habit builder

Monthly Habit Builder

I read a quote the other day that inspired this habit builder! It read, “I stand in awe of my body!” by Henry David Thoreau. This month I want to be in awe of my body! I believe that if I honestly begin to view my body for the amazing machine it is I may want to take better care of it. 

Think of how hard our bodies work for us. No matter what size or shape it is, this body gets us around all day, for a lot of us that’s a lot of steps in our little feet. Our joints and muscles work together to make things function. The very breath we take is literal life as our lungs breath in and out all day without even a thought from us. It’s the pumping of our heart that happens without any interaction from us; distributing the blood flow that keeps us going. It’s our complex brain that processes our day, prompts us in our interactions, accepts information and stores it, sorts memories and lists and constantly gets bombarded with new things! Our hands that hold the steering wheel, wipe a tear from a little one’s eye; how our hands work with such diligence on our every day tasks. 

I’m going to end each day of this month being thankful for a different body part as I contemplate all it does for me that I so easily take for granted.

What part of the body are you going to be in awe of today?