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Tips For a More Productive Session

1. Tidy up your desk/work area. Believe me, it’s so much easier to concentrate once your surroundings are clean and smell nice.

2. Wash your teeth and face before every study session. It will make you feel clean and more awake.

3. Keep a big bottle of water near you and stay hidrated throughout the whole session.

4. Set a few goals (not very many) to accomplish in your session. Do that in order to set a purpuse, but don’t be overoptimistic, it’s bettr to focus on your priorities.

5. Put on something that you feel comfortable in. Whatever it is, a onezie, pyjamas, tracksuit bottoms, anything that doesn’t bother you and helps you focus on work.

6. Take 20 minute breaks every one or two hours (depending on your stress level)

7. If you tend to play with/pull your hair, try to keep it up in a hairstyle that keeps it out of the way. Just figure out the best way to keep your hair out of your head (haha) for the longest time possible.

I hope this helps/helped you guys. Have a nice day!! ´・ᴗ・`

Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.
—  Ralph Waldo Emerson
deathless ♚ sentence meme
  • You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast.
  • You are going to break your promise. I understand.
  • You’re lonely too.
  • It will stop your breath, how cruel I can be.
  • I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable.
  • I am your servant.
  • I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased.
  • For you alone I will be weak.
  • I belong here, and you will not deny me.
  • I say these things, and the world listens.
  • I do not tolerate a world emptied of you. I have tried.
  • In the dark, I have pored over the loss of you like pale gold.
  • I will not let her speak because I love her, and when you love someone, you do not make them tell war stories.
  • I moved the earth and the water for you.
  • You will always run away with her.
  • You will always lose her.
  • You will always be a fool.
  • You will always be dead, in a city of ice, snow falling into your ear.
  • You have already done all of this and will do it again.
  • No one should be judged for loving more than they ought, only for loving not enough.
  • We look terrible to you, and severe, and you see our blood flying.
  • What we carry between us is hard-won, and we made it just as we wished it to be, just the color, just the shape.
  • There need never be any rules between us.
  • Let us be greedy together; let us hoard.
  • Do not leave me, swear that you will never leave me.
  • I am selfish. I am cruel. My mate cannot be less than I.
  • Sleep with fists closed and shoot straight.
  • I can’t abide a poor liar.
  • You look like a winter’s night. I could sleep inside the cold of you.
  • Oh, quit that. Blushing is for virgins and Christians.
  • Scold me; deny me. Tell me you want what you want and damn me forever. But don’t leave me.
  • Bad luck relies on absolutely perfect timing.
  • In his own country, Death can be kind.
  • What is the world but a boxing ring where fools and devils put up their fists?
  • Men die. It’s practically what they’re for.
  • I am no one; I am nothing.
  • Nothing in me was not made by you.
  • A revelation is always the end of something. It might even be cause for grief.
  • Just tell yourself a story that’ll satisfy you and pretend he told it.
  • Forever isn’t bright; it isn’t like that. Forever is cold and hard and final.
  • I savor bitterness - it is born of experience. It is the privilege of one who has truly lived.
  • If you want to kill yourself, do not use us as your knife.
  • What did I do wrong? Was I boring? Did I ignore you?
  • Don’t you dare speak to me like that.
  • I have worn nothing but blood and death for years.
  • I have fought all your battles for you, just as you asked me.
  • I have learned not to cry when I strangle a man.
  • I have learned to watch everything die.
  • I am not a little girl anymore, dazzled by your magic. It is my magic, now, too.
  • Are we not devils?
  • No one is now what they were before the war.
  • I have not seen you without your skin on.
  • Close up your head; your brain is getting loose.
  • We obsess. It’s in our nature.
  • I’ve a devil of a habit for being right.
  • In war you must always choose sides.
  • If you try to be a bridge laid down between them, they will tear you in half.
  • We are all dead. All equal. Broken and aimless and believing we are alive.
  • My old bones will follow yours soon enough.
  • It is better to be strong and cruel than to be fair.
  • I will see him with his skin off before I agree to fall in love.
  • After love, no one is what they were before.
  • I have survived, but I have not been spared.
  • In the space of one heartbeat to another I loved you and I was lost to you.
  • Frighten me, make me cry, only come back.
  • It’s not so bad, my darling. Being dead. It’s like being alive, only colder.
  • You’ll think it’s love, while he dines on your heart.
  • You will be so beautiful when you are old.
  • I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go.
  • You will live as you live in any world…with difficulty, and grief.
  • I look at you and it is like my throat being cut.
  • She said you’d come and I swore to eat your heart.
  • I still want to kiss you.
  • My heart is being cut in two. I cannot bear it.
  • What happens to anything beautiful?
  • I have to know, I have to or else you will just rule me until the end of everything because you know and I do not.

