Headcanon: after they retire from skating, Yuuri becomes a big Internet Person. Not a social media addict like his husband or Phichit, no. Instead, he loves to lurk on random forums and read advice columns. Eventually he stops just lurking and starts commenting a lot on r/relationships, and what do you know, two decades of not being in a relationship and only watching other people means that Yuuri’s kinda good at relationship advice (for other people).

Of course, one day Yuuri leaves r/relationships up on his laptop and Victor finds it. And because he’s Victor Katsuki-Nikiforov, *he* starts posting on r/relationships “looking for advice”, but everyone haaaaaaaates his posts because they’re all hardly-subtle humblebrags about how wonderful and perfect his husband is. He leaves out enough details that Yuuri doesn’t realize at first, but eventually the usernames Victor picks that are all skating terms gives him away. Yuuri is both exasperated and very, very much in love.

Few Personal Headcanons


2p Italy plays the violin and to me is basically that one guy who looks super cool and awesome from a distance but one you get to know them is literally the worst friend you’ve ever made. Luciano has a low patience and can not handle stupidity even as a joke. If you would act really stupid round him, I can only say he would squint at you judging you silently. Also is super Tsundere. No one can tell me other wise.

Ugh 2p Germany is a huge perv not even gonna lie. He’d make like sexual innuendos and then laugh about them later while you’re probably still wondering what the hell he’s talking about. He is lazy but not lazy enough to have the body of all gods.(acts smooth, but it actually really lame)

2p Japan. Third most sensible of the axis, but can be really irrational in the heat of the moment. Kuro is the one who has the ringtone to his favorite anime opening or ending and most likely has a shrine of Miku in his closet. He is the mother and does not give a shit about anything, like forever poker face. Best cook that has ever set foot on the planet earth and don’t you forget it.

2p Romano is the bigger fashionista there has ever lived. Don’t even get me started on how this boy will angrily type a whole packet about how bad crocs are and why they should be illegal. He is the topmost of all fashion and most of his brain consist on his appearance. Even though he cares much about appearance he won’t look at someone in disgust if they don’t look camera ready. Unless they wear something that isn’t their size(mostly too small) then he might have trouble on telling his friends and not keeping it to himself.

He is the cutest baby of all I can’t even tell how adorable 2p Prussia is. Gillen has really low self esteem, like if you give him a compliment he might either deny it or his self esteem would go up but like +3 and if he gets any negative comments it’ll drop to like -60000. He’s not weak, but is really indecisive about his decisions. For example if someone was picking on a friend of his, his time would mostly be standing there thinking out scenarios of what could happen in the two paths, making him on of the most sensible.He’s more of a picker upper than someone to stop it all together.


2p America is without a doubt an instigator. He’s like the child who never grew up, not really having much of filter or testing people with a goofy smile of his face. Overall just a big kid. Even though he can be really childish there are times where he’s really an adult, like cheering people up or taking serious situations serious while still lightening up the mood. With a s/o, he’d be really gentle and would put them first before himself. He’s a dick though. Is Vegan and haaaaaaaates when any of fast food commercials come on, because it makes his stomach hurt to see so much grease in one food item. It hurts his soul.

2p Canada is the big buff cheeto puff. He’s super blank face and looks really intimating, but is all about cuddling by the fireplace with a hot cup of Cocoa. He does the occasional smoking, but only if he’s really stressed out and needs some kinda quick way to get his mind clear. Matthieu has a “Bros Before Hoes” relationship with Allen even though it doesn’t really seem like they get along. He is the best at making some fluffy buttery pancakes that you would be begging for seconds.

2p France, as we all know if a heavy smoker and drinker. François doesn’t tend to talk much and doesn’t mind having silence. He also tends to have a medium to high sex drive. Not that he needs to be in any kind of sexual act constantly, but probably can’t do it himself after a week or two. He’s like Italy, mafia wise and has plenty of connections to get what he wants when needed. Right now he doesn’t seem so compatible, but does a soft side deep deep deep in his soul and can’t stand the sight of an injured pet. Has to change the channel if one of those animal shelter donation commercials come on.

