So my friend and I were having a trip down to memory lane, so the other in our group suggested us to do the year improve meme, so I did. I hope I didn’t kill your eyes with my beginner arts but that was where I started. And I’m glad I didn’t stop.

As you can see, I’ve been a long ass Fire Emblem fan. And tales of too. I didn’t have any earlier than 2008, despite I did draw back then as well. I guess with the fact I wasn’t on the internet, I saw no point of taking pictures of my work ha. >->o

Regardless, through the years,I think my speed of improvement is pretty fast. Less kawaii desu weeb phase, more edgy and #aesthetic! And I’m happy with that. But I still hope to get out of my comfort zone even more and try out new things, maybe getting consistent style per say. Though ngl I’m pretty confident with my art right now. I’m too good. God damn. ^q^

I’ve got a feeling 2015 is all about amo, blue eyes black hair master race and shit tons of wips black log. _(:3

Template goes here from DA (I edited it of course)

Each day that goes by without you I realize how mentally and emotionally abusive you actually were 😂

For the Let’s Draw Sherlock Famous Duos challenge!

Getting into the Halloween theme~ Sherlock as Jack and John as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

shoutout to justaholmesboy, who did Jack and Sally as well here c:
and Jack!Sherlock’s face is very heavily inspired by bennyslegs’ gorgeous skeleton faces series! I hope that’s okay~