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Fujoshi Handbook: Omegaverse and Fated Pairs Recommendations

I’ve had several requests for Yaoi Omegaverse Manga and I’ve decided to make this list. This list will include original manga and exclude one-shots and Doujinshi. I’ll put three stars (***) by the series that are currently complete.

***Abarenbo Honey (10/10): Kuma isn’t like your typical omega: he’s rough, tough, and ready to kick ass. He’s constantly battling to local thugs and his archenemy, Hachi. Kuma has gone several years without getting his heat so he was almost certain that he wouldn’t get it until one day when he was fighting Hachi and his heat was suddenly triggered. Through a serious of events, Hachi bites the back of his neck and now they don’t really know where they stand with each other. After trying to distance themselves from each other the two realize their true feelings are more than just the heat’s influence. However, Hachi is the next head of a local gang and his family isn’t exactly supportive.  school life, delinquents, comedy, yakuza

***Akai Ito no Shikkou Yuuyo (9/10): Plenty of stories talk about the infamous red string of fate, but the main character of this manga, Keiji, has the ability to actually see the red string. He always thought that his string was never attached to anyone else since he never saw anything attached to his own finger, but one day at college a red string appears. Hoping that it’s attacked to a beautiful girl he follows it. However, to his horror it’s attached to his male underclassmen, Hiro. Now, he’ll do anything to defy fate even as Hiro tries to sneak his way into Keiji’s heart.  Romance, red string, faith, supernatural, destiny, school life, heartwarming

***Jouka-kei Kareshi (8/10): This story has two omegaverse stories in it. The first story is omega x beta where an omega, Hayato, is rushing through the streets after being dumped when his heat suddenly kicks in. Luckily he is picked up by the sweetest beta. Together they start their new life together. Meanwhile the other story is about Hayato’s ex-boyfriend and how he finds a new lover who makes him a better person. mpreg, pair rings, marriage proposal, abuse

***Junjou Shounen (9/10): Kusaka is from a good family with a good education and has his sights set on a mysterious boy in his class. After suddenly following Mizutani one day he discovers that Mizutani actually works at a sex parlor. Kusaka’s heart hurts knowing that the man he likes is selling himself. prostitution, romance, drama, school life, heartwarming

Kashikomarimashita,Destiny (8/10): Interlocking stories of love, destiny, and persevering in love. Miyauchi, a beta, is the loyal butler to Aoi, an omega, but he has a secret: he loves him. However, somewhere deep in his heart Miyauchi knows that Aoi loves another. The first part of this manga tells the story of Miyauchi letting Aoi go to his fated pair Jirou, an alpha. And thus fate and destiny seals Miyauchi’s first love. However, not all is lost as Miyauchi’s heart slowly moves onto Jirou’s head butler, but he’s an alpha too. Leaving Miyauchi with this question: Can a beta make a fated pair with an alpha or will destiny destroy his love once more? mpreg, romance, drama, childhood friends

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban (10/10): Takaba is an alpha that tries not to get close omegas due to the fact that he had to watch his omega parent suffer his whole life as he tried to provide for his children. Now, after entering a new company Takaba meets his new boss a super slutty omega that sleeps with alphas that have power in order to gain contracts for the company and power for himself. His boss, Karasuma Miyabi, doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong, and sees all alphas as beneath him. However, slowly these two, who hate alphas and omegas, will slowly start to want to protect each other. This is also a prequel to another omegaverse spin-off Romance, businessman, drama, workplace romance, mature, sleeping to the top, slutty omega, prequel

Ookami wo Karu Housoku (9/10): All Chayton, a shapeshifting werewolf, wanted from life was to mate with a fair haired beauty. However, as the years passed his dream didn’t seem like it would come true. Until one day as he was working as a vet and a beautiful, injured white wolf was brought in. The white wolf turned out to be Keaton who instantly falls for Chayton, but instantly retreats when he learns Chayton’s originally straight. Now, Chayton must prove his love for Keaton is more than just the fated pair talking and is actually his true feelings before Keaton runs away forever. werewolf, supernatural, fantasy, fated pairs, vet, teacher, romance, shapeshifter, drama

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