Hannigram Reincarnation series/Soulmates AU

Includes Valhalla Rising, Ella Enchanted, King Arthur, Charlie Countryman, Blood & Chocolate, and Hannibal (no s2 spoilers, except the fight scene.)

Mermaid AU (redux)
“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”- Hans Christian Andersen For haanigram, who sent me the following ask:

i have a headcannon that is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME that when mermaid!will is rejected by the human prince he fell for he kinda just beaches himself on the sand and cries curled up nakkie with legs and hanni has to surface and whenever he comes to land he can form legs cuz he’s mega powerful and just naked hanni walking on the sand to scoop a crying heartbroken will and take him back to the ocean and as they both reach the water their gills and tentacle-fin stuff slowly reamerges it’s just romantic

This part is actually fairly PG but there are three fluffy epilogues. See tags individually for warnings ♡♡♡
  1. #1 - Will adjusts to life as Hannibal’s mate.
  2. #2 - Will tries to secure his place.
  3. #3 - Hannibal takes Will ashore, to one of his hunting grounds.

Mermaid anatomy is carried over from Caroline’s brilliant fic

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Lecter Motel

Psycho crossover. Set in the late 50’s, Will Graham steals from his boss and just gets in his car and drives across country to escape. On his journey, he stops at a motel on a back road where he thinks no one will bother him for a while. The motel is run by a handsome but somewhat strange man named Hannibal Lecter who piques his curiosity. Hannibal has been picking off the occasional traveler for years now, but his new visitor intrigues him more than the others. Watching him undress and shower through holes in the walls isn’t enough… and he feels his dark nature become ravenous. x

Thank you sherryzizi and haanigram for the gifs!


Cannibal Showdown: Battle of the psychopaths

Hannibal Lecter v Patrick Bateman

Round 1: Murder Suits and Person Suits

Pt.2: http://pennydreadfull.tumblr.com/post/80962640629/cannibal-showdowns-hannibal-lecter-vs-patrick

The Cannibal Anthem
Julia Jones

Y'all better appreciate my dedication because this is my fourth hannibal song in 2 weeks. This one is a little….different.


once there was a cannibal, hannibal, was his name

and everyone thought that he was sweet, but he just liked them for their meat

and he was such a stylish man, a lavish man, a real good friend

though if he found you to be rude, you might just end up in his food

He’ll make you into a savory dish

you’re only safe when he’s serving fish

suave and slick, he might suck your dick, but only if it’s medium rare

(only if it’s medium rare~ ! )


Lemon zest for your sweaty toes

pepper to spice up your runny nose

For men like him, with refined taste, nothing will go to waste

the dinner parties are a sight to see

when the ripper has been on a spree

never let him eat you out, cause he might take it literally

Hannibal, the cannibal, animal but rational

casual and practical, he will eat you completely

suits always impeccable, casualties: maximal, entrees: international

you think I’m joking? Well it’s your funeral

He’ll tell you what you want to hear:

It’s beef, it’s rabbit, it’s pig, no it’s deer!

doesn’t matter if the meat tastes queer,

you can wash it down with the wine!

And don’t attend his therapy, you might end up in a recipe

olive oil is his remedy, this is his design

he’ll serve you up on a silver plate, before you know it it’ll be too late

avoid this guy when you go on blind dates, 

cause he’ll make you into breakfast in bed

(make you INTO breakfast in bed!)


Follow Forever for #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week

Next week is #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week, and in honor of this cool thing I’m running, I wanted to do a follow forever list of the best blogs I follow. Partially to make sure everyone who might be interested hears about the event (follow here for updates), but mostly because I want to give back and make sure other people know about all these amazing blogs I follow.

It’s you guys that I turn to when I get discouraged, and your content that helps motivate me and comfort me and bring beautiful queer (and social justice in general) things to my life. It’s you guys that help me survive the invisibility, the queerbaiting, the bury your gays, the general disappointment with popular media, etc. So, thank you for serving up that awesome content and please keep doing what you’re doing. You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people’s days!

Bold names are the ones that I follow every single post and/or just squeal every time they come up on my dash. Everyone on the list is amazing and worthy of a follow. (List below the cut because it’s … ridiculously long.)

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