“Why weren’t you blowing kisses?” Hanbyul asked AJ after the show. “Every single time…” 

“I told you,” AJ murmured quietly, leaning towards Hanbyul, examining him carefully. “My kisses…are expensive.”

Feeling hot from head to toe, Hanbyul could only stare for a moment. His mouth felt dry, but he felt himself swallowing hard. “What does it take to get a kiss?” He asked in a low tone. 

AJ pursed his lips for a moment before they curled upwards at the edges. “For you?” Leaning in, he brushed their lips together, slowly, carefully. It felt electric, as though a current of energy were passing between their skin. Hanbyul’s eyed closed, and even though his heartbeat was pulsing in his ears, he could barely hear AJ whisper, “For you? Nothing.”