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Marriage Equality

Ok. So anyone who knows me knows I’m completely self absorbed. Like a walking stereotype, I’m usually more concerned with designers than anything else.

It may be a surprise then, that this has been changing recently. It may be because I’ve been spending more time with my nephew, but I’ve been a bit baby crazy. I’ve kinda had this thought in the back of my mind of forming a family.

Two issues come to mind when I think of this. One, I need a job where I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Two, my family won’t be recognized by the state.

I’m fixing the first, headed back to college in March. But the other is a constant worry. Without a legal marriage, the tax burden on a couple can dissuade them from having kids.

Moreover, it creates a cuture of the ‘other’, otherwise known as the default and the deviation of the default. In this case the default is a heteronormative marriage and the deviation a same gendered marriage. It becomes very easy to seperate and selectively discriminate againt the ‘other’. Time and time again we have seen groups of minorities opressed, and the people allowing it to happen cause the argument is made againt a grouped idea, not people.

I’m a person. My family is a group of people. This isn’t about politics or an agenda, this is about hurting people. Let’s legalize people so that there is one less hurt in the world. For the children.

Sadly not in Catford, though within walking distance if you’re determined: the Fat Walrus has opened on Lewisham Way in New Cross. Formerly the rather forlorn and usually mostly empty Old Habadashers, it was just the right amount of busy when we popped by on Sunday afternoon with families, students and (for some reason) dog owners enjoying the beer and burgers. The website’s under development, so check out their Twitter feed for the menu, offers and news about their opening party on 3rd Feb. https://twitter.com/fatwalruspub


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