Today was pretty fun. All these were part of something I want to start doing every Thursday. Each sketch you see here was suggested by folks over on Facebook. There were TONS of characters thrown into the suggestion box but only these 10 made the cut! Come by next Thursday to get some of your fav old school characters drawn, woohoo!

.// Generically Epic Blog Entry #1

Blogging…is hard to keep up with sometimes.

Remember when I said I’d do some sort of “Artists Spotlight” EVERY Sunday? Pfft, geez—got ahead of myself there. I don’t even know if people READ this anyway.

In either case, got some rad news coming your way:

autumnBlood has finally finished it’s Prologue. 10 Pages of colorful radness. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out from the beginning here:


I worked VERY HARD on it so you better read up. The FIRST Official Chapter will begin the DAY AFTER Christmas. It’s entitled: The Legion of N.

IF you were with autumnBlood BEFORE the reboot you MAY have an idea of what’s to come—though there will be some changes made. To you new readers, I’ve got one word for you: “ghouls”.


In other news, I’m thinking about changing the name of the blog. Not really feeling it anymore, got some possible names lined up.



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This is what happens when your girlfriend gets a hold of your phone.
Today was a good day, a fun day.

We got to celebrate Holi with a bunch of other folks today over at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. There was Bhangra (which I love) and so much good/positive energy. Everyone was having a blast. The lines to get the color pouches (for throwing) were so long but a lot of people shared theirs with others anyway. I am completely covered in the stuff, hopefully it all comes out in one go.

The rest of the night was really chill, ate some food and watched The Walking Dead finale. It was kind of week and went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. That’s probably why Carl is in the mood he’s in, haha.

That’s it for now, will blog later on about art stuffs.
Until then…
Stay Rad, Stay Gold

- Hab

.// Generically Rad Blog Entry #2 - BIG News

Hey Gals n Ghouls!

Just wanted to update you all on life and webcomic(s). That’s right, webcomicS, plural. I’m working really hard on some NEW projects for 2012. Three to be exact. I’m REALLY excited because this were some OLD concepts I had when I was a child. I went through some old ratty sketch and composition books and decided to use these stories and characters I once loved and held dearly. Yes, before there was autumnBlood there were other creations—-kind of makes me feel like God. HA!

Before I delve any deeper: Regarding autumnBlood, DO NOT WORRY, I’m not done with it nor starting over again. It is taking a brief hiatus. WHY? I literally need to sketch out the rest of the chapter. Not to make excuses but lately I’ve been a bit “ill”—chest problems and what not BUT I’m better now.

I want to bring YOU the best webcomic experience and it all starts WITH autumnBlood but I need YOUR support. Share, Comment, and Share some more. I want your feedback, your critiques, your opinions. Become ACTIVE on the autumnBlood Facebook Page and let me know how YOU feel. This week, I will upload some exclusive content on the page; Comparison Pages. To show you the progress I’ve made since 2007 on the project. I, for one, am really proud of myself—the improvement I made not only to the artwork itself but to the writing and how it flows.

As for these OTHER projects I mentioned earlier, I’m working VERY hard to bring you some really awesome reading for 2012. From my own interpretations of Asian Mythology, to Intergalactic Space Conflicts, and even the simple yet effective “funnies”. Really, really excited about all of this. Hopefully I can release at least a preview in Mid-February so you can get a taste of what’s to come!

Definitely want to work on a trailer of some kind. I’ll keep you all posted!

Stay rad, stay gold.

- Hab

.// EPIC Spotlight n Stuff #2

I guess I’m going to start doing an “Artist’s Spotlight” every week. Informing you all of these great independent artists who definitely deserve more attention than they already receive. I posted earlier about a Photographer by the name of Jared Fullerton, he was the Official Unofficial start of my spotlight series.

This week’s spotlight goes to: Sarah Toole Avery otherwise known as Anais.

Are you tired of walking around with the generic jewelry? Tired of shelling away hundreds of dollars for the same exact accessory someone else is wearing? I know you’re sick of the “Oh! I have that too!” line.

Here is your chance to be UNIQUE. If you’re into artisticly styled jewelry then Frosted Crossbones is JUST FOR YOU. Visit this nifty Etsy Shop today and brace yourself to be amazed by all the styles and colors. Deck out your ears with cute Gummi Bear earrings OR fashion yourself in a glittery bat-shaped necklace. You can’t go wrong!

When you’re done shopping through the jewels, make sure you check out the specially handcrafted bath & body collection. Two Words: Bacon Soap. ;)

All items crafted are crafted by the love and passion of Sarah Fields Toole Avery. Support this independent artist!

Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/FrostedCrossbones

tumblr: http://frostedcrossbones.tumblr.com/

Come back for a NEW Artist Spotlight EVERY Sunday!