Hannigram Reincarnation series/Soulmates AU

Includes Valhalla Rising, Ella Enchanted, King Arthur, Charlie Countryman, Blood & Chocolate, and Hannibal (no s2 spoilers, except the fight scene.)


Lecter Motel

Psycho crossover. Set in the late 50’s, Will Graham steals from his boss and just gets in his car and drives across country to escape. On his journey, he stops at a motel on a back road where he thinks no one will bother him for a while. The motel is run by a handsome but somewhat strange man named Hannibal Lecter who piques his curiosity. Hannibal has been picking off the occasional traveler for years now, but his new visitor intrigues him more than the others. Watching him undress and shower through holes in the walls isn’t enough… and he feels his dark nature become ravenous. x

Thank you sherryzizi and haanigram for the gifs!

Mermaid AU (redux)
“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”- Hans Christian Andersen For haanigram, who sent me the following ask:

i have a headcannon that is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME that when mermaid!will is rejected by the human prince he fell for he kinda just beaches himself on the sand and cries curled up nakkie with legs and hanni has to surface and whenever he comes to land he can form legs cuz he’s mega powerful and just naked hanni walking on the sand to scoop a crying heartbroken will and take him back to the ocean and as they both reach the water their gills and tentacle-fin stuff slowly reamerges it’s just romantic

This part is actually fairly PG but there are three fluffy epilogues. See tags individually for warnings ♡♡♡
  1. #1 - Will adjusts to life as Hannibal’s mate.
  2. #2 - Will tries to secure his place.
  3. #3 - Hannibal takes Will ashore, to one of his hunting grounds.

Mermaid anatomy is carried over from Caroline’s brilliant fic

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The Cannibal Anthem
Julia Jones

Y'all better appreciate my dedication because this is my fourth hannibal song in 2 weeks. This one is a little….different.


once there was a cannibal, hannibal, was his name

and everyone thought that he was sweet, but he just liked them for their meat

and he was such a stylish man, a lavish man, a real good friend

though if he found you to be rude, you might just end up in his food

He’ll make you into a savory dish

you’re only safe when he’s serving fish

suave and slick, he might suck your dick, but only if it’s medium rare

(only if it’s medium rare~ ! )


Lemon zest for your sweaty toes

pepper to spice up your runny nose

For men like him, with refined taste, nothing will go to waste

the dinner parties are a sight to see

when the ripper has been on a spree

never let him eat you out, cause he might take it literally

Hannibal, the cannibal, animal but rational

casual and practical, he will eat you completely

suits always impeccable, casualties: maximal, entrees: international

you think I’m joking? Well it’s your funeral

He’ll tell you what you want to hear:

It’s beef, it’s rabbit, it’s pig, no it’s deer!

doesn’t matter if the meat tastes queer,

you can wash it down with the wine!

And don’t attend his therapy, you might end up in a recipe

olive oil is his remedy, this is his design

he’ll serve you up on a silver plate, before you know it it’ll be too late

avoid this guy when you go on blind dates, 

cause he’ll make you into breakfast in bed

(make you INTO breakfast in bed!)



BLODØRN | Viking AU by warrioromen

On the fifth night of walking, Will developed a cough that had Håvard legitimately concerned. The Saxon flatlands had turned steadily chillier, and Will’s body - free of meat and insulation, seemed to absorb the cold through his blood. He shivered fitfully regardless of how close to his chest Håvard drew him. Even going so far as to slide the boy beneath his own tunic, better transferring the heat. Sweat dampened his brow; and Håvard watched another fit, drawn deep and hollow from his chest, sent that small body to quaking. “Håvard…” Leif warned, standing by Yens with the only hot water they’d been able to create; held in a tiny stone bowl. Barely enough to serve as a cup. “Perhaps..” “He’ll pull through,” Håvard snapped; more irritably than intended. “A chill will not take this boy.”

