Tokyo in Tulsa Steven Universe Photoshoot

We haven’t seen any plans for a photoshoot yet, so we’ve decided to host one.

The shoot will be Saturday at 3:00 pm if this time does not interfere with anything. It will be located at the Double Tree Hotel, on the second floor - from the main lobby, to the left past the cafe is a set of stairs. Go up and there should be a sitting area where the shoot will be held. The people running the shoot are me - Ben, or my url - and ghostlyhabato. We will be Steven and Pearl. Normal shoot etiquette will apply here - no photobombing, nonconsensual interaction in any way, and remain quiet and courteous for the other hotel guests and convention-goers.

Please contact me or habato if you have questions, and you’re free to reblog this to say that you’re going. Other than that, hope to see you at TNT!

  • Kelsey Ello: I like small children, they amuse me and they love me
  • Habato .: :I I'm too autistic to be responsible for small children. like, once they're fairl sentient,a ndi can reason with them, alright, so, 3rd grade up maybe. any lower than that and i am slightly terrified i'll mess them up.
  • Kelsey Ello: Ah
  • Habato .: :I yeah
  • Habato .: reason B i do not wish to /have/ a child.
  • Kelsey Ello: I'm good with stealing other people's children
  • Habato .: ....
  • Kelsey Ello: ...Bad word choice
  • Habato .: wow, yeah, you're gonna get /all/ the teaching jobs