Another Viktuuri! Ahhh, I’ll really start on sketching for my bookmarks tomorrow. Too many distractions. AND UHHHH I REWATCHED YOI EP 6 AND PHICHIT AND GUANGHONG AND EVERYONE Y SO PRECIOUS

esp these 2 hnggg

PS: idk what happened but thank you for the 100+ notes on the first Viktuuri I posted here! ; n ; I’m honestly overwhelmed so here’s another for you.

  • John: Haaayy guess whose back from kicking A-
  • Alex: *whispering* can we talk a little quieter? My baby's a sleep
  • John: oh...right, your married...is that going well?
  • Alex: uuuh, right I ah, have a wife now
  • John: *painly smiling* oh, that's good uhh real good...oh shoot, I uh, just remembered I have a very important battle to go to, very important wouldn't wanna miss it heheheh, *walking out the door*
  • Alex: John the war is over,
  • John: *still walking away* ok! See ya! IloveyOU-

😻  Haaayy, a tia Joy da Família Knowles, trás pra vocês outro reblogue de autorias, amores. 😻

Para terem suas autorias reblogadas é bem fácil. 

  • Esteja seguindo a Knowles;
  • Mandem em nossa ask “Pelos poderes de Grayskull, eu tenho a rola, então senta novinha + #suatag”
  • Rebloguem o post, pra ajudar na divulgação;
  • Mandem apenas asks; 

Mandem a vontade, reblogue até o dia 04/09/2017.


||4. 6. 2016||
🌻🌼Haaayy Loves! 🌻🌼
20/100 Days of productivity Finally I posted something.. haha sorry about being so absent (we just had a lot of schoolwork📚)
Well this is a new spread in my BuJo📖
Ft.🌵DIY cacti stickers🌵
Love you all💙,
-Sheila 💋


Hindi mo ikasisikat ang pag iENGLISH. Kung Pwede huwag na mag english kung hindi ka sure sa grammar mo. Hindi purket nag ienglish ehh cool na. Mas cool pa din ang pagiging simple.

I seem to have gained like so many followers in the past day!

If you’re Bieber fans: SWAG! <3

If you’re not: thank youuu and hayyyy! :) <3

This is meeee AND MY HAIR (I enjoy my hair when it’s like that):

AT LIKE 2AM THE OTHER MORNING. lololol biebs in the background.

anyway I’m an idiot, and if you manage to stick around then I respect you <3