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Oh the pearl past forms are awesome! Any chance you could post the other gems/ a link to their past reforms? Thanks!!!!

Sure! Do you mean the past reforms they cycle through when regenerating, because the only Gem besides Pearl to do that is Amethyst

a small psa:

so i struggle with mental illness and stuff and there are times when i am aware that i just need to calm down, so i tend to do certain things to help with that. i thought i’d share some of those with you guys:

- i almost always listen to music. i have a playlist on my phone made up of slower (sadder) songs and there are also a few songs i listen to on youtube. you can message me/ask anonymously for more songs, but a very big calming one is Youth by Haux. i also really enjoy the mellow tones of Oh Wonder’s first album (just named Oh Wonder).

- i definitely rely on certain calming lightings. i make sure it’s dark in my room, and then i light a candle or two, or i turn on my christmas lights. i can’t stand overly bright environments, especially when i’m in a bad state of mind.

- i make it colder in my room by turning on my ceiling fan and then cuddle up in my favorite sweater or in a blanket/my covers. pillows are definitely nice, as well.

- i read something that i like that has a warm feeling too it, or i watch something that’s quiet and nice. sometimes, if i’m able, i draw or write nice, calm things as well.

- if i don’t listen to music, i’m probably going to look up one of those background noise videos on youtube. it took me a while to find some of these that i like and can stand, but i enjoy rain background noises and coffee shop background noises.

- i keep everything quiet. the music/background noise stays on low volume.

- sometimes there is comfort food involved, but only sometimes. the food itself varies.

- i drink some water, because i’m probably a bit dehydrated (because i always am)

- sometimes i make it easier for myself to cry by watching/reading/listening to sad things because i just need to let it out.

- i try to find some happy things that will make me smile.

- if i’m up to it, i text a friend and let them know that i’m in need of some cheering up.

this is most of the stuff i do, but if i think of anything else i’ll add it. feel free to add your own as well.

Bury Bad Habits Spell

Among the most famous hexing spells are those involving miniature-sized personalized coffins left on the spell target’s doorsteps. This coffin spell is traditionally as much an act of sheer intimidation as it is a magical spell, however it can be put to less malevolent uses. Use the little coffin spell below to lay issues to rest and, in particular, to bury addictions.

  1. Create a small coffin. You will need a little box. You can find one or make one, however the imagery should be very clear: there should be no ambiguity regarding the type of box. Inspiration, or a box itself, may be taken from Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) handicrafts.
  2. Paint the outside of the box black. Decorate with purple glitter glue if desired.
  3. Traditionally the box contains a small doll, which may or may not be personalized so that the identity of the target is clear. Consider how to personify your addiction.
  4. Accompany and reinforce this spell with intensive candle burning.
  5. The doll may be pierced with pins. Add candle stubs, leftover spell wax, graveyard dirt, asafetida, and banishing powder, especially Lost and Away Powder.
  6. Dress everything with Banishing Oil.

Traditionally the coffin is left on your target’s doorstep. Consider appropriate places to leave it, or bury the little coffin within a cemetery.

You may find just making the box therapeutic in itself. In which case, reserve the box for ritual use or destroy it.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes) 

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Hello dear. I thank you for sharing your advice with us. And i found out that i need it now if you can ofc. I want to graduate next year so bad but my grades aren't good enough, but i have the determination to work hard even though it's impossible to graduate with a good mark. But the problem is that i don't know how to work hard, like how can I guarantee success? Next year will be a tough one for me , I have alot of subject and the thesis, and i don't want to study a 5th year bcuz I'm done:/

Hi there lovely! Awh, thank you; and I’m always happy to help <3 I think your question is actually made up of a couple of smaller ones, so I’m going to answer each of them in turn.

01 // Look up guidelines
If you want to make sure you’re done next year, the first thing I would recommend is to look up your university’s graduation guidelines for your degree. Do they require a specific grade average? Do they make note of any deadlines (e.g. for papers to be graded)? Copy all the information that you need to know in a separate document, and title it “Graduation Requirements”, so you can easily refer to it later on.

02 // Take action
The next step would be to run down the list and see what you still have to do to successfully meet all of the guidelines for your degree. First, cross out all the things you have already done. Congratulations! You’re on the road to graduation~

Next, if there is anything you need to take action on that won’t take longer than 2 minutes - e.g. registering for a test, contacting a Professor, etc. - do it right now. If it will take longer than 2 minutes, make sure to schedule it into your calendar/planner/to-do list/phone, so that you can make sure to do it this week. And if a guideline is made up of more than one requirement, like writing a thesis, break it down into actionable steps in the same document. For example, step one could be to brainstorm for ideas. If you need more help picking out a subject for your thesis, here’s a short guide

If there’s a guideline you’re not sure how to meet or have any questions about, contact your student adviser and set up an appointment. It’s never too early to start preparing.

03 // Prepare and plan
Now that you’ve got your checklist at the ready, with all the necessary information, it’s time to start preparing and planning for graduation. For example, you can make a summer studying schedule, and start studying for the classes that are coming up next year (here’s a cute weekly planner by @bunykid you can download!). 

You can also start researching your thesis. Start by picking a subject, then deciding on your thesis statement (here’s a brilliant guide by @healthyeyes), and start reading articles and books you can read.

04 // Building good study habits
If you’re afraid your studying habits aren’t up to par, it might be a good idea to remember that they’re habits and you can form them any time you want! You might want to start with smaller studying sessions - of, say, 25 minutes at a time, followed by a 5 minute break - and then gradually increase the time by five minutes. Soon, you’ll be doing two hour studying sessions!

If you’re finding it hard to study by yourself, study with a friend, or watch this newfangled thing I’m completely obsessed with - real time study sessions on YouTube

I hope this helps! If you’ve got any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Good luck! xxx

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So youve said which you think are the worst SU canon designs. But how about the best? I think Amethyst and Bismuth are two of the better designed gems. You get enough of what they are like through their design. Though i got called racist once for saying Bismuth's design is probably inspired by Gorillas. Mainly the longer arms and face shape.

I think the fusions look the best, I love Sardonyx and Malachite. Of the singular characters, I’d say Pearl and Centipeetle.

- Habit

Signs and their bad habits

Aries: Is really loud sometimes yet too soft the next

Taurus: Biting fingernails

Gemini: Obsession with their phone

Cancer: Daydreams in the middle of a conversation

Leo: Can get too lazy when they are needed 

Virgo: Blurts out whatever is on their mind without thinking

Libra: Eyes dart around when someone is talking to them

Scorpio: Forgetting what they have just told someone

Sagittarius: Spontaneous mind-changing

Capricorn: Doesn’t practice what they preach

Aquarius: Singing, humming or whistling just a little too loudly when they have a song stuck in their head, even if they don’t notice it

Pisces: Swearing at untimely moments

A spell to gain control

Originally posted by peach-ofshit

A simple spell to help you gain control over your emotions or actions.

Best done at sunrise, noon, or sunset. You will need a clean, clear space and an small item of your choosing. 

Begin by cleansing yourself. Take a shower and imagine everything you would like to release being washed off (or use a cloth and water). If possible, untangle your hair, change into fresh clothes and take care of anything else that is bothering you. Use incense smoke if desired. 

Sit, and ground yourself. Hold the item in your hands and envision the ways you would like to change and gain control pouring into that item, filling it up. You are welcome to speak them, or write them down if that aids you. 

Carry that item with you and use it’s energy when needed. This spell can be used to recharge the item if needed. 

Close off the spell however you see fit. Be it a few words, a releasing of energies, some form of cleansing again, whatever works for you.