Kiss it Kiss it Better Baby💋

     Haae guys! Been forevahh I think but I been really busy with work. I was selected to instruct at a fitness/dance studio in LA for a month so I just wanted to share a class I had this past Saturday to Rihanna’s ‘Kiss it Better’. The choreo was a little spicy! I loved teaching it and we all had so much fun! Can’t thank these lovely women enough for putting their heels on and coming out to jam with me! 💜

w/ carmen , jaleesa , eloise & tylaa

What’s The Use Of Feeling (Blue)?

[Yellow Diamond]


Do something, sing for her! Make her feel Better


[Yellow Pearl] Yes my Diamond, Ahem, AHEM!

                   Am   E

[Blue Pearl] Uh…  Oh…

[Intro: Yellow Pearl & Blue Pearl]

E                    Am

Aah-haa-haa, aah-haa-haa

E     Dm  C    F        E

Aah-haa  haa-haa  haa-haa-haa


Aah-haa-haa, aah-haa-haa

Am                         G                          E

Aah-haa-haa-haa   haa-haa-haa haa haaaaa…

[Verse 1: Yellow Diamond]

Am                                 Dm    E

Why, would you want to be,   here?

        Am         C     Dm

What do you, ever, see here?

       C                                                            E

That doesn’t make you feel worse, than you do?

Tell me,

Am                                        E

What’s the use of feeling… Blue?

[Verse 2]

Am                                  E

Why, would you want to employ her

Am                Dm

Subjects that destroyed her?

C                                 B

Why keep up her silly, zoo?


Oh, tell me

                F#m                 Am

What’s the use of feeling, Blue?



An army has a use, they can go and fight a war

E                                                            Am

A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for

E                              C

An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms


Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue?


You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!


Am                                 F

Yes! Of course, we still love, her

G                            C          F
And we’re always, thinking of her

              G                                    E

But now, there’s nothing we can, do-


So tell me,


[All] what’s the use of feeling?

Am                        B

What’s the use of feeling?

Am                        B           Am~    

What’s the use of feeling, Blue?




[Yellow Diamond]

                    G                 C

How can you stand to be here with it all?


[Pearls] Here with it all


[All] Drowning in all this regret?

                               E                       G

Wouldn’t you rather forget her? Ohhh~!

                             G                                  C

[Yellow Diamond] Won’t it be grand to get rid of it all?


[Pearls] Rid of it all


[All] Let’s make a plan of attack

E                                        G

Start looking forward and stop looking back, oh,

[Chorus 2: Yellow Diamond]

C                                 Dm

Yes of course, we still love her

F                           C               F

And we’re always thinking of her

C                                        F

Don’t you know I miss her, too!?

But tell me,


What’s the use of feeling?


What’s the use of feeling?


What’s the use of feeling?



Mmm-hmm-hmm, Mmm-hmm-hmm

Am                                 B        

Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-mmmm….