Reporter: Alex, was that about the most Gallagher-like goal by Gallagher you’ve seen in your time with him?

Alex Galchenyuk: *smiles* ya I talked to him after the second period I told him ‘only you could’ve scored that goal’. You know it’s good he never quits and it’s a real character goal *chuckles*

—  Alex Galchenyuk discussing Brendan Gallagher’s goal against the Detroit Red Wings on October 17th 2015


Look. As much as I love my habs, the PR department couldn’t have picked anther song? Any other song!? It had to be “Let it go”?

Like someone in the office thought; “You know whats a good idea lets grab the boys, put a camera in the green screen room, and have them sing the most annoying Disney song in 20 years!”

Again I love the team… But why that song!

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Gorges took flight with the Snowbirds and HabsTV was there to capture the action. Here’s a sneak peak. 

How I miss him!