any hannigram fic recs where will gets severely hurt (stabbed, shot, anything life threatening) and hannibal saves his life?? bonus points if in the moment he confesses his love?? looking for some hardcore angst thank u in advance fannibals

(just gonna tag a bunch of hannibal people i follow sorry!!! i have no followers lol)

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anonymous asked:

Probably the last place I'd think I'd find it, but all your Hannibal belly ficlets have made me more confident about myself. I've always been that chub fluff on my stomach no matter how strong I get and how much I exercise, for the longest time

(2/2) I desperately wanted a flat semi-abs belly, but now when my muscles make it stick out I feel good about myself Idk that was too long but thanks for real.

Anon, you made my day so much with this message! I’m really really happy that you’re learning to love your body! I promise you your belly is very very cute and there are lots of people out in the world who think so (I’m definitely one of them)! ❤️❤️❤️

Honestly, the Hannibal fandom has been a really amazing place for me to go through the same thing and realize that there are (a lot of!) people in the world who like people who have cute tummies (FYI every person in the world has a cute tummy, this is a fact). But like, I’ve always had a thing for tummies and for people with some extra chub, and been a little insecure about it, because that is kind of weird, right? So it wasn’t something I ever really talked about (tho tbh my best friend has figured out to always introduce me to guys with what she calls “the Nick Frost aesthetic.” I guess I’m not that subtle.) But then I started to get really into the Hannibal fandom and noticed that tummies are a thing here too, and people actively talk about it a lot. I mean, yeah, there are fanartists and ficwriters who headcanon that Hannibal has six-pack abs, and draw and write him that way, and more power to them (tho it’s not my cup of tea). But there are just as many who actively include and love on his little chubby tummy (and love handles!!! omgggg) in their work, and it’s so nice and refreshing.

It’s not just validating bc it’s helped me be less insecure about what I’m attracted to, but also about my own body. I’ve always been pretty chubby, and even though I’ve lost weight and gotten in shape this year and am physically strong, I also can’t get rid of my round belly. At this point, I really don’t think it’s going anywhere. But that’s ok! And this fandom (and the fat acceptance community on Tumblr in general) has really really helped me with that. Because if a dudes like Mads and Hugh can be strong and sexy and extremely physically active and powerful and do professional gymnastics and carry pumpkins and stuff and also have cute chubby tummies, and not be ashamed of that, then so can I. And seeing people on the internet react to that really positively and support it and include it in their headcanons about these characters is really important to me.

So yeah, I really feel what you’re saying here, Anon, and I’m really glad you shared this. I’m glad all my tummy talk has helped someone (and also you reacting positively to it makes me feel less weird about it too!). There are a lot of super people in this fandom who spread the tummy love and have made this a great place to be, like granpappy-winchester, haanigram, sartorialcannibal, willgrahamed, remy-thibedoux, ter0rr, darkdreamsofhannigram​, and lots more I’m probably forgetting right now, but these are all people you should check out!

Also to everyone, please put tummy headcanons in my inbox anytime! Feel free to be Anon! I live for this shit!

So I’m working on a lot of stories (longer WIPs) though I’ve been getting distracted a lot by election stuff. Lately I’m very angry and having a hard time concentrating. I’m way behind in my story comments even!

So decided to do a quick Dolce ficlet as a palate cleanser and because I wanted to send a tiny thank you to @weconqueratdawn and @haanigram for inspiring me as well as recent encouragements :)


There are means of influence other than violence.

He heard the words, the whisper of the train across the tracks, but all he could feel was the burning from his bullet wound, hot blood spilling down his arm.

Hannibal leaned over him. His eyes were strangely soft in the dark.

“Give that a moment,” Hannibal said.

Will didn’t have a choice. Chiyo’s words and Hannibal’s face blurred in his mind – an impossible blend of water and oil.


When Will woke again, it was with a headache and an aching shoulder. The room was slow to come into focus and when it did, his heart lurched.

