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Exactly 1 year apart, approx 73lb weight loss. I still would like to lose 10-15 more lbs and then I’ll continue to focus on building more muscle. I am doing that now, however it’s hard for the body to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. I’m not happy with where I’m at. It’s hard to have patience because this is a LONG process. Lots of sweat and tears. It’s been very hard, but I have to keep going no matter what. Like today. I’m exhausted. I have an injured knee but I still dragged myself to the gym.

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First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice.
—  Octavia E. Butler, “Furor Scribendi” in Bloodchild and Other Stories

We often think growth and maturity are marked by the onset of instincts, and the absence our strongest human emotions.

We dream about years from now when we’re through this, when we are somewhere else, with someone else, when we are older and wiser, and devoid of the childish jealousy, anger, bitterness, or agonizing sadness we feel now.

But the truth is, growth is not the product of time,
Growth is the product of choice.
We grow when we experience
the rawest of human emotion
in its purest form.
We grow when, in the midst of hellacious pain and disappointment,
We choose forgiveness
over retaliation.
We grow when we stare hell in the face and despite shaking fingers,
and trembling limbs,
We choose love
and refuse the darkness.

We mature when we realize
that these emotions are not childish,
they are ancient,
and making this choice is never easy
(Because braving the cold never is),
it is a ritual,
it is sacred,
and must be practiced daily.

We rise up from our own ashes
when we recognize
that this ritual
is both miraculous and habitual.
It is not accidental,
And neither are we.

Habits of successful students

Discipline: “discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to”, which means that you have to force yourself to start doing things. 

Concentration: when you make a real effort in your work (study, homeworks etc…) you will be more likely to actually focus, understand and learn. 

Organization: always set tasks and goals and organize a study-schedule. Maybe you don’t really want to plan all the week, but if you just wake up and open your agenda/bullet journal/iphone calendar and write down all the things you have to do, setting due dates and deadlines, you’ll feel more conscious and encouraged to stay on track. 

Tasks-splitting: sometimes, you write down your tasks. Some of these tasks may be very hard and complicated, and it will take a long long time to complete them. So, you can split them in smaller tasks, so you will feel satisfied after a shorter period of time, instead of studying for hours and still seeing that chapter undone on your study-schedule. 

Watch the sunrise: when I wake up late, I feel like I don’t have enought time to do my work and lose my motivation. I literally panic and then I think “whatever, I could not complete all the things anyway”. So, if you wake up earlier you will feel more positive and  controlled. 

Smart reading: try not to read your textbook just like a newspaper. For every paragraph you read, try to underline and write down key words and then your question about that subject. Literally, turn your textbook into questions. If you write down question - particularly why…? - and think about the answer, you will be more likely to remember that stuff later. 

Healthy lifestile: if you don’t drink enough water in the morning, you will be more likely to have a decrease of concentration in the afternoon/evening, so: stay hydrated. Try also to have some snaks every one-two hours: feed your brain



This will be my more in depth monthly tracker for march. Since I use my bullet journal mostly to keep track of habits etc. I decided I might as well dedicate two pages to it haha.

It comes in very handy to keep track of my cfs symptoms since I haven’t yet figured out what causes which symptoms and it’s also nice to have this kind of overview for my visits at the doctors.

If you suffer from cfs or other illnesses, you can probably add this to your bujo too to keep track of everything.