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The last #BCsARBuild
The go fast rifle.
@jprifles flash hider
@ballisticadvantage 14.5" Hanson barrel
@bravocompanyusa 14" KMR Alpha KeyMod Rail
@zerobravoinc hand stop
@worldoftroy backup sites
@ritonusa 1-4x optic
@magpul pistol grip
@armaspecusa Tactical Combat Button mag release
@tacticalsht BCG and Bang Switch Trigger
@falcon.37 HABU Charging Handle
@teammfer Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Madlen Habu Boots

Leather ankle boots with zip closure at sides. Come in 7 colours (leather texture). Joints are perfectly assigned. All LODs are replaced with new ones.

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolor it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.
If you’re experiencing thumbnail problem, update your game (latest patch should solve the problem).

Hope you’ll like it!



Wall relief of Ramesses IV.

20th dynasty.

He received the throne from his father, Ramesses III, and was by then middle-aged. He had been crown prince for 10 years, after his 4 older brothers died.

Ramesses IV came to the throne in difficult circumstances. A plot by one of his father’s secondary wives, Tiye, to establish her own son, Pentawer, on the throne led to an assassination attempt on Ramesses III. The king was badly wounded, and died soon after. Ramesses IV, however, was able to secure himself on the throne, and had the conspirators arrested and executed.

He was an active builder during his short reign. He started building two temples near Thebes, and completed the Temple of Khonsu at Karnak. He also built an inferior funerary temple near his father’s (Medinet Habu).

Despite Ramesses IV’s many endeavours for the gods and his prayer to Osiris - preserved on a stela at Abydos - that “thou shalt give me the great age with a long reign as my predecessor”, the king did not live long enough to accomplish his ambitious goals. He died after only 6 years in power.