Someone take my tablet away from me.

There was a post floating around, idk where it went, that had The Rock as Marik and I died, so I did this. Big Samoan spandex wearing wrestler Dwayne as tiny little Egyptian midriff showing card playing Marik.. I am totally all for it.

the signs in the bath/shower

Aries- doesn’t bathe for a while and then takes a year long shower (forgets they are in there)

Taurus- gets it done fast

Gemini- wins a hardcore argument against someone in their imagination

Cancer- pretends to be in a shampoo commercial

Leo- looks at their feet, in a complete daze

Virgo- thinks about their day ahead of them and how to avoid mistakes

Libra- spends a lot of time on their hair

Scorpio- uses the best smelling soaps and shampoos

Sagittarius- dances and falls down

Capricorn- somehow manages to use their phone at the same time

Aquarius- faces towards the shower head or takes a bath most of the time

Pisces- does it majestically, like in movies and such


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sorry for the late update. projects needed to be done :/

anyway, let’s kick off this new chapter with a brand new color scheme. including high class fancy trams, and adorable tiny awkward babies with ties

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Lucy has been training the whole year to get stronger and be able to protect her loved ones. Losing Aqarius pretty much tore her up inside and now imagine her coming home after that tiring day rebuilding the guild and just remembering Natsu's words when he said that she still lacks training and she wasn't even able to kick him anymore. I think if she thinks about it it'll make her really sad because he kinda showed her that, after all, she wasn't strong enough, yet. O_O

ANON WHY???!!!! I thought it was a really important panel myself. Like, she can’t even kick him anymore – not even in the exaggerated, comical sense. So how is she going to defeat END? What kind of monster is he going to become? 

I’m still waiting for Aquarius to come up again. I want that key brought up soon! S O O N. I hate that Aquarius hasn’t been mentioned. It’s not like Lucy broke a key and can replace it, you know? She sacrificed a friend, too. A relationship. That’s harsh. We got a little closure with Gray/Silver/Juvia, now it’s time for Lucy’s depression to begin healing. I hope she starts to feel better now that she’s surrounded by friends again.

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Can you draw 20-year old modern makorra?

Sorry, art requests are closed. BUT I found this old mk doodle in my art folder…

^^ Mako tried to teach Korra how to lightningbend and she accidentally zapped him.