♦ dαmαgєd sσul ♦

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With a pounding heart Kíli walked towards the center of the city, hood dragged far over his head to hide his bloodied face. He moved as quickly as he dared without drawing too much attention but it still felt like it wasn’t fast enough.

Even though he was thankful that the crowds, created by the afternoon rush, had helped him escape the guy hunting him, he couldn’t relax. He had been lucky enough to escape the man in the first place, plus, Kíli wasn’t sure that he could endure another fight seeing the state the first had left him in; face blue, lip split and ribs throbbing like hell. He needed somewhere to hide. Now. Obviously his own shabby place wasn’t safe any longer and so weren’t the streets. But where could he possibly go, seeing that he’d cut his ties with almost everyone he’d once known? 

As he reached the big mall he stopped, and hid himself between groups of chatting teenagers while a shaking hand reached for his phone in his pocket. After having opened up his contacts he dared to throw a glance around him, breathing out in relief when there was no tattooed, muscly man anywhere to be seen. 

A foot impatiently tapped the street as he started to scroll down the list of contacts. Should he call Ori, his childhood friend? No way. Uncle Thorin? Absolutely not

It was not until his brother’s name popped up on the screen Kíli stopped scrolling. Fíli had always been so kind towards him, always trusted him, always helped him. He probably was the best choice when it came to keeping all this secret.

And so, almost in panic, Kíli opened up a text and quickly wrote down a few urgent words.

[Text]: Fíli, can you come pick me up outside the mall on 5th? Now?! It’s an emergency.