y'all gotta understand that cameron’s not sitting here like a duck under joe macmillan’s eye. she knows that there’s more to his plan than he’s let on & that he will not hesitate to hurt her in the process.

she expresses it to other people as “not letting joe macmillan dictate our vision,” but it’s actually about not letting herself & her company become expendable parts of joe’s vision.

she’s under the stress of running a startup & trying to figure out how to avoid joe macmillan in the process. she doesn’t know what joe’s plan is & until she does, i can’t imagine she’s sleeping much. this is heavy stuff.

don’t you dare reduce cameron howe to a spastic, immature plot trope. and never pin her against donna as to who’s “better” at handling stress. none of you can understand what she’s going through. this isn’t about spilled milk, this is about the company cameron’s wanted to create since day one.


Joe MacMillan, laid bare. (Halt and Catch Fire, S2E5)