2p England is the kindest most sweetest loving asshole there has ever been. Sure he is covered with colors and smiles and cupcakes, but can annoy you bad into swearing so he can pull out that swear jar. He cares for everything, but don’t get him to a point where he’s so mad that his kitchen knife won’t just be used to cutting foods. He won’t swear for anything and if he does it’s just words like fudge or butterscotch.

2p Russia is the love of everyone. Vlad is a pacifist and will not fight not matter how gruesome things are. He would sit down and have a civilized conversation about the issue over like some coffee instead of resulting to violence. He has a large library in his home containing over hundreds of books and loves to read and be informed of politics. He is very well cultured on the world and enjoys learning more information and facts. He likes people who are willing to talk about touchy subjects in the world and who wouldn’t turn a blind eye to such issues.(race, injustice, politics, brutality etc.)

2p China is the short angry one, also with zero amount of filters. He sucks a cooking, please do not ask this child to make ANYTHING for you, unless you’re prepared to go to hospital to get your stomach pumped. It may look good, but do not taste it at all cost. When he’s stressed out he’ll just get high and chill with some kid shows and a bag of Doritos. Huge flirt and just because he flirts doesn’t mean he’s all into you though. Just saying.


2p Spain is literally a stone. You will probably never see this guy smile, he barely talks, doesn’t like being touched and doesn’t know the word friendly or gentle. The only person he lets touch him and hang onto him is Flavio. I mean he let him dye a strand of his hair. Anyway, Andres has a “whatever if it’s not broken” attitude and doesn’t care what people think. He does like being inside and just take a nap, so have fun with that.

You know that one kid in high school who had shaved hair, Metallica shirts, ripped jeans and wore the pentagon necklaces and you kinda hated them but still found them alluring in a way? That is literally 2p Austria. Ryszard is all about rock and seems like a “Hail Satan!” kind of guy. He plans on being ruler of the world and treats himself like the king. He tends to smoke for any occasion, sad, mad, happy, bored, just to have something in his mouth. Like binge eating, but with cigarettes. Even though he listens to the hard rock and metal, he secretly has a huge soft spot for classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, so on and so forth.

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How could he ever forget the day that he was cursed with this damn iron collar? He remembered the incident clearly, vividly, as though it were merely the day before. What was supposed to be a mere little incident with the lich - just a little poke to get his friend riled up enough to be amused - had gone wrong. How was Thresh supposed to know Karthus was going to flip out as much as he did over the Warden tearing a book apart in front of him? It was a cookbook. It wasn’t like the Deathsinger was ever going to make Baked Alaska or anything.

Yet, apparently, that didn’t matter. He crossed a line and was told he had to be tamed and reeled in like the dog he was. The Deathsinger, so knowledgeable in how Thresh’s body worked and his natural ability to control wraiths, proved to be enough to paralyze the Warden just long enough to be impaled to the pulpit of the abandoned cathedral… impaled by the tally-marked staff of the lich. 

As if the insult of having his bones shattered and being stuck to the ancient wood by both staff and magical means wasn’t enough, Karthus had his way with Thresh, ‘punishing’ him for his lack of respect and the audacity to get mouthy with the preacher, but not before he had sacrificed the large iron collar off of one of his corpse creations. Sealing it with a curse of his own, the Deathsinger had collared his ‘mad dog’ and relished every moment of it.

In the end, Thresh had won the struggle, piercing the revenant’s body full of holes with chains and forcing the lich’s body to melt down. The end was bittersweet as Karthus laughed as he died, knowing that the collar Thresh was scratching and pulling at would not come off. 

The staff had broken down without it’s owner there to protect and supply it with magic and the wraith freed himself from his make-shift rack and spent hours screeching and howling and trying to tear the collar around where his neck should have been off to no avail. 

How he hated that collar. How he hated the Deathsinger sometimes. And the worst part of all were the looks Karthus gave him out of the corner of his eye whenever the lich felt he had to rub in the fact that the Chain Warden, known for keeping prisoners, was now a prisoner to someone else.


Fun fact of the day: truscum (whether they’re cis or trans) fucking HAAAAAAAATE aces

Bc they class aces and nb people together as “special snowflakes who are just making up unnecessarily specific terms for things that don’t exist”

And all the ableist, exorsexist bullshit that comes along with that idea.