Since it’s my second to last semester, I figured I would share what I’ve experienced and learned in uni for those of you who are just starting or would like help on how to survive it as well.

Disclaimer: These are subjective, of course, to my undergraduate university life. Many of these tips may not apply, especially if you are not from the US such as I am.

  1. Keep a planner or a schedule!! Nobody’s gonna come running to you and tell you that you missed a meeting or a deadline! Keep track of your time and days but also your health (how many times you eat, how much water you drink, how long you’ve exercised, etc), study habits (studying for a test a week before, keeping up with readings), and spendings (how much you spent on food, supplies, miscellaneous, etc).
  2. Make sure to always make time for studying and socializing!! Prioritize your work, but don’t overdo it because that isn’t good at all and makes you more stressed. There is no harm in taking a break and going out to eat with your friends or giving yourself time to relax.
  3. Studying in groups is pretty productive! And a good thing to do! For my fellow introverts out there, you don’t even need to talk to each other– just being around other people who are studying is pretty motivating itself and helps you get more work done.
  4. Make sure you eat!! Regarding Tip #1, there are times where I forget to eat because I’m busy with work and lose track of time, AND THAT’S NOT GOOD AT ALL! Make sure you keep a consistent eating schedule as well!
  5. Make sure you clean up after yourself! I know this seems kind of irrelevant, but I dormed my first year am now living in an apartment away from home, so it’s important to keep your place clean with washed dishes and a tidied up room. Make sure you do laundry at least once ever other week (depending on how many clothes you have and how often you change clothes) so you don’t have to rummage through the hamper for clean clothes. I suggest setting certain free days to just cleaning up the place. 
  6. Don’t be afraid to join groups and clubs! That’s how you meet people. It can be a scary thought at first, but if your university is big and they have plenty of opportunities for student involvement in organizations, clubs, and activities, I would recommend doing so.
  7. You can get to know people in your classes as well! I certainly recommend this to my commuters who find it difficult to join organizations. You don’t have to be their best friends for life and know their deepest secrets, but it’s nice to have a familiar face in a lecture. You could even maybe have lunch dates with a group of them. (And it doesn’t have to be fancy, something simple like just having a quick bite to eat)
  8. If you are a party type of person, DON’T GO ALONE. I’d say go with a friend or a group so you aren’t by yourself with a group of strangers and can check up with others to stay safe! (This is also recommended if you drink and need a designated driver to reduce to risk of driving while intoxicated.) Hold your own drink and get a new one if you put it down, don’t take anything someone offers you, etc. (You can have fun, but just be safe, okay?)
  9. University/college is a really great time to be independent! In high school, you are limited to a certain number of hours in a building with a concrete time schedule, but college is definitely different. You set everything. How well you do is all up to you.
  10. Your life is in your hands now. I realize that’s a scary thought, but I want to tell you from my experience that it isn’t as scary as they make it out to be. These past years have really assist me in figuring out who I am and what I like and who and what I value in life. So, figure out what you want to do, keep yourself organized, don’t be afraid to try new things, and take care of yourself!
How to Succeed at School

1. Get into the habit of being an early riser. We can all benefit from having a little bit of extra time in the morning. It reduces stress, helps to prevent you from forgetting things, and stops that crazy morning rush.

2. Deliberately decide to tune out distractions. Turn off the TV, social media, your phone, and hide away when you need to get work done.

