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Just wanted to reach out to you and say thanks for liking my blog post. I appreciate it! Have a good one. -Marc

No Problem at all! I like the positivity and I look forward to the updates. I can relate and I’m currently in a similar situation and working on some drastic changes. Best of luck on the journey.

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Thanks. We work with an awesome designer out of Nashville who rides a cafe CB 550 on our designs. It's like the perfect fit. My friend does some "mountain biking" and has a few sponsors. Not too many mountains in Florida though lol. I did a trail a few years back with him and it was pretty fun. I have a Specialized Allez. Nothing too fancy. It's an entry-level bike I used to cross train when I was trying out for pro soccer teams. Never been to PA but have heard that its beautiful!

Sorry for taking so long to reply. No problem! That is practically the perfect fit though, what a way how things work right? Good for him! Yes, I don’t believe there would be many mountains down there. Haha But, Allez’s are nice I’ve seen a couple around here and they look like they ride pretty smoothly - I’m running my Mongoose to the ground until her wheels refuse to spin, it’s only been two years but she’s been through a hell of a battle with all of the hills and ditches. I’ll most likely have to get a new bike by the end of the summer, which is sad. 

You seem to be a jack of all trades, my friend! It has its aesthetic appeal, but this area where I live is a little too bland. You have to get out down towards the southwest. 

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We're distributors for all of the motorcycle-branded apparel. The shirt you re-blogged is the first design that we've produced by ourselves. Cross-country cycling sounds pretty intense! I have a Specialized road bike but I haven't ridden as much as I'd like to lately. Hondas are a good first bike. My first bike was a '72 Honda CB 450. Easy to ride, work on, etc. Where are you located?

Really? That’s pretty awesome, the design is great - simple but really appealing. It is pretty intense, I’ve been nicked up a good amount during my rides, but man the things you see when you ride a good 17-20 miles off the beaten path, it’s all worth it! What kind do you have? Yeah, my grandfather was an avid rider, his first bike was a Honda as well - I posted a Honda CB750 a while back, she’s a beaut’. I’m in North Eastern Pennsylvania, Lackawanna county, Taylor specifically.

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Hey Sean, just wanted to say thanks for the kind words when you re-blogged the pic of our shirts. Do you ride? -Marc

Hey Mark, no problem! I always look out for posts by you guys, great to see what’s going on and the bikes you post. You’ve got a niffty collection of shirts as-well, so of course I'd re-blog! If you consider cross-country cycling as riding too, then yes, it fuels my passion for bikes. But sadly, right now I don’t. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a cafe racer in the next year, Honda specifically.