I loved the recent dan liveshow omfg 

Its now like cue if he says “dont pay attention to anything I say” that’s when his discussions are much more noteworthy. I loved his opinions on songs as I frankly feel the same way about lyrical music, also his views on youtube and how its becoming a platform that pushes people to conform to their standards and how he, and I assume phil is breaking out of that mold and playing by their own rules, its amazing, its the most that we’ve really heard from him as Dan Howell ever. 

Canons are further confirmed that dinof is basically an filtered cleaned out version of his persona, younows are sporadic and instantaneous so he couldn’t filter out most of what he says, and how he is afraid of opinions and being analyzed, it’s really quite a great liveshow and it gave me so much insight like wow thank you so much dan

ok, but neighbor!cal where you would’ve just moved into the same apartment complex at the same time as he did, and he lived just across the hall from you, so it’s not like you two are particularly close but you always seemed to grab your mail at the same time and take out your trash at the same time so you two were familiar with each other. 

and so one night you’re getting ready for a date and you have your hair all done up and nice and you have on this nice cocktail dress that hugs your body in all the right places but since you haven’t quite gotten used to living alone just yet, you just can’t seem to get the zipper up all the way. you hear footsteps coming down the hall near you and you pray to god that it’s not the lady from down the hall with the cat and always smells like tuna casseroles; but anyways you poke your head out the door and you see calum right across the hall, getting ready to let himself into his own flat. 

so you just sheepishly step out and ask, “hey, cal, I know this is super awkward but can you, like, help zip me up?” 

and he blushes a bit and is like, “going out tonight?” 

as you turn your back to him you just mumble something about going on a date and you feel one hand reach for the zipper and the other hand tug on the fabric to glide the zipper up smoother. but his hand lingers just a second too long on the small of your back as you turn around to face him, and he shamelessly rolls his eyes up and down your body and is just like, “well, the poor bastard won’t be able to keep his eyes off you tonight,” before he grins and goes inside his flat.