a huge bunch of twitter pics ranging from obvious effort to absolutely zero. read the captions for more ofc

drawings one and two are two more collabs between me and hachibani! both were my ideas but she did the sketch in the first, i touched up/lined/coloured – in the second i sketched and she lined, then i coloured!

you may have seen those fire emblem haikyuus before on bani’s blog but this is my original chart lol, i just never got around to posting it before she drew em (shakes fist lovingly)

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Art credit: hachibani

april ham lincon (10:21 PM): English Henry and Japanese Henry are like twins to me where one of them is slightly more fucking crazy than the other but the difference is one takes the battlefield selfies and peace signs at the camera while the other holds up the body and makes it peace sign for him

i have a lot of feelings about j!henry and e!henry so bani and i made a collab to celebrate the combined cuteness (bani did the sketch and base colours, i did the lineart and shading!)

there’s no such thing as a five star youth hostel 

Rated: Teen And Up Audiences

Pairings: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma, Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi, Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

Tags: Underage Drinking

Summary: Tsukishima had his doubts about the entire event. There’s no such thing as a five star youth hostel, he’d thought to himself before falling asleep the night before. But here he was, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and walking a mile under a melting sky. Despite all his skepticism, he’d gotten himself into this. He could only hope it would be worth it.

Author: mine

Artist: bani

Too much Alphii? More like… not enoguh Alphii.

Golly, that was a good idea! People tell me that I’m really good at mimicing styles, so here we have 16 different Alphys. All of them are cute. All of them are important.

Top Row: @siqlyprince ; @dongoverlord ; @hachibani ; @isomaru

Mid Row: @spiriettart ; @kyoukorpse​ ; @anzu0​ ; @g0966​ ; @wraith615

Bot Row: @uselessenthusiasm​ ; @spurkeht​ ; @cosmiccu​ ; me i guess ; @satsuci​ ; @zwiebelprinz​ ; @sleepyscreen

Love all of these peeps! You should definitely check them out! (and check the piece on twitter, which is over here!

A post to clear up a few things

It seems that someone had a problem recently with tumblr user @hachibani‘s art looking similar to mine, and implied that they might have been copying my art style, or otherwise trying to draw too much like me. I don’t talk about my personal life on here, so most of you wouldn’t know this, but our styles being similar is not pure coincidence: Hachibani is actually one of my best friends.

We’ve both been in the same fandoms together for a few years now, and we’ve also drawn a lot of collabs in the past, some of which are on our blogs. The resemblances in her art style to mine, and my art style to hers, are a result of the two of us working together often and openly sharing what we like best about each other’s art to become better. She’s a huge inspiration for me, and I’ve adopted some things from her style just as much as she has from mine (for example, she mentioned to me that she likes drawing Undyne with fin hair, and I decided to try it myself, as you can see in my most recent artwork!)

Our styles definitely bear some similarities, but it’s not something either of us have a problem with, and they still have plenty of unique differences. This has never been an issue for us, and we’ve always looked at those similarities with fondness!

Sorry for this random post but I really didn’t like the idea of anyone thinking there’s copying going on here when we are literally best friends who happen to be somewhat popular artists lol


welp I just noticed I wasn’t done shading oops.

Herz has been awesome and sketched me a pose because I just had no idea what to do omfg I had the bg but not the pose haha hopefully it doesn’t look too much like her style.