Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens, in the Netherlands by Frans Sellies
Via Flickr:
<strong> Buy this photo on Getty Images : <a href=“http://www.gettyimages.nl/detail/foto/castle-de-haar-in-haarzuilens-stockfotos/515467259” rel=“nofollow”>Getty Images</a></strong> Castle De Haar is located near Haarzuilens, in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The current buildings, except for the chapel, date from 1892 and are the work of Dutch architect P.J.H. Cuypers, in a Neo-Gothic restoration project funded by the Rothschild family. Submitted: 02/09/2014 Accepted 27/09/2014

Elfia 2016!

So i’m going to Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilen in the Netherlands next year! I’m so excited!! Because it’s a fantasy fair, me and my friends are going themed. I’m going as a human dragon! Would anyone be interested in me posting my pics on here?

Also anyone interested in joining us and meet up, snap some pics and that? As we a part of a cosplay team, we are all going together and are LARPing! Uhh so excited! I’m planning right now! Even tho i have Manchester Comic Con this year! (I am sorted tho)

I went to the elf fantasy fair in Haarzuilen (the Netherlands) today with decibelsummer!  It was so much fun! There was great cosplay and great company and great food (and not so great weather). It was a great experience, but man am I tired.

Btw, here are some statistical observations for the spn fandom:

I spotted five different Castiels, two Deans and one Sam.

Also I got a free hug from one Castiel.

The Elf Fantasy Fair was great! It was really busy compared to last year, but I had tons of fun. I’ve met up with both friends from college/internet, and the Les Mis flashmob was great!

I even had a few photo’s taken by other people, really didn’t expect that though. Overall, I had a great time, and the photo’s will be up once my laptop is back from the shop. (Which should be Tuesday)

Elf Fantasy Fair

Hi guys! Just wondering if there is anyone going to the Elf Fantasy Fair on Saturday who wants to meet up @ ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) central station and travel to Haarzuilen from there? Or anyone who travels from Utrecht CS and wants to meet up there? 

I’ll be cosplaying Thorin and feel a teeny tiny bit self conscious about travelling alone (yes, despite the fact that there will be more costumed people on the trains… It’s a thing.)