3. Prepare for the next day the night before. Check off your mental to-do list and prepare for the next day before you go to bed. If possible, choose your clothes, find your books, pack your bag, and so on.

4. Prioritise being organized. For example, it often helps to use an agenda to stay on track with assignments and homework.

5. Go to bed at a reasonable time. A good night’s sleep is one of the best tips for learning, remembering and doing well at school.

6. Make reading one of your hobbies. Research indicates that reading is one of the best ways for developing language skills and building a strong vocabulary.

7. Eat well. A protein breakfast and balanced meals help sustain your energy throughout the day, and is essential for building a healthy brain.

8. Get fresh air and exercise. This helps with mental alertness, concentration, an efficient memory and a positive mood.

"copycat” still really bothers me

i’m sure i’m not the first person to notice this but i’m rewatching the show and the episode “copycat” just gets me so annoyed and irritated because of how adrien was written in that episode. this is probably the episode where we have the most blatant, explicit evidence of one of adrien’s flaws (i.e. his jealousy) and he is at no point forced to be held accountable for his actions. 

adrien quite literally causes an akuma because of his jealousy. but he is not forced to apologize to theo for lying about his relationship with ladybug, he’s not forced to apologize to ladybug for lying about said relationship without her consent, and adrien himself is not allowed time in the episode to acknowledge his jealousy, find fault in it, and learn from his mistake. 

adrien as a character already has this annoying habit of being presented as the “perfect boy” who very rarely makes mistakes and is idolized for it. not just by marinette. by pretty much everyone. “jackady” had this really strange scene where gabriel and ladybug were staring at adrien’s modeling shots and gushing about how “flawless” and “perfect” he is. and most of adrien’s arguably negative qualities (e.g. his occassional inability to take things seriously in battle, his naivete, his occasional impulsiveness as chat noir, etc.) are often presented in ways that either make us sympathize with his behavior or find it endearing. 

“copycat” is probably one of the only (if not the only) episodes where adrien is very clearly doing something wrong. he’s angry that theo likes ladybug so much so he lies about his relationship with ladybug and tells theo they’re a thing so that he can back off and chat noir can have ladybug all to himself. 

the problem is that the show doesn’t call out adrien for this jealousy. about the only time it does is when plagg makes a dig at him right when adrien realizes who the akuma is. 

and despite this, adrien merely rolls his eyes at plagg and scoffs at the comment as if it’s a joke. that was the perfect opportunity for adrien to take just a few seconds to say “you’re right. i should’ve never lied and let myself get jealous. that was wrong of me.”

about the best we can get is when chat noir acknowledges that he was the one who caused the akuma so he’s the one who has to go and get himself out of it. but at no point does he tell ladybug why this happened (especially because it involves her) and at no point does he vocalize the mistake he made, i.e. the fact that he let his jealousy take over. 

then this is where the episode really starts to bother me

he calls out ladybug for not showing up to the statue unveiling. they actually make chat noir take time in the middle of his screw up to basically tell ladybug “well maybe you’d know what’s going on if you showed up this morning.” ladybug had done nothing wrong in regards to this akuma. we’re dealing with her phone stealing and her bad time management on the side, but this has nothing to do with the akuma. if anyone’s mistakes should be being highlighted here, it’s adrien’s. 

but the episode continues to just let adrien get away with the fact that he lied. ladybug praises chat noir for his honesty and for the fact that he’s never lied to ladybug about anything (hello, irony) and normally this would be a pretty good moment for chat noir to at least look guilty. but instead he merely thanks her for the compliment and continues fighting anyway. 

and then it gets even worse because the one who apologizes at the end of the episode is ladybug!! she apologizes to theo for not showing up to the unveiling! which, fine ok, but where was adrien’s apology? where was his opportunity to explain to ladybug that he messed up for lying about their relationship, causing this akuma, and putting ladybug in danger?

it’s replaced with chat noir’s angst about his crush not being returned. 

