Artturi Lehkonen #1

Requested by Anon:  I was wondering if you could do an artturi lehkonen drabble that’s fluffy?? Have a good day😊

*Thank you so so much! I hope this is worth the VERY long wait. Enjoy!! :) and I hope you have a great day as well.*

Word count: 832

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The apartment was suspiciously quiet for a non-game night. Walking over to the kitchen, you noticed that there was something cooking in the crockpot and chilled champagne was inside a bucket full of ice. It’s not any of your birthdays, you just celebrated your anniversary, and the Habs still haven’t secured a playoff spot so… why is there champagne and pot roast in the kitchen?

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Rant of a German writer

So, here’s the thing. 
I love fluff and romance and all that cheesy stuff.
But it grinds my gears that I can’t find a translation for some things I wanna say in my writings.

I love you = Ich liebe dich (in German)
A declaration of love, a BIG one. 
But in German, we also have the “weaker” form: Ich hab dich lieb 
Which you could say to good friends or someone you are not in love with (yet) and I would love to use it sometimes in my Oneshots, because in my opinion “I love you” is often too much. Just a bit over the top.
If I put it in my translator, though, it, too, translates with “I love you” and it makes me mad. 
No, it is not that big I love you yet, come on, give me something to work with here! *pulls hair* *crazy laughter* *cries*

So here’s a question to all those native speakers out there (or those who are better in English than me. So… a lot!): What can I say for “ich hab dich lieb”? Something that isn’t quite as big and heavy as I love you? 

anonymous asked:

Überlege die ganze Zeit ob ich hübsch bin hab manchmal so Zweifel hahaha Weil ich immer viel hübschere sehe und denke ich bin nie hübsch genug für mein Mann später Hahahahahah

Für deinen Mann wirst du die schönste Frau der Welt sein. Mach dir darüber mal keine Gedanken nh