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degrassi : next class season 4 screencaps masterlist .

S04E01 :   #BackToReality
S04E02 :   #GetMoney 
S04E03 :   #ILookLikeA 
S04E04 :   #RollUpToTheClubLike 
S04E05 :   #Preach 
S04E06 :   #FactsOnly 
S04E07 :   #Fire 
S04E08 :   #GetYouAManThatCanDoBoth 
S04E09 :   #Obsessed 
S04E10 :   #KThxBye 

anonymous asked:

On that post with the katya tweet... how the heck can it be zero o'clock? Lol

Hi anon! This one?

Yeah WTF, right? Looks wild because lots of us are on the 12-hour clock. But on the 24-hour clock (or “military time,” which is how I’ve always heard it called in America), that’s 12:09 AM. The 24-hour clock removes AM/PM for clearer communication; there’s no need to ask AM or PM if someone says either 11:00 or 23:00. So the hours start at 0 (midnight) and go all the way to 23:59 (11:59 PM).

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this, but I think this is more common internationally, isn’t it?

Anyway, whoever took the screencap just has their phone/Twitter app time set on that clock style instead of the 12-hour :)


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.