we feel bad for him at the end of this episode because his “crush was crushed.” let alone that he let his jealousy get the better of him and lied to a stranger about ladybug and his relationship behind her back. we end the episode feeling sympathy for chat noir because ladybug doesn’t feel the same way for him. mr. perfect finally has an episode where he screws up and the show does not allow him to take sufficient responsibility for it and own up to his mistake. 

and it further annoys me that this happened because anytime marinette messes up, she almost always apologizes. when she didn’t listen to chloe and caused her to be akumatized? she apologized to her for not listening to her. when she yelled at lila and caused her to be akumatized because of her own jealousy? she apologized to lila for being so mean to her. marinette is continuously asked to own up to her mistakes and apologize for them (as she should) meanwhile the one time adrien screws up, he gets let off for it. 

idk man, it just gets me upset that adrien got it so easy in this episode. he should’ve apologized to theo. he should’ve told ladybug the truth. he should’ve owned up to the fact that his jealousy was totally unwarranted. 

A weird thing that happens to people with Autism/Asperger’s/ADD/ADHD/OCD is that neurotypicals always try to copy your strange habits for no reason. Like for example I hold my pens/pencils weirdly and whenever someone notices that, they always ask “how do you DO that??” and then proceed to try to write holding their pen the same way I do (and they mess up horribly because they have had no practice holding it the way I do and it doesn’t come naturally to them).

Like, it’s not ableist or anything, but it’s just kinda annoying?

Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs, Rough Trade / Brooklyn (10/3/2017)

Hype-man-with-hearteyes. Will big up Daveed even to fans at clipping. gigs, where you’d think he’d expect people to be aware enough of his talents, but no, they must be pointed out (sometimes literally) at all possible occasions.

Hufflepuffs Studying Habits.


Exchanging notes with your friends constantly and still being able to keep up with class notes. Doodling all over your book as well as your friends. Giggling at little inside jokes then being told off when the teacher catches you. Tickling your friends relentlessly with the feathers you are suppose to be levitating. Staring off into space, thinking about a warm bed and your cat. Sneaking food into the class room and sneaking a bite every time the teacher looks away. Occasionally throwing small scrunches of parchment across the room at fellow Hufflepuffs. Eventually paying full attention to your work and explaining things to your friends that don’t quite understand yet, and trying to help them even when you don’t quite understand yet.


Making a blanket fort in front of the fire first so you and your friends can study in your own “palace”. Your cat sitting on your lap purring while you write, occasionally tapping at your paper or pen. Getting distracted by your cat and dragging the feather end of your quill across the ground so your cat can chase it. Making a cup of tea for yourself, then having to make five more a second later cause all your friends want one too. Scrunching up your fail essays and throwing them across the room. Watching your cat chase after them and rip them to shreds. Procrastinating too much. Eventually having to take down your blanket fort and going to bed. Sitting on your bed studying half the night without realising the time. Falling asleep at one in the morning, somehow under the covers, but littered in paper.

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things bitty has experienced bc of the ~soft closet~
  • i have seen posts about bitty’s parents beating him up for coming out
  • i have seen posts about bitty’s parents being perfectly accepting
  • i suspect the reality is somewhere in the middle
    • the ~soft closet~
  • i am from the Baby Bible Belt– my town (and family) is incredibly conservative, but not like violently homophobic, i understand this middle ground, i am here to contribute
  • under a cut bc this got way too long and way too personal!! awesome!!

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Get Into My Car

Title: Get Into My Car

Summary:  Dean and the reader are enjoying a night out, until someone ruins the evening

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Plus-sized Reader

Word Count: 1889

Warnings:  Body shaming, derogatory terms directed toward a plus-sized reader, drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, smut, nsfw

Author’s Notes:  Written for two challenges: @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge. My drink was Glenfiddich Scotch and my prompt was “What is everyone staring at?!” and @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge. My song was Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean. Thank you to @feelmyroarrrr for the amazing idea. This wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie, @mamapeterson and her support, encouragement and words. Love you, T.

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a cute, rude and a talented Jongin !

