaël Varane), When Mommy’s Away… (Sergio Ramos), 11 Roses, 12 Lilies (Sven Bender), We All Try (Thiago Alcântara), On The Case (Thiago Silva), Pretend (Toni Kroos), Simply Charismatic (Viktor Fischer)

He's A Bad Boy

At first i wanted to say I really like your imagines🙏❤And i wanted to ask you if you can do Hachim Mastour Imagine? Could it be such an Imagine like Hachim Mastour is a bad Boy but everything changed because he met Y/N! And he wanted her so bad but she is hard to get? You don’t have to do this, only if you want to❤
Requested by

We was clubbing one night in Italy, it was a very popular place. There was a lot of people in the club as it was so busy, this was always the place where celebrities and footballers go. So there was a few paparazzi’s around, we would usually ignore them as we weren’t famous.

“Why is it so busy?” I asked as I linked arms with my friend. “There must be some footballers in or something, they usually try and catch the players out don’t they. Especially if they are drunk” I nodded. “Hmm yeah that’s true. Those pesky footballers” I laughed.

We walked in and saw that it was so busy. “Yes it is officially full of footballers” I laughed as I could see so many people. “Wow that is insane, we came in t the right time, otherwise this place wouldn’t of let anybody else in” I stated.

As I was dancing with my friends, I could sense someone watching me. “That guy has not taken his eyes off of you since we got here. I pretty sure he fancies you I shook my head. "No he probably wants you” I turned around and saw him smiling at me. I smiled back being polite.

He walked towards me. “He is coming” My friend whispered. “Oh my no” I took a deep breath in as he was now standing in front of me. “Hi” He seemed to shout. It was so loud, I could barely hear myself speak. “Its too loud in here, but I am Hachim.” He exclaimed as I told him my name.

I was slightly aware of who he was, Hachim Mastour. He was a professional footballer, he played for AC Milan. He had been out on loan a couple of times. Hachim had a bad boy reputation, I wasn’t ready for that sort of relationship. He just really want my type and it wasn’t how I felt about this.

I chatted with Hachim for a while, he seemed really nice. But he was such a bad boy. “You seem like a real bad boy, that isn’t my thing sorry” I smiled, as I let him down very gently. “Oh” Hachim sighed as he headed off, I did exchange my number with him.

“Why don’t you call him?” A few weeks had passed now and your friend was now trying to investigate. “I don’t know why, he is a bad boy. I really don’t want that if I am honest.” I shook my head. “But he seems really nice” I now wasn’t sure. I decided to agree with her and got in contact with him. I was hoping after a few weeks of texting him, maybe he had changed.

I met Hachim at a local café, we decided we would get a drink and just talk. A I walked in, I already saw him sitting there waiting for me. “Sorry I’m late, thank you for ordering me a tea” I smiled as I sat in front of him. “No problem, thank you for coming and meeting me. I am very happy about it, it feels as if we have been talking for so long” I nodded. “It really has, but I enjoyed it”.

“But maybe we should take it slowly, I am not ready for a relationship. Also especially someone who has such a bad boy reputation.” I laughed as he shook his head. “I have changed already, I am so sorry. But I hope you can forgive me, I am ready to be in a relationship with you. However long it takes, I would absolutely love to get to know you” I smiled. “Thank you for respecting that, I will wait for you” I smirked.