haas and hahn

anonymous asked:

how many colors does your house have? i saw the pic and it's amzaing!

It’s not my house, it’s a sort of school where they teach lots of artsy things. Signing, theater, drums, circus anything really. It has 136 colours all mixed out of 16 base colours by me. It was a really cool project to work on, the artist that organized it are called haas&hahn. You should look them up they have amazing work all over the world! My own house is white xD I live in an apartment, if I wasn’t planning on moving out next year i’d give it some colour haha. Here is the link to their site https://www.favelapainting.com 

Haas & Hahn.

In 2006 Dutch duo Haas & Hahn started developing the idea of creating community driven art interventions in Brazil. Their efforts resulted in two murals being painted in Vila Cruzeiro Rio’s most notorious favela in collaboration with the local youth. The murals received world wide attention and have become a point of pride for the community and residents of Rio.