When something bothered me, I didn’t talk with anyone about it. I thought it over all by myself, came to a conclusion, and took action alone. Not that I really felt lonely. I thought that’s just the way things are. Human beings, in the final analysis, have to survive on their own.
—  Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

why did nt people have to ruin fucking fidget spinners they had a purpose to ease anxiety and help people who pick their skin or pull their hair as a nervous habit and now theyre being banned from schools because the fucKING NT PEOPLE ARE JUST TREATING THEM LIKE TOYS WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING OH MY GOD

EDIT: And I’m not saying NT people can’t enjoy the fidget toys/stimming in general. If you’re one of the people who quietly uses their fidget toy/stim toy in class without bringing a bunch of attention to yourself, then you’re fine and I’m glad you’re having fun with it!!

It’s the fucking shits who buy the stupid light up spinners and do “sick tricks” with it and bring a ton of attention to themselves/try to talk to others about how cool their fidget is in the middle of class when the teacher is teaching.

not to mention the teachers who arent educating themselves on these fidgets and just automatically assuming theyre a toy/distraction when in reality they can help their students focus better and actually improve in class!

THOSE people are the reason why these poor kids who aren’t doing anything wrong with their fidgets aren’t allowed to bring them to school anymore. THEY ARE NOT TOYS!! 

Damien or..?

Okay so this is my theory regarding Damien and his role in WKM

Lets start it of with a bomb; this is NOT Damien

And let me tell you why I think that

In the last episode of WKM, after we get trapped in the spirit world, as the Detective called it on his notes, Damien says “He’d been planning this for years, and now that son-of-a-bitch is out there walking around in MY body…” 

In my body, could Mark have possesed Damiens body, trapping him there since the very beginning? Not the very beginning maybe, but nor far from it either.

When we wake up after the poker night, we meet Damien outside our room, he wishes you good morning and reveals that he has no idea why everyone is gathered, before he walks of to his room to finish some things.

Then we walk downstairs, find the body, and begin the investigation, and first now does Damien show up. He and the Colonel, are the only ones that do not show up before the investigation has started. At this point, I believe that Damien has turned into Mark. When everyone retreats to their own buisiness, Damien walks of to the WRONG direction, and we find him just in time to hear his little dispute with the Colonel.

But he let it go to far, and the calm, collected mayor we met earlier is gone. When we see him again later he is apologizing before telling us he needs to be alone to “process all of this”. Why? So he can make sure his act as the mayor goes unnoticed to everyone, even the Colonel, who knows Damien very well. Mark is portayed as an actor after all.

In Episode two we don’t see much of Damien, but we know he really wants to talk to the Colonel about something, perhaps to make sure he is not suspicious of him. Then he tells us that there might be a hidden guest in the house, could he be reffering to Celine?

In episode three the interesting things happen. After Celine states that she needs you to contact Mark, Damiens tries to stop her by appealing to her feelings for Mark. She was supposed to have been his wife, right? His death can’t be easy for her, right? Mark does not want Celine to try to contact any spirits, beacuse he know the only person you will find is Damien. That is why he looks so defeated when Celine does not stop.

An then when he gets the chance to interupt the seanse, he makes sure it goes no further. He makes sure to stay behind when everyone goes outside to investigate, and he does so to tell his dear Celine the truth. 

Celine had an affair with the Colonel, and maybe Mark had hoped that when she understod what he was capable of, she would come back. But instead she insists on talking with poor Damien. Damien sees his chance to escape, possesing Celines body with another soul. But it fails, Celine’s body can not hold two souls and get destroyed after the grounskeeper shuts the door. Now, by this point Mark has taken Damiens body and fled far away, never to be seen again.

Celine and Damiens souls get caught in the spirit world with no way of escaping, full of hatred towards this man who took everything from them, swearing that they will get out and take their revenge, no matter the cost. Then you come along, a freshly dead body, and full of trust towards the two people in front of you. They use you to escape, then traps you in the mirror so you can’t cause any trouble. 

Need any further evindece that Mark is only acting as Damien? Our two first encounters with Damien shows him holding his cane in front of him, with both hands on it. 

Not even once after the murder is discovered do we see him do this, not even at times it would be natural for someone who has this habit, to do it.