He saw a fine dining room, elegant and dimly lit. A long table with a brocade table runner was before him.

His shirt had been changed. The material was clearly a higher thread count than what he was used to, laying thick and smooth against his skin. The shirt hugged him like a glove, as though it was custom made to the exact length of his arms and neck.

Hannibal came into the dining room. He carefully buckled Will into his chair. His fingers were impossibly gentle.

Time blurred once more. Scents of thyme and butter invaded Will’s senses.

He opened his eyes. He was still wearing the white shirt. His arm still throbbed.

Hannibal had his back to him. Will could see that he was inspecting a bottle of wine by the pale light of the window, or at least giving the appearance of doing so.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you changed my clothes.”

Hannibal’s reaction was told in micro movements, shirt tightening across the rippling muscles of his back.

“I wanted you to be comfortable.”

Will strained against the straps securing him to the chair. “Really?”

Hannibal faced him. “I admit, the restraints are purely for aesthetics.”

Will let that absorb. His mind opened like a book written by someone else, pages of memories and half-remembered dreams told as one story.

He saw Hannibal on every line.

“You stuck needles in me. Rubbed my feet with mud, slid a tube down my throat with an ear in it. Was that for aesthetics too?”

Hannibal stared at him impassively. “It’s not the first time I’ve changed your clothes, Will or transformed you. Why remark upon it now?”

“You’ve seen me naked but I’ve never seen you. Seems – unfair.”

Hannibal said nothing, but he walked away from the window and towards the shadows again. He set his chosen bottle of wine on the table, near Will’s own seat.

“You have seen me laid bare in the ways that matter.”

Will snorted. “Stop trying to change the subject. I’m asking how you felt, Dr. Lecter. Seeing me naked. Was it strictly doctor-patient? Promise to take your secret to the grave.”

“I have no reason to lie to you,” Hannibal said. He smoothed out the rumpled edge of the table runner. “I thought… you were beautiful.”

“But you never tried anything. Never tried to kiss me or date me.”

“Physicality was never a component of your interest in me.”

Will laughed, the sound as sharp as a slap in the stillness. “Wasn’t it?”

Hannibal’s face was a careful mask. Will plunged forward, desperate to see the shadowed veneer slip.

“Just find it amusing, I guess,” Will said. “You’re going to eat me but you’ll never really taste me. And I’ll never taste you.”

There was a long pause. Even their breaths felt suspended in the balance of time, the pausing hands of the clock.

“I did not realize that was on the table,” Hannibal said, finally.

“A stranger on a train once told me there are means of influence other than violence.”

“Don’t offer what you aren’t willing to give,” Hannibal said. It was nearly a snarl, Will could see the sharp edges of his teeth.

Will licked his lips. “Oh, I’m prepared to give, as well as take.”

Hannibal didn’t speak. Will watched as he took a knife from one of the place settings. He turned to Will, cutting Will’s restraints with little flicks of the blade.

The straps had barely fallen when Will grabbed hard as he could with his good arm, pulling Hannibal close.

“You’re not leaving without me.”

To my dear followers and fellow fannibals. Wednesday I reached 3.000 followers and I still don’t know what to say, because I can hardly put into words how much this means to me. Thank you is what I need to say. When I first joined this website I didn’t expect it to become such an important part of my life – but you made it. In this fandom I met people who inspired me before we even talked, people who just talked to me and made me feel comfortable, people who love what I love. And let’s not forget that @whatkindofcrazy even managed to bring me birthday wishes from Katharine and Lara. Fannibals did amazing things for me, they inspired me, had kind words when I needed them the most. And I want you to know that this is what kept me around. Every follower that made me smile, knowing that someone out there liked what I’m doing here (whatever that is), every kind or funny anon message, every compliment on my edits. It’s safe to say that for me, the Fannibal Family is, in fact, family. So again, thank you for everything. Nakama forever. ♥

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