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is there anything that people say about phantom (poto) that really gets under ur skin?

Haaaaa, yes.

  • Erik Destler.
  • He just loves her so passionately, it’s just so beautiful.  I want a love like the Phantom’s and Christine’s.
  • Raoul ruined everything.  
  • Raoul stole Christine.
  • Christine is weak.
  • Love Never Dies is canon.
  • The Phantom is so sexxxxxxy.
  • It should be called The Fandom of the Opera, they’ve probably never thought of that before.
  • so and so actor is the BEST so and so character and anybody who says otherwise is WRONG!
  • “Erik is not truly dead. He lives on in the souls of the people who choose to listen to the music of the night.” -Gaston Leroux

I was told my body was bad built, my response was “I’m alive, I’m happy, I’m beautiful & my pussy still good” HAAAAA I play too much y'all thought I was about to have a serious moment 😂

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If you're doing requests- could you draw Leliana hugging/playing with/generally being cute with Schmooples? I feel bad because I keep accidentally ninja romancing her and then breaking her heart.

Haaaaa ! I’ve never draw Leliana ;A; I hope it will be ok ? And don’t feel bad about her… I’ve forgot her on my first game OTZ.
I loooove nugs, I think they’re the cutest little pet we could have in Dragon Age (ok, except mabari).

I’ve still got a lot of requests to do ! Thanks all of you ♥

Literally i should not have not problems?? Like…I’m too good to have boy problems? I’m going to school to get my dream job and i have great friends and video games and fantastic family and like… I’m still sad because of a boy? A bOY? A BOY DOES NOT DESERVE THIS MUCH OF MY FREE THOUGHT BUT I STILL HAVE BOY PROBLEMS THIS IS VERY DUMB AND I AM BETTER THAN THIS AND YET HERE I AM THIS IS VERY UNCALLED FOR


Gesture drawing is THE BEST THING that ever happened at Gobelins. I want to do that everyday of my life. Haaaaa

these are all one minute drawings yay


Hello!!!! Sorry you guys have to see so much of my face these days ack

Thank you @nowjunhui for tagging me for the Selfies With your Bias thing!! :D (You are stunning oh my gosh <3)

I’m actually gonna try to tag people this time haha so imma tag some lovely mutuals <3

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