So Happy to announce we’ll have more Reylo shoots planned <3
one being a more boudoir one.
Photographer: Steve Ram Cosplay Images


Some progress for the steampunk jacket -I don’t have enough brown fabric left to make it out of that, so at the suggestion of my Facebook costume group I’m doing it it blue, with brown details. I’ll also be adding blue details to the brown skirt, so that they mirror each other.
It’s gonna be tight to get this done before Elfia, but I still think I’ll make it!

Next conventions!

It’s a new year with new conventions! I’m planning to go to quite a lot of them actually. So here’s a list:


  • 11th: YaYcon in Amersfoort (Netherlands); as 2p!Germany
  • 24th: Nishicon in Almelo (Netherlands); probably as APH Germany


  • 15th-18th: Leipzig book fair (Germany); line-up will follow


  • 22nd-23rd: Elfia Haarzuilens (Netherlands); APH Germania and 2p!Prussia (can change)


  • 15th-17th: Animecon (Netherlands); line-up will follow


  • 24th-26th: Abunaicon (Netherlands); line-up will follow

Three from Drakengard 3

Small photo set of my Three cosplay.

Finished in February 2015, first worn during Tsunacon 2015.
This costume is a real love-hate relationship. I seriously love the character and the costume, but it’s really immobile due to the armored legs and it hurts my feet from time to time. But I have a few ideas to add some mobility. Will fix that for the next con~

I’ll be wearing her again during the Elf Fantasy Fair/Elfia in Haarzuilens.


Some other cosplay shots of my Inquisitor Lavellan cosplay! I really liked this costume, going to wear it again in the future. 

mcrololo  asked:

fuzzy socks, bubble baths & bird songs?

🌸Fuzzy Socks: What’s your favourite movie?

I don’t really like watching movies because I have a short attention span, but I really like The Emperor’s New Groove.

🌸Bubble Baths: Your favourite memory?

Dang, this is a hard question… I don’t really have a favorite memory, so I’ll just pick one that I really like.
I’m at Elfia Haarzuilens 2016, Greenrose Faire is performing on the main stage. Soon after they start playing the song Witchdance, two people (I think they were cosplaying as Jesse and James from Team Rocket) start dancing the macarena and by the end of the song the majority of the people who were dancing near the stage were dancing the macarena dance. It was really funny and probably one of my favorite Elfia memories

🌸Bird Songs: Name 5 things you love

Answered here

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