This might be why so fucking many TERFs also hate aces: pretty much all TERFs are also truscum, as far as I can tell.

(The entirety of truscum rhetoric goes perfectly with transmisogyny and general cissexism, and people who use “special snowflake” rhetoric are supporting TERFs whether they mean to, or want to, or not.)

this message brought to you by me digging through dozens of TERF ace discourse blogs and seeing some fucking patterns


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy

When half the class aces the test and the other half completely bombs it with no in-between.

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How did you like High School?

I haaaaaAaated high school, I felt very different from others and trying to relate to people made me feel worse hahaha. I had a few friends but I mainly kept to myself, ate lunch in the art room. I was also very much struggling with my anxiety and depression during those years so I felt like a complete outsider.

also (sorry for going on and on about this today but) im so fucking tired of people acting like children are universally reviled and unfairly targeted by those mean mean child haters who say they dont want kids screaming and crying in restaurants and on airplanes or acting obnoxious and having no manners in public, lmaooooo. honestly people who dont want to be around kids or just generally dont think the sun shines straight out of children’s asses are looked at like heartless monsters and its so fucking infuriating to see multi paragraph posts about how much society haaaaaaaates children because there are people who dont wanna eat dinner with a toddler shrieking their head off laying on the floor two tables over. that’s so fucking far off base, oh my god. our culture fucking loves kids. we’re slaves to our children. other cultures make fun of us for it. not just that, we’re slaves to other people’s kids too!!!! 

children need protection from abusers, ie people who use their position of authority over children to directly harm them. not people who dont want to be forced by social convention to bend over backwards and adapt their own behavior for the sake of someone else’s shitty kids. people who intentionally put themselves in contact with children are the threat, not people who actively fucking avoid them, you freaks

So you know what’s messed up ?

I assume Kylo was avoiding the confrontation with Han. Kylo admits it in his ‘Being Torn Apart’ speech. So you know what’s also implied ? That Snoke would force the confrontation. In the deleted scenes the storm troopers storm Maz’s castle and try to arrest Han to take him into custody. So if Kylo hadn’t have happened upon Han by chance, and instead Han had been captured at Takodona; then we could have potentially had an even darker scene take place.

I don’t even want to think about what else Snoke has demanded of Kylo. Like, noooooo thank you.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your followers. SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

omgggg, this is hard, idek myself

  1. I like how playful I’m 24/7
  2. I am really sincere and I like this
  3. I love how I love animes and cartoons and this stuff
  4. I really appreciate myself for loving kids
  5. I am soooo optimistic, like I haaaaaaaate people telling “I can’t” or “this is impossible” around me ughh

can we have more Dan and Valerie interaction stuff because holy shit I do not see enough of that in this phandom and I WANT IT

like Dan and Valerie getting into slappy hands fights over the last packet of chips, Dan and Valerie being roommates who haaaaaaaate each other, Dan and Valerie going to the gym and heckling each other into working out harder, arm wrestling that always ends up breaking the table because they get too into it

Danielle being the peacekeeper between sort-of-brother/father and her girlfriend even though she knows Dan is a piece of shit but she just ignores him because he’s an idiot who’s just trying to get a rise out of people for shits and giggles

Valerie is bad at ignoring things

Dan harassing Valerie the most because she ALWAYS bites and it’s FUN, Dan getting told off by Danielle for harassing her girlfriend, Danielle getting her own back because she knows what pisses Dan off and she gets Valerie to join in because REVENGE IS VAL’S MODUS OPERANDI


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3. 5. 16. 21.

3. What is your favorite food?
— My grandmamma’s chicken and dumplings :)

5. What is your least favorite color?
— PURPLE! I haaaaaaaate purple. So so much.

16. Describe your bedroom.
— Gray and messy right now haha it’s small and the bed takes up most of the space in there.

21. Dogs or Cats?
— Cats and one cat in particular :) My Ramsay

Reasons why I've given up on  fandoms #39482093
  • Me: Oh, there's this character in this show that I really don't like. She's really horrible for various amounts of reasons in relation to other characters and with certain plot points in the story. But I won't post too much about it because it's just my opinion and I know there's quite a few people who actually like her.
  • .......I'm looking at you, Aldnoah.Zero fandom.