That time when Gordon couldn’t see either his daughter or Joe at all. (Halt and Catch Fire 4x06)

Joe:  You don’t understand. Haley needs this place. She’s not like other kids – she’s got different, umm … interests. [pause] She’s a little like me. 


Joe MacMillan, a/k/a the real McDreamy. (Halt and Catch Fire 4x07)

“I was watching a cut of Episode 7 yesterday, and there’s a shot of him where I actually felt like I should have my own face removed and destroyed,” Cantwell says with a laugh. “Because he’s so good-looking in this shot, I was like, ‘Jesus, it’s amazing.’ And then also he turns around and does an incredible performance.”  – Vanity Fair

So which was the shot that made Chris Cantwell want to claw his face off?


“Computers aren’t the thing. They’re the thing that gets us to the thing.” (Halt and Catch Fire 1x01  vs.  Halt and Catch Fire 4x09)