Finally Home

The lack of posts is due to me being in the motherland for vaction =] Have been here for nearly three weeks and in total staying here for 2 months. Its been 11 years since my first\last visit. I´m still in the capitial (addis) just dying to go to my city. Addis i discribe as ´bittersweet´its just so hard to be proud of how much its grown in relation to infrastructure when poverty is such a prominent factor here. Development to me seems pointless when so many are in these heartbreaking conditions.  However my view on poverty here has changed slighty, i now realise some do have the power to make their own dollar but simply can’t be fucked; begging for the dollar or should i say birr is much easier. But then there  are those that clearly cant fend for themselves, their faces hanut me (drove past this boy whose leg was clearly broken with the bone pushing out his skin, sitting on the footpath, living with that broken leg =\ I felt sick to my stomach and an old lady with no fingers -at all- blind in one eye begging to us while i was in the car…their faces aswell as a few others i will never ever forget).

 Aside from all that sad shit…

I have been to a few live jazz places that were amazing. All the traditional jazz instruments you usually hear plus the traditional ethiopian instruments fuzed together creating something really special and beautiful. The nightclubs here are also freaking insane, there are about 4 clubs that outdid any club Ive ever seen ever! I have been to sooooo many clubs here and they all had moments i wont forget, exceeded any expections, specially since i intended to never go clubbing here lol.  Anyway, you can find a hairdresser, restaurant, and cafe in every single street. Even though its the cafes i loved when i came as a youngin i havnt really been to any good ones yet, just being lazy. But i do go the hairdressers every couple of days, no one knows ethiopian hair like an ethiopian lol and its so damn cheap.  

So atm im just dying to do what i origianly planned to do - go to my city and to visit some of the historical places, specially the churches up north… Ill be leaving to go there on sunday, pretty excited. Having such a good time in ethiopia, finally reunited with family =]

p.s im pratically dyslectic without googlechrome, excuse all my spelling, peace

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My aunty showed me this over the weekend. It is So effing good.

The dancing is so on point AND AND dancer number one is tres tres cute.

If you speak Amharic you might like the sentiment, it’s good love song. Not slushy and quite pragmatic;  “I can live with what life will bring but the thought of being without you has never entered my mind”, kinda nice non?