Three Sixty Five — Habiba El Gendy - a Cairo based Egyptian photography hobbyist, a travel addict and an artist. Her project “Three Sixty Five” is a series of photographs taken or edited along 365 days and uploaded to her tumblr blog.

Habiba’s photography skills are beyond admirable and she can take you to a voyage through Cairo, London, Geneve and many other cities with this project.

Follow her on — HabibasProject.tumblr.com

“You Are Not A Robot” Work Right Poster by Habiba El Gendy
Shortlisted for the Poster For Tomorrow Work Right Poster competition. 

The poster addresses the issue of abusing workers and treating them like robots that have no rights. The beating/human heart of the robot sends an ironic message to raise awareness about the issue and trigger the audience.

Occupying some 350 square-metres of lawn, Sou Fujimoto’s delicate, latticed structure of 20mm steel poles has a lightweight and semi-transparent appearance that allows it to blend, cloud-like, into the landscape. Designed as a multi-purpose social space - with a café sited inside - visitors are encouraged to enter and interact with the Pavilion in different ways.

If you happen to be in London, go check it out at Kensington Gardens till October 20th.