One time being at the end of chapter 1

Or whe he tells Celine about the murder *thunder*

So, thats my theory, feel free to add and dicuss stuff, I’m positive I have forgotten some things here and there








The King (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Summary: sugar daddy, art collector King T’Challa, I think that about sums it up. Inspired by THIS post.

Warnings: smut

A/N: So yet again, I have not done any of the 12 requests in my inbox. Sorry guys, just feeling a little selfish/selif indulgent as of late. Also this fic is around 3.1K words so it’s pretty long, just a heads up.

You meandered around the room, admiring the art on the walls as your heels clicked lightly across the floor. You were so proud of the work you had done to get this art exhibit up and ready in such short time. It wasn’t every day you got call from the King of Wakanda asking your museum to showcase his personal art collection so your bosses were up your ass to ensure everything was perfect, and it was. 

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Along The Boardwalk


Summary: They always said Kim Taehyung had a you-shaped hole in his heart.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff + light Smut, Skater Boy AU
Word Count: 12,819
Author’s Note: Inspired by those Taehyung left version concept photos and mainly sparked by a conversation I was having with @an-exotic-writer so naturally I drafted this as a token of my love and no I am definitely not writing this because talking to Missy certainly does not give me heart problems whatchu mean. I’m also tagging @kimvtae because we were screaming about the concept of a skater boy Tae together.


You’ve always had a very peculiar habit of being drawn towards the things you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing—although you could argue that’s exactly why you found yourself naturally gravitating towards them in the first place. Unlike most people, who might have been taken by an envious desire to take on certain challenges and obstacles that were most likely out of their league, you found a natural peace chasing after something you couldn’t quite obtain yourself.

Maybe it was your own self-awareness or the fact that you never felt confident enough to branch out towards something that was so clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum from what you were normally use to. You’ve always just been content watching other people take on their passions while you remained on the sidelines with your own hopes and dreams and aspirations. It always excited you to see people participating in their interests—so much so that friends would always humor you that it was always the people rather than the activity they were indulging in that drew you in towards them.

That’s probably why you accepted your best friend’s invitation to leave your apartment for once and drive down to the pier, taking refuge across one of the many skateparks that planted themselves across the oceanfront, beyond the cool sand and ocean breeze of spring. Jeon Jungkook always reprimanded you for rarely having the time to come out and see him perform his new spins and flips, which is probably why he seems much more animated than usual at the prospect of finally getting to show off these new skills to you.

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*Taeyong and Doyoung sharing a room*

*Both in their beds, ready to go to sleep*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: Yes?

Doyoung: What do you think about my voice?

Taeyong: What’s up all of a sudden? You’re voice is amazing!

Doyoung: I think I made some mistakes at today’s live…

Taeyong: I didn’t notice anything, so they must have been trivial mistakes..

Doyoung: Alright then, goodnight!

Taeyong: night, night!

*a few minutes later*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: *half asleep* Mmm?

Doyoung: What about my dancing? Do I lack compared to other members?

Taeyong: What? No!! You’re doing a great job with the choreographies!

*a few seconds later*

Doyoung: Do you think it will rain tomorrow? I am thinking about what to wear..

Taeyong: Probably not, but I’m no weatherman..let’s go to sleep now.. 

Doyoung: Ok..

*five seconds later*

Doyoung: Taeyong?

Taeyong: God, Doyoung will you shut up? It’s 2am!

Doyoung: I was gonna say: “thank you for supporting me, we’re lucky that you’re our leader” but now I’m thinking of replacing it with something like: “get lost”

Taeyong: *jumps off his bed and into Doyoung’s and hugs him*

Doyoung: Get off my bed, you idiot!

Taeyong: What did you just say?

Taeyong: *starts tickling him*

Doyoung: *almost dies of laughter*

Doyoung: Ok, ok! I take it back!! Have mercy!

Taeyong: *throws a pillow at his face*

Doyoung: *does the same, starts a pillow fight*

*from the room next door*

Johnny: What the hell are you doing? Keep it down, we’re trying to sleep!

Doyoung & Taeyong: Sorryy!!

*they finally go to sleep*